Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook

Folks this Kenner politicians monument deal still has people talking and since hiz honner is still trying to defend what ‘Gate calls the indefensible we need to catch up and then highlight the latest as rumor holds Mayor Yenni is angry that Patricia’s artistic renderings of Kenner monument to its politicians are more popular with the public than his Great Wall of Felons going up in Kenner’s City Council Chambers so lets start off with some more of Patricia’s artistic renderings:

But alas Patricia is nowhere near alone marveling at the overstuffed egos populating Kenner City government as Times Picayune pundit Jarvis DeBerry explained before Thanksgiving:

Speaking of walls, perhaps it was the movie “Do the Right Thing” that inspired Kenner’s self adulation? You remember Buggin’ Out, don’t you? He was the customer at Sal’s Pizzeria who, after seeing all the 8×10 glossies of Italian Americans around him, demanded, “Sal, how come you ain’t got no brothers up on the wall here?” Sal responds by pulling out his Louisville Slugger.

The Kenner City Council has no Sal to petition, only itself. Can’t you just hear them: “How come we ain’t up on the wall here? Yeah, brother. Yeah, sister. How come?”

Kenner City Council member Michele Branigan hamming it up for the cameras after Hurricane Katrina

The unscientific poll included with DeBerry’s piece indicates only the politicians wanting to see their names engraved think this is a good idea but as we since found out never, ever try to get between Kenner politicians and the self-indulgence of their egos, despite the following protestation from councilwoman Michele Branigan:

“Council Chairwoman Michele Branigan said it’s a little ridiculous that some people have criticized the wall as an attempt by politicians to seek attention. Branigan argued that most of the city’s politicians shun the spotlight.

“Honestly, we’re not jumping in front of the photographer,” she said.”

Indeed Branigan does not appear to jump in front of photographers as she evidently favors Continue reading “Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook”

“In the mirror of my mind reflections of you and me”: The Advocate takes a stab at Mount Kenna brah

Ladies and Gentlemen the next bout is a mixed tag team match:

In one corner is Hoi Polloi and his partner Vox Populi, The Unwashed Masses.  In the other is Kenna City Councilwoman Michele Branigan and Councilwoman Jeannie Black along with their Manager, the Most Exalted Sultan of Kenna Mike Yenni!

Teachers win in court, budget woes, more Jefferson Parish politics links ~ Drew Broach NOLA Media Group

Finally, the Kenner City Council’s decision to commission a $12,000 plaque listing the names of Kenner’s elected officials prompted some textual and visual commentary on (Reader discretion advised.)

Council defends $12,000 wall ~ Allen Powell II The Advocate

Kenner’s council members forcefully defended their decision to approve a mildly controversial wall honoring the city’s politicians, arguing that the project has serious historical value and no real downside.

A picture of Kenner City Councilwoman Michele Branigan doing a simulated hummer while accepting a jello shot from a member of the Hoboken New Jersey swat team is also highly historical but first Patricia tackled Kenna City Councilman Joe Stagni: Continue reading ““In the mirror of my mind reflections of you and me”: The Advocate takes a stab at Mount Kenna brah”

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! It’s Kenna brah

Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni (H/T WDSU)

If I may be so bold as to suggest to Patricia she include the Joe Stagni sexting pic her rendition of his Kenner monument along with the councilwoman Michele Branigan’s hummer photo.  😉  So why do I bring the Kenner politicians monument up?  Because Drew Broach checked in yesterday with an update from Kenna brah:

For such a small expense, council members went to great lengths to explain why they were voting 7-0 for the project.

That’s because opposition, even ridicule, erupted after published a story Monday about plans to list politicians’ names on a 7-by-4-foot, green and gold aluminum plaque on the north wall of the City Council chamber. Calls poured in to City Hall, and critics howled on social media.

Now who dat?  😉  We dat so along those lines Patricia has released three more artist rendering of the politicians monument, which will include felons Nick Baroni and Aaron Broussard. Continue reading “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! It’s Kenna brah”

From the you can’t make this stuff up files: Narcissistic Politicians gone wild as Kenner to build a monument to crooked politicians

Narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder[1] in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.[2][3] First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.

Mehtinks it takes a special kind of narcissist to abandon ones family name for the sake of political expediency as did current Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni (Maunoir) but man ‘o man is this guy full of himself or what for pushing construction of a monument to Kenner political luminaries such as convicted felon Aaron Broussard! Drew Broach struck gold on that one as his story has garnered over 60 comments (and counting) and not one thinks Yenni’s idea is a good use of public money (and that is putting it charitably).

Since we’re talking Kenner politics, one of the worst cesspools of corruption in the entire State of Louisiana, the rumor out of Mayor Yenni’s office is he now only answers to those that call him “The most exalted sultan of Kenner” before genuflecting to kiss his Mayoral ring.

I know some of you freaks out there are Mike Yenni fans but if this doesn’t convince you the boy is completely outta control nothing will.