The first substantive rumor on the crash and burn of the River Birch Investigation has arrived on the Slabb

I’m not going to repeat it but I will say it points the finger at the FBI. Meantime Manuel Torres over at NOLA has a good story on the aftermath of said crash and burn on Mark Titus, Hank Ton and Henry Mouton.

Ash Wednesday Special: Fred Heebe gets all the headlines…..

But it is Henry Mouton’s relationship with certain current and former officials in Jefferson Parish that interests me the most. Following is a letter from Henry Mouton to Angela Pacaccio where in May, 2011 he was just sooooooo helpful with the Tarpon Rodeo in Grand Isle.  Ms Pacaccio is privy to a myriad of places where bodies and bones are buried. (H/T Patricia)

Henry Mouton letter to Pacaccio (redacted)

Jefferson Parish Corruption Miscellany: The crushing of Mark Titus begins with “Big D” on deck. Henry Mouton gets a cookie

Manuel Torres at NOLA Media Group has the latest on Titus:

Aiming to stay on the offensive in the River Birch probe, federal prosecutors are preparing a new indictment to pile on additional charges – and perhaps add new defendants – as early as Thursday, according to court testimony and sources close to the probe.

Mark Titus, who was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison on a conspiracy charge, is likely to be charged in the superseding indictment, said his attorney, Jimmy Ardoin. In court, Ardoin revealed that prosecutors have given him notice of their plans to file a new indictment soon.

Continue Reading: Mark Titus, others, likely targets of new charges in River Birch probe

Presario had the worst news for Team Landfill the other day in a comment left on Slabbed in the extra national resources the Department of Justice is putting in this area as the show down with former George Bush US Attorney Nominee Fred Heebe and his step dad Jim Ward draws closer.  Dominick Fazzio, Chief Financial Officer of all things landfill and reputed mafia capo is up next for his alleged role conspiring with Titus to steal more than a cool million from Garner Services, a company Titus co-owned. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish Corruption Miscellany: The crushing of Mark Titus begins with “Big D” on deck. Henry Mouton gets a cookie”

Henry Mouton cops a plea. Agrees to help Feds in the case against Team Heebe/Ward/River Birch

This is old news by now folks. In reality nothing much happened today except that the marriage between Teams Letten and Mouton was made official today by Judge Martin Feldman. If Mr Mouton delivers the goods as expected he will get off very light. Game theory has a very good explanation of what lead us to this point in the concept of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Mouton is the first documented squealer so it is fair to believe he is in line for the best deal from Team Letten.  For Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Whitmer and wifey Dawn this may not be perceived as bad news for them but trust folks it is very bad news for them.

With what we’ve seen on these pages about Mouton, if he delivers like we all think he can I personally have no problem with the 50 lashes with a wet noodle concept for him.


Let’s kick start the new blog with some USA v Mouton observations

Alrighty lets kick-start the new site with USA v Mouton as it is heating up as our boy Henry is apparently squealing to Team Fed. Last night ‘Gate referenced my remarks concerning rolling up both Papa and Baby Butler and how Mouton spilling his guts could impact that.

I mentioned this last year but it bears repeating.  When it gets to the brass tacks a concept from game theory called Prisoner’s Dilemma kicks in. The bottom line is he who squeals first generally gets the best deal. Henry is getting good advice from his lawyer Mary Olive Pierson IMHO.


Lets connect a few dots as we feature James Gill’s last column on Fred Heebe.

I have a small confession to make.  After I wrote yesterday’s posts Continue reading “Lets connect a few dots as we feature James Gill’s last column on Fred Heebe.”

Must Read Landfill Story….

Michelle Krupa and Gordon Russell at the Times Picayune out did themselves folks.


The long awaited public hearing on the River Birch contract evaluation is at hand. Be there tomorrow at 10AM sharp

Word is that Chris Roberts will be demonstrating early morning potty training techniques for those that show early at 9:00.

Seriously folks we’ve written about this topic ad nauseum and then some as the Postlethwaite & Netterville report prepared for the Parish was disseminated publically while the far more shadowy report for River Birch, which has thus far not seen the light of day, that was prepared by Baton Rouge Economist Loren C Scott trumpets big cost savings by closing the JPL but provides little detail. In a sense this is the ol’ dog and pony show at its worst as I suspect the Loren Scott report somehow fails to mention the Dutchie Connick file or how Team River Birch intended to charge off the almost half million in ca$h they paid Henry Mouton to shill for closing other area landfills. If is OK we’ll save the suspense for tomorrow as we eagerly await the report on the meeting from the Citizens for Good Government.

If there is one thing we’re good at here at Slabbed it is the art of thinking dirty and I mean that in the finest tradition of the auditing profession as we’re good at making connections and ferreting out conflicts of interest. It is part of the reason the good guys like reading us. I mention this because Paul Rioux at the T-P made what at first blush would appear to be a small error in the first sentence of his latest story on the topic of tomorrow’s meeting. The error is not small though as appearances are often deceiving as I now shamelessly use it to segue to one big distinction between an economist and a member of the Certified Public Accounting profession: Continue reading “The long awaited public hearing on the River Birch contract evaluation is at hand. Be there tomorrow at 10AM sharp”