One word folks: Ugly. Baudier, Leone gets their asses kicked.

I believe Jim Brown said in his column something along the lines that when he was getting started in politics an old salt told him there was 3 things he needed to know about the game. The first thing was you gotta have money and he couldn’t remember the other two.

I never saw an Al Leone commercial and though we were happy to debut Baudier’s excellent ad I only saw it in the media Friday.  And the sad fact is most folks make voting decisions just like they do many other decisions – based on a 30 second ad which in reality conveys nothing of substance.  And I imagine armed with accurate polling data Dubos at Gambit and the T-P folks endorsed an inevitability perceiving a self-interest.  Roberts is a particularly nasty ho for instance and he has media interests with which to use to snag legal ads, etc.

I do not question why Leone and Baudier decided to run despite the fact both had to know going in they would likely lose due to the huge campaign cash disparity.

Dubos had already interpreted the results of the election and as usual for a TeeVee talking head has over analyzed the results.  Support for the River Birch dynamic duo of Roberts and Capella may be a mile wide but it is also less than half an inch deep. The gang that fund these guys; the hogs at the public trough that are the reason your taxes are sky-high aren’t going away easily.  And hopefully no one expects Jim Letten to do a job the people who choose to live in Jefferson Parish won’t do for themselves.  Anything along those lines will be gravy.


BREAKING: Chris Roberts would like to say a word about the Baudier “attack ad”. Updated with a response from the Baudier Campaign!

Folks, my mind is open to the possibility that not only is Chris Roberts a complete imbecile but he also has a huge crush on some chick called Anne Marie.  Now hummm, who could that be?

My own opinion is that Mr Roberts is feeling the heat as word on the street is he will lose to Tim Baudier while Tom Capella wins the assessor race. Examine the following email Robert’s sent to the M&M sisters and see if you agree that Mini-me’s baum is being nicely roasted. ~ sop

—–Original Message—–
From: [email protected]
To: Margie Seemann ; Ms. Margaret Baird
Cc: Steve Mauterer ; Raylyn Beevers
Sent: Wed, Mar 30, 2011 12:32 am
Subject: Clarification for the record

Ms. Seeman and Ms. Baird: Continue reading “BREAKING: Chris Roberts would like to say a word about the Baudier “attack ad”. Updated with a response from the Baudier Campaign!”

The Chris Roberts postcard story ripples across the media.

West Bank Soprano in Training Chris Roberts

But first we must check out Patricia’s parody of this latest election dustup between Teams Baudier and Roberts. Great stuff Patricia!

I knew the story would be getting a comprehensive looksie from the local media and indeed our pic of the flier ended up on the Channel 4 story, which is the shortest of the bunch.

Fox8 finally got their report online which includes a video report on the matter.

Finally we have WDSU, usually MIA from the Jefferson Parish beat with a story from the courthouse.  I suspect Roberts was their primary source given the real-time nature of the reporting.

Stay tuned as we’re told Team Baudier will be holding a press conference on this matter today, most likely to accentuate Robert’s many nefarious political connections including the ownership of River Birch Landfill.


BREAKING: Judge Patrick McCabe issues a court order for Sissy Roberts barring Tim Baudier from mailing more fliers on Robert’s place in the Jefferson Parish organized crime family.

Of course we’re media here at Slabbed so with due respect Judge Patrick McCabe can kiss my ass as this is news so we’ll be covering this subject in depth. Our readers can make up their own minds on the veracity of Robert’s defamation claim against Tim Baudier. Hat Tip Paul Rioux. As always Slabebd reports, you decide. ~ sop

Alliance for Good Government endorsed and Slabbed approved. Please support Al Leone for tax assessor and Tim Baudier for councilman at large

We’re hearing Al is putting the wood on Capella and his shithouse double dealing in the assessor race. Tim Baudier has better things to do at 5 AM than to sit on the terlit impersonating Chris Roberts and should be a far better representative of the people than “Mini-Me”.

The Times Picayune recently had a blurb on these Alliance for Good Government endorsements.  If you live in Jefferson Parish please support both of these men and their campaigns.  Low dollar contributions of as little as $25 can make a difference if enough people chip in.


DICTATOR KERNER…Pirating The Town of Lafitte’s political process. A special election update by Whitmergate

Mayor Tim Kerner, the de facto Dictator of Lafitte, along with his miscreants on the Town Council, were all “re-anointed” as a result of the total lack of CITIZEN/VOTER participation and the resignation of defeat by a populace whose apathy can best be described as an insult to all members of our military that have died in the past and are serving presently to instill the goals of a republican democratic process around the world, buttressed on the freedom to vote !

And I quote from the delusional Dictator himself:

“Kerner said he feels honored to be re-elected without opposition. “It’s really a wonderful thing. It makes me want to work even harder to do a good job for the people of Lafitte,” he said.

What election fool ? What tripe ! You and others hold office only as a result of the public’s default of their moral obligation and responsibility to honor and maintain the constitutional electoral system guaranteed by our Republican Democracy. God forbid that this should be the norm in Jefferson Parish and/or any of its parochial cities/towns within its political boundaries.

So of course the most arrogant High Porkness Roberts is deserving of the same…Kerner is only a Dictator of a small province within ‘my’ principality…I am entitled to my princely rule…why else would I have spent $190,000 thousand dollars in 2009 from my campaign fund to buy my new Mardi Gras Float, a tractor to pull the float, maintain an antique Fire Engine to put out the fire on the float caused from an electrical overload of the $40,000 Thousand PLUS Dollars of sound and video equipment bought to entertain my subjects along the parade route while I throw them the $10’s of Thousands of Dollars of Chinese beads and favors. Not to mention the $10’s of Thousands of Dollars spent on golf carts in Las Vegas for those special campaign contributors, and the Thousands of Dollars for ‘transportation’ for my private party during the Jefferson Parish Politico Whore Extravaganza known as the Tarpon Rodeo. Oh yea, the snowball stand…around $7,000 Thousand Dollars… Continue reading “DICTATOR KERNER…Pirating The Town of Lafitte’s political process. A special election update by Whitmergate”