Miss Dixie on Mississippi Mud and new developments in Ex Rel Rigsby

I was up almost all night finishing Kathie Koch’s upcoming book, Rising from Katrina but I noted a couple of blog entries from Anita Lee’s blog which I need to highlight.

First up is Magistrate Walker again protecting his buddies at State Farm by letting State Farm’s  legal team lie and stonewall about which documents they have in response to subpoenas. The trick is you let all the depositions occur and then drop subpoenaed documents on the plaintiffs right at the discovery deadline so as to prevent salient questions from ever being asked. This is a time-honored tactic that State Farm could not pull off in non magic jurisdictions which take the federal discovery rules seriously. Anita boils down the larger issues in Walker’s ruling in a recent blog entry:

Walker has decided State Farm should not be required to turn over the reports to former insurance adjusters Cori and Kerri Rigsby, who filed the lawsuit alleging State Farm committed fraud in adjusting Hurricane Katrina claims. The company denies minimizing wind losses by blaming damage on tidal surge covered through federal flood insurance. Continue reading “Miss Dixie on Mississippi Mud and new developments in Ex Rel Rigsby”

Bossier delayed until Monday

As I alluded yesterday we heard the rumor about the delay and Anita Lee made it official. Today she gives us some added color to the cause:

The fifth day of trial in a Hurricane Katrina wind vs. water case was cancelled Friday because Judge L.T. Senter Jr. was sick.

The jury trial in Bossier v. State Farm is expected to resume Monday morning in U.S. District Court.

Reginald “Ed” Bossier contends that wind effectively destroyed his one-story home before the tide from the Back Bay surged through.

The story also contained an interesting tidbit we’ve been all over since it happened in the very late belated payment to the Bossiers for their outbuilding. Again this is manifest bad faith and illustrates State Farm’s deny first and delay payment approach to their claims handling: Continue reading “Bossier delayed until Monday”