The SouthCoast Today picks up more coverage of the unfolding Money Laundering Scandal involving the Trout Point development.

Two Nova Scotia firms are being named in news stories about the new fraud allegations which surfaced Tuesday regarding former Jefferson Parish (Louisiana) president Aaron Broussard’s growing problems with investigations and indictments for his actions while in office.

The allegation that parish contractors were paying Broussard retainers, consulting fees or finder’s fees is the first direct public mention of such conduct in the multifaceted, multi-year federal investigation of Jefferson’s government under Broussard’s tenure. Head Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Klebba told reporters that it was a “distinct possibility” that there could be additional defendants in the case and that a decision could be made as soon as mid-February.

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The Nova Scotia SouthCoast Today picks up the latest developments

Folks in the internet age word sure does travel fast as the SouthCoast Today is all over the latest developments in the Aaron Broussard-Trout Point development money laundering scheme.


Fox 8 and WWL TeeVee is reporting Karen Parker will be in court to plead guilty to Misprison of Felony.

Aaron Broussard’s ex-wife is due in court this morning folks to change her plea in the payroll fraud portion of what we call the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal. Worth noting is Miss Parker was cut in by her then hubby Aaron Broussard on his portion of the development at Trout Point in Nova Scotia, another tentacle of the ongoing investigation into the most significant political corruption investigation in Metro New Orleans in a generation.  I’ll update this post today as the story on Parker’s change of plea and agreement to cooperate with the FBI and state authorities in the ongoing investigation develop.  Sources indicate Miss Parker can avoid jail time completely under the terms of her plea.


The media in Nova Scotia pick up on the Broussard indictment and State Ethics Board Investigation.

I love local lore and history folks so the story in today’s SouthCoast Today on Aaron Broussard’s legal troubles and connections to Nova Scotia is right up my alley and ranks as a must read folks.  Here is a snippet:

On Februray 28, 1765, less than a month after being chased by the British government in Nova Scotia out of the colony for his murder, mutilation and scalping of hundreds of British subjects, famed Acadian firebrand Joseph Beausoliel Broussard stepped off a ship in New Orleans, where his progeny have multiplied and still reside. One of the most famous of those today is Aaron Broussard, alledgedly one of the most corrupt officials in a notably corrupt region…..

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BREAKING: Karen Parker rolls over on her ex-hubby Aaron Broussard. Turn up the heat please. :-)

Hat tip ‘Gate via email and Ricardo in comments. Rich Rainey has the story on the plea change. Folks there is stuff coming down that will makes this look bush league when the names are made public. That buzz from early December….Its Backkkkkkkkkkkk

The forfeiture provisions in criminal RICO are draconian folks. It could well be before this is done Uncle Sam will end up with Aaron’s remaining property at the Trout Point Development.