TWIA’S 11.2% allocation to wind damage – 100% hot air

TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) appears to be convinced ignorance can be a defense; but, what they’ve done to policyholders slabbed by Hurricane Ike is indefensible. Chip Merlin reported on the 11.2% hoax in a recent post, Slabbers Finally Learn How They All Have Exactly 11.2% Damage:

The Bolivar Peninsula TWIA policyholders have had the most frustrating insurance claim experience of any group in recent memory. While we have been having success with other Hurricane Ike claims, the Slabbers claims resolutions have proven difficult. They have not just back and taken this abuse either as I noted in Texas Windstorm “Slabbers” and Policyholders March on Austin.

One even made a joke about how, according to TWIA, they each have exactly 11.2% of building value damage, reflected in The Parable of Hurricane Ike Insurance Claims

…from what we have reviewed regarding the accuracy and low-balling of the TWIA estimates of partial damage, the entire population will have to be revised

As a result of Javier Delagado following up on evidence produced in an administrative trial, Slabbers finally have the answer of how TWIA performed the calculations that everybody has exactly the same damage. The person making the calculation for TWIA was University of Texas Professor William Spelman. The TWIA attorneys introduced his testimony via a previous administrative hearing to avoid expense—so much for the ability to confront and cross examine a witness. The TWIA pleading was very telling:
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