Analysis | Scott Walker guilty plea: Fishin’ trips for Christ on the taxpayer dime.

The many times over the past 7 years or so that I have communicated with a well placed source, invariably the information imparted is also accompanied by restrictions on its use and disclosure of the source. It has occurred to me that I disclose much less about these people, than say the AP, who will describe a source like “someone in government that requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak with the media”.  My description would probably include a janitor and a homeless drunk but Slabbed has built up enough street credibility that we can get by with that.  Even better it help protect the folks that are sharing information.  It is no secret that in the Yenni Building at least one and I think more dragnets have been run trying to figure out the identity of the famous (infamous) Wino of Lafayette Square so I understand the restrictions and manage to thrive figuring ways around them without shutting off the information flow.

All that said I’ll report now that outdoor living during the Polar Vortex was too much, even for the indefatigable Wino, and she died last Winter. Now a moment of silence:

I buried my lead to make a point but from Slabbed’s DMR coverage I would posit it is safe for the reader to assume Slabbed has a kick ass source or two or three on the topic.  These folks are located from Jackson and points south all the way to the Mississippi sound and some of what you’ll read here is reflected in what they have told me and what I continue to tell hear.

First off the bad news as it regards the DMR Foundation Boats. Continue reading “Analysis | Scott Walker guilty plea: Fishin’ trips for Christ on the taxpayer dime.”

No booze cruises for Thad???

Cochran: ‘I didn’t party’ on DMR boat ~ Anita Lee

I know a few folks up in Stone County that think highly of Myrtis and her hubby. To me the problem isn’t the drinking. Anyone that has been on a private plane like a King Air 90 knows the wealthy owners often provide nice amenities for their guests. A high end boat would not be much different. That said I wonder who all these politicians thought owned these boats? As Orsen Wells once famously said “it stinketh”.

Now that the yacht fleet for the political elites has been dismantled one naturally wonders where the next ugly bump will rise. People like Michael Janus and Scott Walker did not excel at being meek. In the political world there are 10 people just like ’em behind each waiting for their chance.

“This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

After hearing the stories and backstories from a few politically connected Mississippians, there is a reason I left Rose Cochran (mostly) on the cutting room floor. Unfortunately there are people, in their zeal to see Chris McDaniels elected to the US Senate, that did not get the memo:

Madison Police arrest Clayton Kelly for sneaking into Rose Cochran’s room (Updated) ~ James at Jackson Jambalaya

McDaniel campaign clarifies when they learned of Cochran break-in ~ Geoff Pender

McDaniel issues statement. Calls Cochran (Updated) ~ James at Jackson Jambalaya

Having seen the deleterious impacts of Alzheimers Disease on a personal level, I’ll add that it takes a special kind of asswipe to attempt to exploit someone that is likely in the later stages of the affliction.

2014 Election and Social Media Impact: Where the heck did all the money go?

Since its Tuesday how about a twofer:

Pickering has dropped off his latest load over at the Sun Herald. ~ RFP

Maybe Stacey Pickering has not read much about the government’s own estimate of fraud in the aftermath of Katrina. Is he just a damn liar or does he think the population of Ms. is so freaking dumb he can continue to fool them? ~ Biloxi Blues

My mind has been on the day job so I was just a bit lost this morning: Continue reading “2014 Election and Social Media Impact: Where the heck did all the money go?”

He claims terrorizing school secretaries while giving his political friends a pass makes him eminently qualified…..

That right folks, Stacey Pickering, whose office investigated Mississippi DMR for over a year and let Bill Walker and Company go scott free after DMR was looted out over one million dollars fixing Bill Walker’s foundation’s boat fleet before lowering the boom on a few low level employees that may have filched $5,000 or so padding their travel says he is interested in running for the US Senate. God help us all.

Stacey Pickering mulling run for U.S. Senate if Thad Cochran doesn’t run ~ AP

My instincts are to vote for the McDaniels guy no matter who runs for the seat on the Republican side.

Laissez les coups bas continuent: Jiff takes another powder.

You just knew instinctively something else was going on here folks so I’ll toot my own horn a wee bit:

The possibilities here are delicious IMA as this entire Plaquemines Parish deal is rife with backstabbing potential.

So what do we now know besides the fact Jiff took a power and copped an early plea?

  1. He wore a wire on Aaron Bennett.
  2. If it is true that Aaron Bennett will be charged later via Bill of Information he too has taken a plea deal.
  3. This whole deal leads to Washington DC.
  4. Billy Nungesser is so fucked.

I would encourage Lee Zurick to keep digging. For my part I have been digging on former Jackson City Councilman Chip Reno who now heads the Talon Group, lobbyists that came up during Mark St Pierre’s trial.  Chip’s peeps populate the Phildo Bryant Campaign as I now openly wonder if former Thad Cochran staffer Ann Copeland took favors from more folks than Jack Abramoff.  This is fertile ground here in Mississippi too folks.

There are forces at work to white wash this whole deal as we speak. Thank goodness DoJ DC is running the show.