Coming soon on Slabbed: We examine the Times Picayune Trout Point retractions in detail.

It’s never “the crime” but the coverup that often lands people in hot water.  The powers that be hung reporter Rich Rainey out to dry on his reports on Trout Point Lodge. Were those reports libelous and did they defame Charles Leary and the merry group of guys he hangs with? Or is the saber-rattling out of Team Trout Point an attempt to cover some dirty secret?

Slabbed will open the closet door and allow the sun to shine in. Stay tuned.


Eye of the Storm

I was looking at the Times Picayune early this morning and ran across this 25 minute video they put together.  I listened to it in the background while I made my rounds and I think our readers will enjoy watching it. This is their story of how they covered the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans in those dark early days.