"The Language of Loss" re: Lisanby v USAA

Little did I know that getting to know the artists of the Bay’s colony – the highlight of my 4th of July staycation – would lead me to a better understanding of Lisanby v USAA. However, that’s exactly what happened when I discovered the literary art of Ellis Anderson and the incredible photographs of Joe Tomasovsky – The Language of Loss.

Thus, today I face the dual challenge of directing SLABBED readers to the relevant text and photograph without benefit of a full night’s sleep – so let’s get started.

IMO, concerns about the validity of the Linsanby’s claim are due in large part to the photograph showing the first floor out and related evidence of the second floor with little damage.

  • At one point there was mention that a mirror was still hanging on the first floor – evidence intended to show that the wind could not have been source of damage.
  • Click on the link to the Language of Loss – it’s blogspot so your option is to scroll down the first section until you see a Tomasovsky photograph “The Living Room”.
  • The entire front of the building is gone – but you’ll see a living room that looks as if nothing at all happened. Although it’s on the second floor, it’s important to remember the distance between the Bay and Pascagoula relative to the eye of Katrina.

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