Log Cabin Republican Greg Davis asked to resign as Mayor of Southaven

Well folks what can I say except the ongoing saga of the now openly gay Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has gone national as the Board of Alderman has called on hiz honner to resign for spending public money at sex shops of the variety preferred by what the locals would refer to as “the sodomites”. You see folks in the heart of Baptist Mississippi there is only one kind of sodomy that is considered socially acceptable and it isn’t the variety Mayor Greg prefers.

Now here at Slabbed we’re a live and let live bunch so we shall not cast stones at Mayor Greg’s sexuality beyond saying he should have long ago come out of the closet and spared everyone this entire ordeal. You see folks it was the closet that was Mayor Greg unshareable need, the end result of which is the crimes he strongly appears to have perpetrated. And since I first posted on the whole sorry affair, the FBI has now taken an interest in the case so it could well be Mayor Greg will be called to account at a local federal courthouse near him. IMHO the interest of justice demands no less.

File this one under its time to smell the coffee Mayor Davis.


It doesn't mean a thing if you ain't got that bling doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah………

NOPD composite sketch. (H/T The Times Picayune)

From the stupid burglar files someone (composite sketch on left) robbed Judge Vance’s place uptown last week stealing $100K worth of bling. It is rumored that stealing from a federal judge brings 10 years bad luck.

We have lots of uptowners in the Slabbed Nation. You folks be careful out there.