The rats are jumping ship: 79 Trout Point Road aka Black Bear Cottage for sale

I guess it wasn’t being rented much.  This was Aaron Broussard’s cottage dating to 1999 but last year his ex wife Patricia and her hubby ended up with the deed.  Telemachus added that detail in comments the post I just linked:

Patricia Zerangue is likely Aaron Broussard’s ex-wife Patricia Broussard. Source: 8/13/10 TP obit for Anna Mary Cook Barilleau.

Donald Zerangue is a former campaign contributor from long ago but more importantly is or was business partners in 3 or so or more or less businesses with Carl Eberts / Carl J. Eberts. Patricia married Zerangue apparently. Carl Eberts’ wife Betty is her sister which means that Carl Eberts was Aaron Broussard’s brother in law. Source: TP.

Look up Carl Eberts in the TP archives – Kenner government land deals, Rivertown, Kenner Development Corp, Baroni, the family of Sheriff Frank Clancy (as in Brian Dupepe (Bryan?), the lord of Laketown and jefe of the Kenner Convention Bureau is his grandson), etc., it all goes way back. And casinos. And Mamoulides. And the Galleria (via mamo). Dating back years. It’s all public record and yet not reported if that makes sense. Source: TP

Clovis & Roche – they do collections, And part of that seems to be casino collections, Maybe even in Canada. Again this is on the internet. Source: internet (google “clovis & roche” + casino)

4401 N I-10 Service Rd: – check out the assessment online: it is at zero. as in “0”. But it is obviously a commercial building with at least one major accounting/collections firm in it, not to mention several other companies between Zerangue and Eberts like Southern Land. Eberts has at least 2-3 at that same address. Source: LA SOS online database + the JP assessor site

So many of these names, including Fayard and James Smith, seem to tie in with the days when the casino gold rush was on.

Notice again the sweetheart property tax assessment in Louisiana for this owner of a lot at the Trout Point Development. I’ve seen that Eberts name someplace else too. 😉  They are “MOTIVATED SELLERS” for certain.
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South Coast Today Shelburne Nova Scotia: US feds looking at Nova Scotia in major fraud case

SCT sources in New Orleans say that that authorities there, including federal prosecutors and the FBI are continuing to investigate the relationships between Broussard and the properties and business associates in Nova Scotia Scotia. One source, who asked not to be named, said that the recent court filing could be “the tip of the iceberg” as it relates to Broussard’s dealings in Nova Scotia.

The Slabbed Blog has written extensively about Broussard and his connection to Nova Scotia. In a story Tuesday, Slabbed published portions of court and government documents regarding companies registered in Louisiana and Nova Scotia for the purpose of investing in vacation properties in Nova Scotia and elsewhere.

Lawyers for Leary and Perret filed an “emergency motion” with the Mississippi courts on Tuesday to expedite a ruling for summary judgment on Slabbed publisher Doug Handshoe’s challenge to the $425,000 defamation award to the couple from a Nova Scotia court.

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Here are a couple of maps of the Trout Point Development as a nice visual aid for our readers.

Courtesy of the South Coast Today.

From the Fox 8 case in Nova Scotia we have this map entered into evidence: Continue reading “Here are a couple of maps of the Trout Point Development as a nice visual aid for our readers.”

Let’s talk a bit more about Aaron Broussard’s “evidence of other crimes” involving the resort at Trout Point Nova Scotia and the use of SLAPP suits by his business associates in Canada.

Vaughn Perret, Daniel G. “Danny” Abel and Charles Leary posing for the business media in Nova Scotia at Trout Point Lodge

After reading Drew Broach’s piece and the latest filing by the federal prosecutors in the bribery case involving disgraced former Parish President Aaron Broussard I came away with the distinct feeling I had seen the name of his original Louisiana based LLC set up to accept bribes from Parish contractors that went to buy real estate at the Trout Point resort, Nova Scotia Enterprises, LLC.  The connection is Broussard’s long time associate and part owner of the Lodge at Trout Point, Danny Abel but Abel’s name does not show up in the Team USA legal filing, rather we have a redacted list of the original investors.  There is some interesting things in the redacted ownership document that was presented to the court however and I bet Slabbed can shed some light on the names which were redacted from the court filing.

To set things up though I feel compelled to point out the Times Picayune trail blazed this topic, was SLAPP sued in Nova Scotia by Broussard’s property managers Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret who are Abel’s business partners that are based at the Lodge.  Val Bracy at Fox 8 also had a great report on the topic which was retracted earlier this year as part of the SLAPP suit settlement in Nova Scotia filed by Leary and Perret.  Through time I have also learned this same bunch has availed themselves of Canada’s defamation laws against several Canadian media outlets such as the Rural Delivery, which did an excellent expose on Leary, Abel and Perret’s attempted fleecing of the Atlantic Canada  Opportunities Agency among others.

I have also been SLAPP sued by this same bunch in Canada but continued to investigate the topic of Broussard’s use of a real estate development in Canada to launder the alleged bribes that were paid to him.  This litigation is currently awaiting a ruling by US District Court Judge Louis Guriola. They have also repeatedly threatened a new media journalist in the Town of Shelburne Nova Scotia for reporting on the court case they filed against me among other things for they simply do not want this topic discussed.  With the latest Federal Court filing in the case against Aaron Broussard I think everyone now understands why Charles Leary lied to the Times Picayune in January 2010 regarding their involvement with Aaron Broussard and why their story continually changes with each revelation.  More on that in a bit.

