Yes Dick did it. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals gets Turner v Pleasant right on their second try. A Porteous the pig update.

We’re not holding our breath for the ODC to do anything about the rest of the crooked lawyers associated with the now impeached of Judge Tom pOrteous given their treatment of morally bankrupt lawyer Claude Lightfoot but the 5th Circuit finally did the right thing in Turner v Pleasant, a case involving periodic Slabbed fav Dick Chopin that we originally profiled here. The long and short of the case is best described by the 5th Circuit:

Ada and Ronnie Turner were on a small fishing boat on the Intracoastal Waterway in Houma, Louisiana. They were passed by a yacht controlled by Neal Pleasant. The Turners allege that the high speed and size of the yacht created large swells in the waterway. The swells grew so large that the Turners’ boat was thrown into the air. The Turners claim that Ada Turner injured her back when she landed.

Porteous fixed the case for his friend Dick Chopin, the Turners were hosed and were unsuccessful in their appeal of the fact that Porteous was a crooked sack of shit who fixed the case. Fast forward to last year and Porteous’ impeachment which was a game changer for the Turners as yesterday the 5th Circuit reversed themselves and concluded that yes, Tom Porteous was indeed a corrupt sack of shit that fixed cases for his enablers including Dick Chopin and this folks is not good for the insurance company that is involved in the background, Standard Fire and Casualty. Click the pics below to get the 10 page pdf of yesterday’s decision. Hat tip to NRB for the order and heads up. ~ sop Continue reading “Yes Dick did it. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals gets Turner v Pleasant right on their second try. A Porteous the pig update.”

How about some media reaction to yesterday’s Porkeous the Pig roast

In the world of high finance the adage bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered applies here folks.  Thomas Porteous’ sin wasn’t that his behavior was all that unusual for the local bench, which is pretty damn corrupt.  Rather the fact that he was so out front with his hoggish behavior, which in turn made him a far easier mark for less than ethical lawyers like Dick Chopin who showered the judge with free gifts, trips and the like in exchange for favorable rulings in cases they had before him is what landed him in Edith Jones bad graces over at the Federal 5th Circuit.

There has been great disagreement in the Slabbed Nation about the effectiveness of Jonathan Turley’s representation of Porteous.  Team Porteous was very happy with Turley in that he made sure lots of dirty laundry was aired but I think his defense, which seemed predicated on the notion that legal and judicial ethics are somehow different down here was soundly repudiated. To the extent there is no such thing as bad publicity Turley lives to fight another day while his client comes home a pariah in respectable legal circles.

There are literally almost 600 news stories and counting from across the globe on the occasion of the 8th removal of a federal judge from the bench in this nation’s history.  I’m going to focus in on three pieces.

Jesse Singal at the Boston Globe chimes in on the bankruptcy fraud count: Continue reading “How about some media reaction to yesterday’s Porkeous the Pig roast”

BREAKING: Porteous the pig is impeached and convicted (Updated and corrected)

The vote is going on as we speak.  All articles approved.

Here is the breaking story from the Times Picayune.

Folks we are all fixing to find out if Chuck Plattsmier and his ODC are really limp wristed nutless wonders or if they are serious about the judicial and legal misconduct revealed in this case from sleazy operators like Dick Chopin, Don Gardner, Tom Wilkinson and Joseph Mole.

Stay tuned folks.


Lipstick on a pig: The Porteous impeachment back in the news.

Folks we have arrived at the end game with soon to be impeached (and convicted) Judge G. Thomas pOrteous. Bruce Alpert has a report for the Times Picayune on this matter and the always self promoting lawyer Jonathan Turley tries to slather some last minute lipstick on the hog that is Porteous. All that said I’m partial to our coverage here on Slabbed which is chock full of insider insight and other details you just didn’t find elsewhere in the media.

Last time this heated up we had every major network pay us a visit, no doubt hot in pursuit of those hard to find details so y’all be sweet now.


Since we’ve become pOrteous central, how about a Tommy update.

Brown Sims Associate Tommy Porteous

Our readers may recall the comment here on Slabbed which disclosed Tommy Porteous was let go by Baldwin Haspel just before Dad’s impeachment trial.  We are pleased to report the Porteous has landed at Brown Sims as some sort of suped up associate along side Federal Judge Lance Africk’s suped up Brown Sims associate/wifey.

Like they say its a small, small world…….


Mister Mumblelides can you spell your name for the record? A Porteous impeachment update.

I had several emails yesterday inquiring if I was going to do another Porteous post, especially in light of the evidently illuminating testimony of former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides.  I did not find time to fit any blogging in yesterday but do have a bit of time today for this endeavor called Slabbed.

Before I put up some impeachment links I’d like to thank all our commenters on the last Porteous post, Slabbed goes on assignment.  From seeing the raw page view data via WordPress stats I feel pretty safe in saying it is being read across the country. The credit for that belongs to those moved to comment providing the inside story.

I have three links on yesterday’s proceedings, the first dealing with former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides, from whose office most of the judges involved in the Operation Wrinkled Robe scandal began their careers including Porteous.  In light of Mamo’s testimony I think our reasons for so vigorously backing Ray Steib in the special election to take Judge Benge’s place on the 24th Judicial District bench comes into sharper focus. We continue to hope Ray is able to stay away from Magnum’s corrupting influence. Continue reading “Mister Mumblelides can you spell your name for the record? A Porteous impeachment update.”

Slabbed goes on assignment and strikes cyber gold

This is uncharacteristic of me in respects but I’ll share that we’re grinning large tonight as the cyber gods smiled upon us today. Nowdy and I have been out a good bit of late with the day jobs and family responsibilities but just like in Poltergeist we’re baaack.

It was good to meet Oyster today and to see AROD still as defiant as ever.  Also I’d like to give a shout out to our devoted readers at Blue Williams.  Your free tax advice stinks guys but would be crooks in Gucci suits get some of the best defense lawyers money can buy in the greater NOLA area.

Finally I heard today from two sources that Porteous hiring Professor Turley is the brainchild Continue reading “Slabbed goes on assignment and strikes cyber gold”