Requiem For A Dream: The extorting Tranny goes down hard……

Lifers here know the NOLA JD Mystery John isn’t much of a mystery but after TS Dream tangled with his former trick, life seemed to disintegrate. Last November Dream copped a plea to the extortion charge:

Trannygate Cap 1

But we must remember that Dream got tangled up in Brevard County Florida so those 30 months are a pittance compared to what he is now facing which is life in prison:

Trannygate Cap 2

It appears this long running saga is finally coming to a close.

On the lam no more: Tranny Arrested in Broward County Florida

Well folks what can you say except it all started innocent enough making a few porno movies and turning tricks for $500/hour but the law has caught up with Terrill Lewis aka T.S. Dream and the day of reckoning approaches. It appears Slabbed’s favorite Tranny has more legal problems than Donald Sterling and it could be a very long while before he gets out of the pokey there in Florida.

BREAKING: A warrant has been issued for the arrest of T.S. Dream

It appears T.S. Dream aka da Tranny aka Terrill Lewis has gone on the lam folks and Capias issued by the authorities in Orange County Florida. Rumor has it a trial was held while Dream was MIA early this week.

Stay tuned to this developing story.

Team Tranny deposes the “NOLA JD Mystery John”

And the docket has some very interesting entries on it dating to last month.  I’m not gonna recap this saga but those that want to catch up should click the post tags for the details of a California hookup gone bad, a well hung Tranny, anal discomfort and allegations of extortion.

Here is a screen capture of the docket, which is listing returned mail and hearing cancellations:

Tranny Docket

Slabbed has quietly kept up with the criminal case and hopes to add a bit more to the discussion in the next few months. Stay tuned.

Slabbed updates the case of the Tranny and the NOLA JD Mystery John: Tranny back in da Pokey!

Folks it is very hard to stand trial in one county when you land in the pokey in another.  I checked the docket in Orange County Florida to see the results of the Extorting Tranny Trial only to find that Terrill Lewis landed in jail in Lee County Florida on a criminal traffic and misdemeanor charges thus the Tranny Extortion trial has been pushed back to December!

Things are certainly not looking good for Team Tranny. Stay tuned.

Its simply a matter of time: Dream a little dream of Slabbed…….

I seem to recall someone was yammering about the need for a Trannygate update.  Actually several of y’all have asked. :mrgreen:

The case is headed to a July trial and there has been no status change since my last post on this subject. Some update huh? Well actually……..

I know we have several newbies here at Slabbed and if you are new this particular topic has been the hottest iron of all the irons Slabbed has in the fire bar none. The stakes are high and despite the fact we have greatly narrowed the list of suspects we still do not have definitive identification of the NOLA Race Car driving lawyer that engaged TS Dream’s services that fateful night in California less than one year ago.  Here is a peek at what covering this story has been like on my end:

OK, I know some of y’all are saying something like this Handshoe cat is teasing again but alas I never tease about a subject as serious as the most well hung tranny in North America drilling for oil in the NOLA legal scene so along those lines I am pleased to report that TS Dream is a card carrying member of the greater Slabbed Nation. Continue reading “Its simply a matter of time: Dream a little dream of Slabbed…….”

Slabbed updates the case of the NOLA JD Mystery John and the extorting Tranny

I filed a PRR on the case of the extorting Tranny with the good folks in Orange County Florida a few days ago and got a response pronto. Mississippi and Louisiana would do very well to emulate the Sun Shine State in this area.

I read the Judge’s order and have some thoughts, none of which I have time to share right now but without further adieu  below the jump is the latest ruling on several outstanding motions as the trial of Dream the extorting Tranny is set to begin next week. Click the pic to nab the 7 page pdf. Continue reading “Slabbed updates the case of the NOLA JD Mystery John and the extorting Tranny”

Trannygate speeding to a trial: Hearing tomorrow.

Folks we have another heainrg scheduled for tomorrow that according to the court docket will cover:

  1. Motion for Statement of Particulars
  2. Motion to Compel Discovery

The trial is still docketed to begin on the 25th. As soon as I get word on the second motion for a protective order filed by the NOLA JD Mystery John I’ll report on same.

BREAKING: Hearing today in the case of the extorting Tranny as the NOLA JD Mystery John takes another shot at a protective order!

For true folks as Slabbed knows all the best courthouse gossip, even in Orange County Florida.  😉  The consensus of the fabled Slabbed legal team is with no protective order the case will die.  The fly in the ointment is that extortion does not merit a protective order, especially sex with a prostitute.

Slabbed’s previous coverage of this sordid saga can be found here. For those intrepid souls that have not seen the picture of Terrill Lewis in all his glory click here (viewer discretion advised) for an explanation why the NOLA JD Mystery John awoke the next day with a case of anal discomfort.

The Tranny’s trial remains set for February 25 and Slabbed has the alarms set. Stay tuned. Vroom vroom VROOM!!!!!

Slabbed updates the case of the extorting Tranny: Trial set for February 25, 2013

More interesting is the email I got from a reader in Orange County Florida that offered to score me all the paperwork right down to the name of the mystery John. Let’s set the alarms for February 25, 2013 and pop some popcorn shall we.