The Daily Slab – March 29

Mary Perez/Sun Herald
Mary Perez/Sun Herald

Eagles flew through Pass Christian’s War Memorial Park Saturday after Marlin Miller of Fort Walton Florida finished his latest work of art which was dedicated to the late Col. Lawrence Roberts and the Tuskegee Airmen. Besides Miss Lucimarian daughters Dorothy, Sally Ann and Robin were at hand for the dedication.

The Roberts women celebrated their hometown with neighbors, many of whom had walked to the park.

“We were strangers but you took us in,” Lucimarian Roberts said.

“She and my father, they taught us about the three Ds — discipline, determination and da Lord,” said Robin.

“We are so grateful and so proud to call Pass Christian home.”

Next up is stuck on stupid as the Democratic Leadership Counsel is taken to task by WSJ columnist Thomas Frank. Evidently the heart of the DLC philospohy is a burning desire to hop in bed with the crooks that brought us this latest Wall Street disaster. Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 29”

The Daily Slab – March 27

All the coverage we’ve given to the flooding in North Dakota linked SLABBED to Retrieverman’s weblog. noth-dakota-flood-golden1

This is a golden retriever that I’m sure you’ve all seen on the news. The dog’s name is “Annie,” and she belongs to a resident near the Red River of the North in Fargo, North Dakota.

Fargo is expecting a record flood this time, which is why they’ve sandbagged. This is a pretty bad natural disaster by anyone’s imagination.

However, look at the dog for minute. This is the type of golden that is still common in the Upper Midwest, dark -colored and, in the case of this one, rather wavy-coated. This dog’s coat is really quite similar to what I imagine the Tweed water dog or Tweed water spaniel’s coat looked like. Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 27”

The Daily Slab – March 25 (Updated)

Check out the comments reader Steve has added to  A bit more on $enator Chri$ Dodd’$ ties to offshore reinsurers as we follow the $$$$$$$$.  Fascinating information and incredible research – Sop and I shout out a big Thank You.

Several news items with updates on topics we’ve covered were posted during the day yesterday and are linked below in no particular order:

Any other time, one or more of these items would have be the subject of a post – and maybe will be one day; but, for now, we’re just keeping readers up to date on current news and reporting  breaking news in posts.  As David Rossmiller said so well, “Work is the curse of the blogging class”.

The Daily Slab – March 22

Yikes!  Sop told you about our drafts folder – dreaded drafts folder,  he called it, and said it  has become the slabbed equivalent of the roach motel with few ever making it back out.

Obviously, we needed a catch all; and, this is it – the blog equivalent of the place you toss all the plastic cups and tee shirts your kids bring home.

I wish we could offer Sunday Dinnah as I miss reading the fellowship enjoyed by those at the folo table.

However, with both of us working, this is strictly pot luck.  If you have news and/or views to share on any topic,  just put it in a comment here – it matters not that it has nothing to do with the issues we regularly cover here although that’s always an option.

For example, I’ve been dying to post about Hodding Carter’s Extreme Frugality series from Gourmet.

For years, Lisa had been telling me we were living beyond our means. “Please, please, Hodding, don’t buy that hand-carved black Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 22”