As Promised, Today’s Protest at City Hall

My thanks to you readers that sent in photos. Here is a representative picture via the Slabbed Twitter account.

We have a movie that was sent in as well where I counted 19 total protesters. Here are their demands:

1. No PJ’s Coffee drive through be allowed in town.
2. The Alcan property must remain vacant.
3. A Minority be placed on the school board.

As the above Tweet stated my understanding is Mayor Favre pulled the groups permit to hold the event as he was getting Citizens complaints about the event on Highway 90, which was staged without a permit. Props to Hizzoner for helping instead of harassing the peaceful group of demonstrators.

The gang at WLOX was there was well as the Echo. It will be interesting to see their coverage.

On this one, ol’ Hospitality Hank has a point

Some old highschool classmates, under employed in the heart of the GO Zone, travel Highway 90 highlighting the fugly in the urban landscape.


We’re read by academics across the country some of whom will no doubt be very interested in Hank’s dialogue project as will my blog partner Nowdy.