David’s intervention garners letters from the local jailhouse

Anyone that read the NOLA.com stories and comments on the collapse of the Fred Heebe / Riverbirch Investigation under the weight of the US Attorney Commenting scandal knows David Andrew Christenson, a Vlogger now operating in Florida that is determined to get to the bottom of the “Katrina Virus”, an illness Christenson contends is fostered by the Federal Government.

It would be easy to dismiss David as a crackpot and there is no disputing he is a troubled soul dating to his 2010 arrest by the FBI, ostensibly for passing threats against certain public officials. David was ultimately released from detention but it appears the experience increased both his determination and dogged pursuit of US Attorney General Eric Holder. As such David has intervened as an interested party in most every federal criminal prosecution of note in the Louisiana Eastern District Federal Courts, no doubt making himself the bane of the New Orleans US Attorney’s Office in the process.

Occasionally as a member of the local media, David sends me links to his YouTube updates etc. and I occasionally run them here on Slabbed. Last week he sent me two letters he received from the local jailhouse that are worth sharing for no other reason than the notoriety of the senders in Telly Hankton and Stefen Daigle.

Hankton has been described as the most dangerous man in New Orleans and he is charged racketeering and murder among other grave misdeeds. The saga of his arrest has literally made news across the globe. The news accounts portray him as a thug and cold blooded, remorseless killer. The letter he sent David however shows another side to Hankton as an intelligent individual that knows how to write a business letter, albeit in cursive handwriting.

Daigle is a case that flew under the radar here at Slabbed. Continue reading “David’s intervention garners letters from the local jailhouse”

Speaking of people that need to submit resignations…..

And here is today’s local news roundup.  We start with the legendary boozing constable, Tony Thomassie, who is harmless enough, except for the boozing while on tower and long rumored badge selling:

Embattled constable sues Jefferson Parish court for not using his services ~ Chad Calder

Next up things are not looking too good for the home team:

Bankruptcy trustee seeks sale of Brennan’s name, assets ~ Jaquetta White

Turns out that like Slabbed, Gordon Russell, John Simerman and company rake their muck the old fashioned way:

Reporters: FBI agents didn’t provide information of Telly Hankton’s probe ~ Manuel Torres

So this was, in reality, a fishing expedition for a reporter’s sources.  Gordon and John actually visited the FBI over on Leon C. Simon and signed into the official log documenting they were there, a truly cloak and dagger action if I ever saw one.   These guys do not need me to tell them how to best meet with the FBI but all the Hankton defense team did was reinforce a lesson with me on never meeting with the FBI at the FBI HQ on Leon C. Simon because you have to sign a log when you enter the building.  I’m glad to see the G men did not do anything stupid like two certain former US Attorneys.

Moving right along from the victory lap department, we have this on Team Ray Nagin: Continue reading “Speaking of people that need to submit resignations…..”

In other news, South Mississippi’s fluffer Congressman comes out of hiding

And folks he takes credit for fixing the disaster he created in Biggert Waters. The jackassery simply does not get any better IMHO:

Palazzo touts accomplishments, fight for flood insurance, against Obamacare~ Paul Hampton

Moving right along I smell “Big Dawg” and from the smell of ’em I think he has been cavorting with skunks:

Political play could block Zurich Classic from moving to new City Park golf course ~ Jeff Duncan

Nothing against Dunc as he is a decent enough sports writer but this story should have gone to someone else at NOLA. Just sayin’. Speaking of crack, seasoned journalists:

New details emerge in Jaren Lockhart’s murder and dismemberment case ~ Paul Purpura

I’m personally very leery of jailhouse confessions. Now from the bad days just got worse for Ray Ray the former Chocolatier:

Federal judge orders Ray Nagin to forfeit $501,201 ~ Gordon Russell

Finally, speaking of Gordon:

Reporters, FBI agents to face questions Wednesday at Telly Hankton hearing ~ Manuel Torres

Ninja lawyer front and center……

Attorney’s tactics aimed at ex-colleagues ~ Jeff Adelson

I’ll be honest and say after reading Adelson’s piece, which focused on USA v Howard, that I was left with conflicted emotions and thoughts. The bottom line is barring some sort of miracle the Advocate’s Gordon Russell and John Simerman will be testifying about their meetings with FBI agents.

To me, to understand Gibbens is to understand the snake pit that was the NOLA US Attorney’s office, which saw way more than its fair share of top shelf talent cycle through the doors for over a decade Gibbens being a prime example.  He’s hooked up with the right people to insure he remains at the epicenter of the high-end NOLA criminal defense scene.

Stay tuned.

Prescient is perhaps too strong a word…….

What Ninja lawyer wants Ninja Lawyer is gonna get:



Judge OKs subpoenas to Advocate reporters over meeting with FBI agents ~ Jim Mustian

This in turn explains why Slabbed will continue to rely on janitors and other low level sources, including the gutter for our muck raking, which is still done the old fashioned way. How about some lovely music:

Pop the popcorn, enjoy the show and stay Slabbed. :mrgreen:

The reason I made a point to stay away from Matt of Mississippi during the DMR Investigation…..

Those of you following the DMR Investigation on a more personal level know Matt. I stayed as far away from the guy as I could in favor of raking my muck the old fashioned way. Why? Because at the end of this if the Government prosecution of the Walkers ends up FUBAR I’m no where near ground zero. Following is the worst that can happen when accused murderers for an organized crime ring seize the ol’ playing on the internet life ring:


Here in the 5th Circuit each and every one of them media guys mentioned above, as good as they are at their craft, can be hauled into court and made to spill their guts as there is no shield in the 5th Circuit for journalists in criminal matters. Here is the latest folks and it makes me sick to my stomach:

Click to obtain 202 page pdf
Click to obtain 202 page pdf

USA v Howard Doc 504

As for me, I’m still staying as far away from Matt as I can.