Signs of Michael Avenatti’s lack of legal prowess abound…..

There are many kinds of lawyers such as the good defense lawyer that keeps his clients out of trouble before trouble happens or the no nonsense Plaintiff’s lawyer that skillfully guides a case into the Courtroom where the playing field is level. In my years doing Slabbed I’ve found there is another kind of lawyer, the kind that freelance and attempt to take shortcuts while mostly crashing and burning, often to the detriment of their clients. There were multiple signs that Michael Avenatti fits into the last category as a lawyer that was adept at using the media while failing to see longer term ramifications of his actions on his clients. We got the first hint of that late last year:

Stormy Daniels Ordered To Pay Trump $293,000 In Fees In Defamation Lawsuit ~ Jessica Taylor

Earlier this week Eriq Gardner wrote an excellent article on Avenatti’s tactics that is well worth the read. Avenatti appears to be a very effective advocate for one person only, himself. I’ll grant its possible I am missing something but I think not.

Michael Avenatti is indicted and out pops Peoples Bank

A reader did some high quality sleuthing and the result is this post, which seeks to add a healthy dose of color to the reporting on this mattter from WLOX and Anita Lee over at the Sun Herald, which then spread regionally. Let’s start connecting some dots.

First a caveat and disclaimer. Federal prosecutors love using initials in criminal filings to protect the innocent (and sometimes the not so innocent). There is nothing in the Avenatti indictment to suggest those that knew him here on the coast have done anything wrong.

With that set up Slabbed has had some success in these circumstances¬†¬†deciphering initials via community sourcing. Let’s visit with Avenatti’s indictment section devoted to The Peoples Bank to get the latest batch of initials:

Avenatti Complaint by on Scribd

Footnote 41 on page 124 (PDF page 159) says an M. C. introduced Avenatti to C.S., who everyone understands is The People Bank CEO Chevis Sweatman. M. C. was fairly easy to unravel and involves an interesting case Avenatti had suing a Seattle regional CPA firm Moss Adams and a ponzi scheme gone bad. One look at the case raises a whole bunch of red flags because sanctions were levied against Trustee Mark Calvert. The Seattle Times has the skinny: Continue reading “Michael Avenatti is indicted and out pops Peoples Bank”