Miss Piggy sends three more names to Obama for Federal Judge.

I have not heard anything about the latest batch of names sent by Mary Landrieu to Obama for the vacant article III judge slot in the Louisiana Middle District but when I see the name McGlinchey Stafford in someone’s pedigree I generally get the urge to shower.

Meantime a Landrieu nominee that I have heard lots about is Phelps Dunbar partner Susie Morgan and evidently word of her checkered past has made its way to the senate as her nomination will be receiving further scrutiny.

Having corrupt judges is a large part of the key to perpetuating the cycle of systemic corruption that has long had this area in a stranglehold. With Senators like Landrieu and Vitter making the recommendations I wouldn’t look for much to change.


Landrieu Political Hack/Phelps Dumbar Partner/Lobbyist Susie Morgan will have to cool her heels waiting for the senate….

Funny how Senator Charles Grassley brought up Tom Porteous in the confirmation hearing of Phelps Dumbar lobbyist/partner Susie Morgan to the LAED.  My own perspective is that Obama is 1 of 4 with Landrieu recommendations with Michael Bagneris the washout, Mitchmo hack Nanette Jolivette-Brown and Morgan being more of the same old same old with Jane Triche-Milazzo being the only keeper.

On the bright side resident miscreants like Judges Engelhardt and Feldman will have some new friends coming in to take Tommy’s place.  File this one under I wish the Senate had thrown most on ’em back like Obama did Bagneris.