Backstrom files “wait a minute Mr. Postman” motion and asks Judge Biggers to “check it one more time for me”

Here I’ve been feeling guilty that Judge Biggers approved the Sun Herald’s request to release of letters written on behalf of the Scruggses and Backstrom. Had I not taken a break from today’s to-do list for a quick read-around, I would not have learned I wasn’t the only one – so here’s a h/t to NMC for the notice and the motion for reconsideration filed by Sid Backstrom. Followed, of course, by my opinion of it all.

Gulf Publishing, by motion of June 17, 2008, has requested that this Court provide it with access to unsolicited sentencing letters addressed to the Judge who will sentence Mr. Backstrom.

Before Mr. Backstrom could respond, the Court, on June 20, granted the motion.

Mr. Backstrom requests that the Court reconsider its ruling…

This Court should exercise its discretion to maintain the confidences and personal information revealed in the sentencing letters submitted on behalf of Mr. Backstrom. The Court should deny Gulf Publishing’s motion to obtain access to these letters.

Weighing the competing public and private interest involved is no simple task even with the extensive case history cited in Backstrom’s motion and an earlier order from Biggers limiting each to three character witnesses suggested the letters were of little, if any, interest to him. Consequently, it’s reasonable to think he saw no reason for denying the request.

Judge Biggers, we can now safely assume, does not blog. Continue reading “Backstrom files “wait a minute Mr. Postman” motion and asks Judge Biggers to “check it one more time for me””