Hammerman takes a shot at Nino….

The bards say that Justice Nino is especially close to Judge Marty, who so capably presided over the questioning of Gordon Russell and John Simmerman in USA v Hankton. Given the totality of the situation, I wonder if this is an exhibit of the whose ox is being gored but it is really bigger than all that.  Self dispensation is a nice job perk:

Meet Judge Helen "Ginger" Berrigan. Another Louisiana Eastern District Judge with a recusal problem.

Judge Berrigan also has problems getting insurance cases right. In Berrigan’s case, she has never met an insurance company or murderer she failed to like. In this video clip, Professor Carl Bernofsky explains how he was Berriganed and how she refused to recuse herself despite a clear-cut conflict of interest.  Carl is the moderator of Tulane Link and until Slabbed has been a lone voice in the wilderness on problems in the Louisiana Eastern District Courts.