SLABBED Daily: July 30 all politics is local

With the Washington Post reporting Rove Had Heavier Hand in Prosecutor Firings Than Previously Known, today’s SLABBED Daily looks at the firing of federal prosecutors from the perspective of all politics is local.

…Rove described himself as merely passing along complaints by senators and state party officials to White House lawyers…

The story focuses on three of the nine U.S. Attorneys fired in 2006 – a group that includes Missouri’s Todd Graves, known to SLABBED readers as counsel for Zach Scruggs in the case that became USA v Scruggs, Scruggs, and Backstrom.

Graves, the U.S. attorney in Missouri, was removed after staff members of Sen. Christopher S. “Kit” Bond (R) repeatedly complained to political aides and lawyers in the White House, according to interviews and the inspector general. Rove, who had done political consulting work for Bond earlier in their careers, said in the interview that he had become aware of the turmoil on the eve of President Bush’s visit to the state.

Graves brings the story home; but Dunn Lampton actually brought it closer.  Lampton, who until his recent resignation had been U.S. Attorney for Mississippi’s Southern District  since 2000, was once slated for a pink slip – and that brings us full circle to Rove’s testimony suggesting all politics is local. Continue reading “SLABBED Daily: July 30 all politics is local”

about the proven integrity of Todd Graves

Even at this late hour, I can’t let the opportunity to note this development pass or to express my regret that he got slabbed again by the insurance apologists of USA v Scruggs.

As pleased as I am to link a few of the related documents, I can not do so without saying how deeply disappointed I am to see Senator Kit Bond’s association.

The Inspector General’s report on the politics behind DOJ’s firing of nine US Attorneys is here. Continue reading “about the proven integrity of Todd Graves”

Controlling Law – the Disqualification of Relator’s Attorneys

In the end, Rule 59 or 60 mattered not. No rule ever does when a case is mutato nomine de te fabula narratur – a relatively new concept in a nation long distinguished by it’s commitment to justice for all.

Translated from the Latin, it reads, change the name and the story’s yours – implying as intended that justice for all has been overturned in favor of justice for some with Judge Senter’s order denying reconsideration of the Rigsbys’ request for continued representation by the two Missouri firms.

Mad I’m not – chiefly because I’m overwhelmingly sad that Judge Senter totally lost sight of the fact that the Rigsby sisters have rights.

He has assumed their right to file under Duggins and, then, used Duggins to take their right to counsel – Continue reading “Controlling Law – the Disqualification of Relator’s Attorneys”

Many Questions – Todd Graves’ Pro Hac Vice Motion for the Rigsby Sister’s Qui Tam

Before I had time to write the post to follow-up the Heads Up I posted last Thursday, the was already a presumption about the content in a related post elsewhere.

As David Rossmiller and the folks at Slabbed have noted (with presumably very different reactions), State Farm responded by opposing the motion. The very brief response says “For the reasons set forth in its April 8, 2008 ‘Motion to Disqualify Bartimus, Frickleton, Robertson & Gorney, PC and Graves Bartle & Marcus, LLC,’ (’Disqualification Motion’) ([103]) and the accompanying memorandum ([104]), State Farm opposes the Graves PHV Motion.”

State Farm’s response wasn’t exactly that brief. It has a little punch line at the end.

WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, State Farm prays that its Disqualification Motion will be granted and the Graves PHV Motion denied.

It’s a little late for prayer, folks, regardless of what Judge Senter decides. You just can’t ask many questions of the Rigsby sisters and expect the rest of us to read the answers your way. Continue reading “Many Questions – Todd Graves’ Pro Hac Vice Motion for the Rigsby Sister’s Qui Tam”

Heads up – post to follow (A Nowdy-Bellesouth Tag Team Post) Updated

Links below take you to the latest on the Rigsby Qui Tam – Todd Graves’ Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice; State Farm’s Response, and the Realtors’ Reply.

Discussion to follow.

Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice

State Farm’s Response in Opposition

Relators’ Reply

Sop here – Belle does such a great job analyzing the issues I’m moving her comment to the post body. NMC at Folo must really want us to see his latest Qui Tam hatchet job as they sent two pingbacks on their post Todd Graves snaps to us over the weekend that ended up in our spam filter. I guess he and Rossmiller think they can click their heels together enough times and say Todd Graves is gone that their commentary will override the facts. Children at play, it is a wonderful sight. Now for Bellesouth’s excellent observations.

Doesn’t it seem as though Graves is forcing the hands of State Farm to put up or shut up? And would Graves do this if he didn’t have a better hand to play? State Farm is trying to strip the Rigsbys of their counsel in this qui tam suit where they allege that State Farm was defrauding the United States. But because Scruggs was using the Rigsbys in his claims for policyholders as fact witnesses and then paying them, his firm on behalf of the policyholders was disqualified because he was paying them. That was Scruggs v. State Farm. But the Missouri lawyers are representing the Rigsbys as counsel in their qui tam suit and: Continue reading “Heads up – post to follow (A Nowdy-Bellesouth Tag Team Post) Updated”

Give-em-hell Harry right about reports on Todd Graves

You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgments about what is going on.
No argument from me, Harry, I just finished a read-around – and Kansas City Star quotes Todd Graves saying he was in Disney World on March 11, the date of the “trailer meeting” with the Rigsby sisters.

Graves says any suggestion linking him to a meeting on March 11 — about two weeks before he officially left office — is wrong.

“I can’t more categorically or unequivocally say that’s…absolutely ridiculous,” Graves told Prime Buzz.

“Someone pieced together three things that don’t go together,” he said. “March 11 (the day of the alleged meeting) was a Saturday. I was at Disney World,” Graves said.

It will be interesting to track back and see how Graves name got linked to the story in the first place – for now, I’ll just point out that Missouri is the “show me” state.

Bet the Rigsby sister’s Missouri attorneys have plenty to show on Friday, Sop.

Breaking: Zach Scruggs Pleads Guilty

Reportedly Zach Scruggs has plead to the charge of Misprision of felony. More details as they develop.


Here is the breaking news C-L Story:

OXFORD — Oxford lawyer Zach Scruggs — the son of Dickie Scruggs, Mississippi’s wealthiest trial lawyer — pleaded guilty today to failing to report a felony in connection with a judicial bribery scheme involving his father. Continue reading “Breaking: Zach Scruggs Pleads Guilty”

Zach-“unwilling to plead to something that he didn’t do”

Zach is innocent and he’s unwilling to plead to something that he didn’t do,” said his lead defense attorney, Todd Graves of Kansas City.

At 33, David Zachary Scruggs – the cum laude and magna-admired lawyer-son of Dickie Scruggs – was the youngest of the five indicted defendants in USA v Scruggs. Continue reading “Zach-“unwilling to plead to something that he didn’t do””