DMR on my mind: Scott Walker’s skin thins, Jim Hood and Stacey Pickering Obstruct and the blood letting at the Bolton Building continues

That post title is a mouthful folks. Let’s begin with Scott Walker as his lawyer filed a motion to keep Walker’s sentencing letters off the record.

Scott Walker to judge: Keep sentencing letters private ~ Anita Lee

Judge Starrett is construing motions from letters that Anita sent the court asking for access to the sentencing letters. The variations in how sentencing letters are handled vary across and within the various Federal Court districts and that variation is somewhat disconcerting. In Louisiana Eastern, sentencing letters are made available via PACER as a general rule without anyone in the media having to file motions to intervene and having to ask for them.  Here in Mississippi, Judge Ozerden released Roger and Sharon Ladner’s sentencing letters in the same way per my inspection of the docket in that case.

Last month at Bill Walker’s sentencing Judge Starrett mentioned that the jurisprudence in the area of sentencing letter release was well settled.  Walker’s motion in opposition to Anita’s request for the release of the letters prominently mentioned the fact that Judge William Steele over in Mobile withheld the letters in USA v Byrd, where the former Jackson County Sheriff got off very light, some would say “Judge Ginger light” and that is saying something.  I’m not yet convinced Steele had anything right in his ruling on the Byrd letters.

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Just when ya think Alabama is coming outta the dark ages……

Something happens to let us all know that transparency there is still a foreign concept:

Judge denies Sun Herald’s request to see letters written on behalf of Byrd ~ Margaret Baker

Maybe I’m spoiled as sentencing letters are routinely released in criminal cases both the Federal Mississippi Southern District Courts and the Louisiana Eastern District Courts thus my opinion that Judge Steele’s decision concerning former Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd is absolutely wrong. (For an example of the quality journalism that can come from an analysis of sentencing letters click here.) Byrd not only gets a sweetheart plea deal he also gets to keep aspects of that which went into the accompanying sweetheart sentence a secret.

By jove someone slipped some caffeine in their coffee pot……..

Looks like the gang over on the Sun Herald editorial board just found out there are two systems of justice here in the deep south. Here at Slabbed, we call the one they do not like “JustUs”.

Editorial: Was justice served in Jackson County? ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

D’Iberville forfeits a cool million. Sponsored by JaWa investments

The shoes are beginning to drop in Walkergate.

D’Iberville must forfeit $1.1 million of $3 million Ocean Expo grant ~ Mary Perez

Meantime the Byrd is still the word.  Margaret Baker uses Alabama changing its retirement statute to exclude certain felons as the example in her story on soon to be former Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd being able to collect his PERS retirement benefits despite copping to a felony.  Slabbed lifers well remember it was the former Dragon Queen Aaron BrousStar that caused Louisiana to pass such a statute back in 2011.

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Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd Cops to a Federal Felony

Kicking John Mark Stahl in the cojones after arresting him and then ordering the dashboard video of the incident destroyed is what finally did Sheriff Byrd in. Click the pic to score the 19 page plea agreement and factual basis. Sentencing for soon to be former Sheriff Byrd is scheduled for December 10th in Mobile.

USA v Byrd Doc 2