Getting “there first with the most”: Self Admitted Felon Frank Fradella gives mucho bundled campaign cash to Mayor Half Moon.

For true folks he did as Hammerman points out today for the T-P.  He joins the River Birch Landfill people financially supporting Half Moon, who were bundlers from way far back as we reported back in February 2011.  Another serial bundler, prominent uptown class action lawyer Calvin Fayard was not mentioned today but no doubt will down the line as Slabbed continues to trail blaze this topic.


All signs indicate a Ray Ray indictment is at hand

If Maurice “Hippo” Katz had lived, he would have given Team Fed both Morial and Harry Lee. I mention this because Sir James wrote a column for yesterday’s Times Picayune about the fact former HSOA CEO Frank Fradella strongly looks as if he copped a plea and is working with Greg Meffert to insure former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is sent to the Graybar Hotel for a very long time.  Jason over at AZ was on to this tidbit a few weeks ago and has been all over Nagin era post-Katrina corruption since this became a story.

For his part Nagin appears to be firmly in denial hiring Aaron Broussard lawyer Robert Jenkins as this Channel 6 story illustrates. Jenkins has an “in” with WDSU, which passed him off as as a simple “legal analyst” in their reporting on the Sal Perricone saga before Jenkins filed motions in the Broussard case over Perricone’s online activities.  Dane Ciolino was the king of such backdoor commentary on his cases but Jenkins clearly knows that media trick too.  What he does not know is how to practice law in Federal Court according to the fabled Slabbed legal team.

Finally, speaking of NOLA political hacks, Jason over at AZ and David over at CoD continue exploring new District B NOLA City Council representative Diana Bajoie’s connections to a Con Profit that derived its state revenue from gaming taxes.  Half Moon promised change folks but hopping in bed with retreads like Bajoie clearly illustrates NOLA City Hall is both open for business and sale.