NAACP Stone High Noose allegations unraveling like cheap sweater after entire town branded as racists by the media

If things were as bad as Mississippi NAACP President Derrick Johnson and Stacey Payton claimed on Monday during the presser on what was claimed to be a racially motivated “noose” incident at Stone High School then there would have been no need for either he or the child’s parents to embellish their accounts with several white lies. Let’s recap:

1. The claim that local law enforcement tried sweeping the incident under the rug has been flatly contradicted by the Sheriff Department Captain assigned to the case.

2. The claim that the school district had done nothing about the incident was not only contradicted by the fact the Head Football Coach immediately kicked the alleged perpetrator off the team but also belatedly by Stone County School Board Attorney Sean Courtney, who revealed today the perpetrator had been suspended by the School District with the disciplinary due process started. Only one child was involved in a non-racially motivated incident instead of the four Johnson and Payton wanted to see charged with federal hate crimes.

3. Finally there seems to be some confusion between a jump rope tied into a lasso and a hangman’s noose, the key here I think is that one term while sensational does not convey the reality of what happened outside the football locker room. Ms. Payton, being a language arts instructor at Gulf Coast, would be well aware that IMHO.

Of course Superintendent of Education Penny Owen going into hiding on Monday gets a contributory attaboy because by hiding instead of engaging the media, the School District insured it would lose whatever control they could have exerted over the resulting coverage by balancing out some of the whoppers Johnson told at the presser Monday. Instead the town made the National news and not in a good way.

Even worse it appears all this was precipitated by High School kids making political statements flying a symbol of hate in the Confederate Battle flag from their pickup trucks on school grounds.  That should have been nipped in the bud because this is where some of the hard feelings are coming from, rightfully so I’ll add. Continue reading “NAACP Stone High Noose allegations unraveling like cheap sweater after entire town branded as racists by the media”

Of knuckleheads, racism and the bums rush to judgment: The kids got us into it and now they gotta get us out

We’ve watched the recent events surrounding “the noose” allegations at Stone High School in Wiggins with equal amounts of amusement, horror and likely for none of the reasons vox populi would either be amused or horrified. First we’re amused that one of Slabbed’s high quality twitter followers has gone underground avoiding the media in general. Second I was personally amused to see AP reporter Jeff Amy scratch Stone County off his list of Mississippi counties where he has written a story.

The horror would derive from a rush to judgment on matters involving a bunch of of 15 and 16 year old kids, some of whom are clearly knuckleheads but all of whom are still kids. I’m also horrified the local newspaper of record via its editorial board paints an entire community with a broad brush laying this disaster at the doorstep of the community citing a contrived racial divide when a closer look indicates a far different narrative.

First let’s talk about what we know. We know that the high school kids were allowed to make political statements at the High School by flying the confederate battle flag from their pickup trucks. They are following the example set for them by adults like Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and most of the state’s political leadership who endorse a symbol of hate under which an entire race of people were enslaved. Slabbed can’t blame the kids here though because they are only following the bad example set for them by the state’s political leadership and their parents who should, but don’t know better for whatever reason. What this is not is the community’s fault because many of us know better than to engage in such boorish behavior. Continue reading “Of knuckleheads, racism and the bums rush to judgment: The kids got us into it and now they gotta get us out”