How about a few more details on the East Beach VRBO

But first I’d like to welcome you folks in the Bulldog Nation that are salivating at the prospect of the another NCAA hammer coming at Ole Miss football from the Six Pack Speak forum before disappointing you with news that I have confirmed the amount of money the Black Spring Break Revelers told a “Curious Joe” they paid to rent the property which was $750.

I also know the identity of the owner of the vehicle parked in the Walkers driveway who I will not disclose beyond saying the vehicle is registered to what appears from Facebook to be a nice, middle age lady from Moorhead, Mississippi that would be at the right age to have college age child(ren) who would pay $750 for a weekend of fun and frolic at 435 East Beach. The 2016 Ole Miss roster does not list any player from Moorhead, Mississippi.

But the funny part about all this is SRHS Watch’s comment was prescient, the funny being Walker subsequently using the talking point in his interview with Warren Kulo at the Mississippi Press which now leads here:

Ocean Springs businessman admits NCAA violation ~ Hugh Kellenberger

A couple of other tidbits. I am told reliably by a source familiar with the operations of Ocean Springs City Hall that a prominent local Citizen that is invested in the East Beach neighborhood has threatened legal action against the City if the Walker’s unlicensed VRBO enterprise is not reigned in. The same source tells me the neighborhood has organized so as to better respond should short term renters again appear 435 East Beach.

And now a couple of comments from the Six Pack Speak Forums: Continue reading “How about a few more details on the East Beach VRBO”

Reader mailbag: Has the Sun Herald lost its mind?

The answer to that question from my perspective is no. They’re in the business of selling papers and to the extent people have read the Scott and Trinity Walker PR series and are talking about it I’d say they are fulfilling the core mission of a news media organization. Still there is a level of anger that is also undeniable. What follows from the reader mailbag is very representative:

Please do a follow up post about the latest Sun Herald article re: Trinity Walker being in survival mode. What is the Sun Herald thinking? ~ F. from the coast

Do I have some thoughts on this? Absolutely and I expressed them here. Since Trinity shared her tale of woe a parody Facebook group has popped up in the Scott and Trinity Walker fan club. A snippet from the about page:

Scott has been a very successful politician and businessman. He essentially made Trent Lott who he is today, and previously ran the Bush 42 White House-like in his sleep. He should have been the Mayor of Ocean Springs, because he deserves it. If it weren’t for the “former Governor” stopping his progress, he would be getting even more press! What up Haley!

Trinity is pretty much a role model for all moms. She can change lightbulbs and do all sorts of helpful household stuff. Her career has sky rocketed since the DMR days. When she is not managing the general surgery and cardiothoracics divisions at the hospital, she is a fashionista blogging on all the latest fashion trends and wedding planning ideas. Nobody has tried to stop her, so she totally rocks!

As for me this whole PR push brings back up memories of the entire Bill Walker – DMR meltdown along with a few newer ones but that deserves its own post. In the meantime since y’all want to comment on the latest installment of As the Walkers Turn feel free to express your thoughts in comments.

Susan Perkins…..

I have a multitude of irons in the fire this week so here is my short version of the down and dirty on the most recent DMR departures and count on the community to fill in the rest of the blanks. Susan Perkins is a respected communications professional. A $50,000 communications contract was just let on new DMR executive director Jamie Miller’s 60 day review of operations. There had to be some sort of internal conflict for Miller to make an example out of Perkins, and make an example of her is exactly what he did. Heuristics would indicate the two events are related but we really do not know enough to make that conclusion.

I do not know enough at this point to make speculate beyond that. Remember it was Miller the state GOP rolled out to reign in our fluffer Congressman’s out of control staff. As such I think we can reasonably infer he has a hatchet in his bag of tricks.

Women of the broom and other various and sundry DMR items

A couple of events have recently taken me down memory lane to the post Katrina Coast circa late 2005-2006 and the reminder came via Women of the Storm which had a Mississippi Chapter. The membership in the group came from across the socio-economic-ethnic spectrum and their mission included traveling to DC after Hurricane Katrina raising awareness with Congress and the President on the unique issues that impacted this area post Katrina.

Later on the ladies from the Louisiana chapter would take a shot at the oil spill and received a few black eyes in the process as the group also became known as Women of the Oil. It seems the Mississippi chapter is far more environmentally friendly.

I mention this because the group has popped up here in Mississippi in the DMR scandal news cycle and as today’s latest installment of as the Good ol’ boys at DMR turns by Paul Hampton and Michael Newsom, Nonnie DeBardeleben of Women of the Storm is calling out the broom brigade for a clean sweep of upper management at DMR. Chair of the Mississippi Senate Ports and Marine Resources Committee Brice Wiggins appears to agree that the interim guy, Danny Guice, needs to remain just that, interim.

This is not about the worker bee employees at DMR, no siree. It is all about the all the politically connected piggies stinkin’ up the executive ranks. Brooms, many of ’em in fact, are exactly what is needed to remedy the situation.

DMR Scandal day 59: Like I said Billy Walker has pictures on ’em

Trinity Walker new wifey to Scott Walker / Sun Herald

OK folks excuse me while I take a few victory laps for my prediction about Walker having pictures on everyone.

Well, I took the lap but I’m not the champ, actually we have co-champs in Michael Newsom, Karen Nelson and Anita Lee at the Sun Herald because today they dare to ask the question, “Exactly how much does it take to co-opt a Mississippi State Legislator?”.  The answer is not much beyond taking ’em on a  few fishin’ trips on those boats Walker owns via his “nonprofit” or charters that the taxpayers paid for and this is both pathetic and sadly predictable.

DMR charters fishing trips in South Mississippi for lawmakers, others ~ Michael Newsom

And yes we have pictures as the boats have/had Facebook pages.  It gets better folks as the we also learn the Friends and Family Program at DMR also included an employment agency component for all the little politically connected piggies in West Jackson/East Harrison Counties including Joe Ziegler and his wifey Connie Ziegler, Tina Shumates family, Scott Walker’s wifey Trinity etc etc etc. Heck folks don’t take my word for it:

Connections: Neighbors, relatives and politicians land DMR jobs in South Mississippi ~ Karen Nelson and Anita Lee Continue reading “DMR Scandal day 59: Like I said Billy Walker has pictures on ’em”