For those of you searching for meaning on the Flamingo abduction from Kemper Park….

Unfortunately a dirty little secret came out during the United States Senate Primary regarding doing indecent things to farm animals up in the Pine Belt but this looks to me like four college age males doing something very stupid. Here is the surveillance video of the perpetrators:

The details are few but we do have this from the Hattiesburg Zoo Facebook page:

Last night/early this morning one of our Chilean Flamingos was taken from the Zoo. The flamingo was found several miles from the Zoo and was returned to us this morning so severely injured that it had to be euthanized. Video surveillance shows 4 people inside the Zoo at approximately 1:08 am. An eye witness also saw a group of people scaling the Zoo fence around the same time last night, carrying what appeared to be a large bird. We are asking for your help in solving this and would like for you to please come forward with any information that you have. Thank you!

Since the perpetrators look college age we must turn to the Urban Dictionary for some clues and sure enough I found one here which accurately describes at least one of the perpetrators. And then there is the unthinkable, of life imitating art in the name of a twisted literature project. [Full episode here]

Whatever the backstory, if my instincts are right and this is four young adults attending  Southern Miss doing something very stupid, we’ll all know their identities in short order. Worth noting is avian torture and murder is not a new thing up in the ‘burg no siree as the gang at Southern Miss killed their own mascot Nugget II from sheer neglect and then embarked on a cover up back in the early 90s.

Woe is me: WTF is going on with Southern Miss football?

USM remains winless ~ Patrick Magee

A Florida International program widely considered to be the worst in the nation beat USM, 24-23, at M.M. Roberts Stadium.

“I’d hate to say it’s the low point, but it doesn’t get much lower than this,” USM coach Todd Monken said.

USM may go winless this season ~ Patrick Magee

Never in my wildest dreams could I ever previously conceived that USM football would suck worse than Tulane football.

Someone in Hattiesburg needs to dial up Bobby Collins pronto for the expedited solution to this sad state of affairs.  😉

Hanlon’s razor in action and yes it is that bad

Alternate Title: Confessions of a former auditor. Lesson 1 Hanlon’s Razor

Who Killed Nugget II? Solving The Death Of Southern Miss’s Mascot ~ Sean Newell, Deadspin

I became a Deadspin addict after they flashed ‘incontrovertible evidence‘ that Hancock County’s own Brett Favre is a knucklehead.  We still love him though.

So bottom line is Nugget II was starved to death and the reason covered up by Aubrey Lucas, another well known knucklehead from way far back.  We still love you though Aubrey.

Handshoe ’86

DMR Scandal Day 55: My guess is Bill Walker has pictures on ’em

‘A lot of accusations’ yield no action on DMR ~ Michael Newsom.

Words can not describe the incompetence and malfeasance on display yesterday at the Commission of Marine Resources meeting.

So if Walker has pictures on Vernon Asper and the other commissioners on the Commission on Marine Resources then Slabbed must replicate in kind so I just sent Patricia a bat signal on twitter!

Governor Phil Bryant remains in hiding.