Let’s begin with a few pages of documents from that Team USA Court filing, specifically the exhibits as here are the initial owners of Nova Scotia Enterprises LLC, which according to Team Fed was a conduit to pay bribes to Aaron Broussard: Continue reading “Let’s talk a bit more about Aaron Broussard’s “evidence of other crimes” involving the resort at Trout Point Nova Scotia and the use of SLAPP suits by his business associates in Canada.”

Aaron Broussard is “getting nuttier and nuttier”, files a defamation suit against commenter CampStBlue

Slabbed has said all sorts of uncomplimentary things about the disgraced former Parish Prez yet we do not get sued by the Goatherder in Chief….well actually we did through his property managers at the Trout Point Development near East Kempt Nova Scotia, Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary.

What can I say folks except someone writing Aaron Broussard is getting nuttier and nuttier is speaking the truth as far as I can tell but opinions like that one are not generally not actionable defamation here in the US but then again no one accused Broussard attorney Robert Jenkins of being anywhere near Perry Mason’s zipcode in terms of legal talent so the jackassery continues.  Gordon Russell at NOLA has all the skinny on the latest SLAPP suit to be filed by Team Goatherder in this saga, as Broussard a Jefferson Parish resident, choose the NOLA CDC as his venue for the suit, which won’t last long IMHO.

Catching up Team Broussard has been busy, filing a change of venue motion with Judge Head back on the 31st.  This comes on the heels of an attempt to have the charges against him dismissed, a move which Team USA ridiculed in its reply briefs to Judge Head.  If I may be so bold as to suggest Gulfport as a great place to hold Broussard and Wilkinson’s trial with Hattiesburg as a strong alternate.  I personally don’t give a shit where they have it because I will enjoy seeing Broussard twist in agony when the guilty verdicts are read, no matter the locale of the venue.

Tick tock, tick tock.


I previously put out the word out privately…..

But I want to make sure everyone gets the message that if your name has been mentioned on Slabbed I’d especially love to hear from you. Unlike some of my collegues I can bash and look you in the eye after. 😉

That fact of the matter is there have been people that were associated with Aaron Broussard that have reached out and it has profoundly impacted my coverage of the Jefferson Parish scandal as we search for the truth, no matter where it may lead. Along those lines I’ve been drilling down on those overseas investments Aaron Broussard peddled and the names I am seeing in the documents are very interesting indeed and this does not count other people like certain lawyers that were formerly closely connected with the Goatherder Nation.

As far as I know there are only two ways to impact Slabbed’s coverage. One way is via commenting on the posts but that way is not sure fire. The other is to make use of my handy contact page. Heck I even get complimentary copies of the NOLevee delivered postage due to my PO Box so don’t be shy since I’m not.* 😉 Continue reading “I previously put out the word out privately…..”

Larry Bleiberg at the USA Today cites Trout Point Lodge as a “green getaway”. The ironies of course are delicious.

It’s the springtime promotion season for the vacation industry and the Goatherders at Trout Point Lodge have been frequently mentioned in the press of late doing the same but today I about split my side laughing when I read about the Lodge being a “green getaway”, given the factual basis of Karen Parker Broussard’s plea deal with the US Attorney’s office:

Additionally, from approximately 2004 through 2010, Broussard received monies, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, that were characterized as, among other things, “retainers,” “consulting fees” or “finder’s fees” with various contractors and vendors, all of whom were doing business with Jefferson Parish during the period of time Broussard was the President of Jefferson Parish. Moreover, Broussard was a majority owner in a holding company which owned an investment property in Canada. Broussard received income from this Canadian property. This property was partially funded by individuals and/or entities who were contractors and/or vendors doing business with Jefferson Parish during the period of time Broussard was the Jefferson Parish President.

Gee I wonder where that was in Canada?

Irene Lane, founder of the eco-travel agency obviously did not check with Kirk Cheyfitz at Story Worldwide about their registration statement or Trip Advisor before writing her story. Just saying.


Broussard sleazery on my mind as Aaron’s drama queen tendencies enter the corrption lexicon.

Boy this past week has been like the old days with an Aaron Broussard story a minute as the Times Picayune has done a bang up job examining the latest Broussard era turds to surface lately. We’ve done so much on Broussard lets do some semi-free association in a change of pace:

Politicians recall Aaron Broussard’s annual retreats in Lake Tahoe ~ Rich Rainey

And I to have tempted you! I, who tired
Your soul, no doubt, till it sank! Unwise,
I loved and was lowly, loved and aspired,
Loved, grieving or glad, till I made you mad,
And you meant to have hated and despised—
Whereas, you deceived me nor inquired!

Aaron Broussard hires new attorney as defense team employs new strategy ~ Rich Rainey

NOW, don’t, sir! Don’t expose me!
Just this once! This was the first and only time, I’ll swear,— Continue reading “Broussard sleazery on my mind as Aaron’s drama queen tendencies enter the corrption lexicon.”

American Zombie: Just extend the rope

He went on to say, if you’re going to hang someone the best and only way to do it is to simply extend them enough rope and they will most likely hang themselves if they are guilty of the charges. He said it may take time but it is almost inevitable that the person will self destruct, your job is just to tell the truth.

I have found those words to be as right as rain.

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