As I was saying weeks ago: Gene Taylor to run for Congress as a Republican

Gene Taylor going back on the ballot ~ Sea Coast Echo

USA Ex Rel Rigsby v State Farm False Claims Act Update: State Farm sends out its PR astroturfers

And this time it isn’t Rossie at the Insurance coverage (denied) blog as Lecky King testified yesterday that Hurricane Katrina was a special type of Hurricane: the windless variety. And per Anita Lee’s latest update to the trial, Lecky King again overstated the amount of flooding at the McIntosh residence saying it had 5 and a half feet of water, around 3 feet more than official measurements indicated. She also admitted she substituted her judgment of damage from the Ivory Tower for the engineers and adjusters State Farm actually had on the ground.

Fact of the matter is State Farm and the rest of the insurers adjusted their post Katrina claims a curious way here after the storm by maxing out taxpayer paid flood coverage with a promise to later adjust the related wind claim, such promise later broken.  The effect was the insurers dumped their contractual obligations to pay for wind damage on the National Flood Insurance Program, whose use of private insurers as flood adjusters results in an “inherent conflict of interest“.

But that is OK folks because Mississippians evidently did not get enough abuse from State Farm after Katrina so they elected an Ed Rust shoe shine boy for their congressman. Remember it was not that long ago Steven Palazzo was touting that he was an integral part of reforming the National Flood Insurance Program.  That reform was the insurance industry version of the bill, which Palazzo supported.  Today?

Dramatic flood insurance increases could force residents to flee the coast, restoration officials say ~ Mark Schleifstein

That’s OK folks because South Mississippi’s Fluffer Congressman, a sometime deficit hawk that denies disaster relief to others parts of the country is on it.

As NFIP Faces Deepening Debt, Some Call for More Subsidies and Lower Rates ~ Arthur Postal

More specifically:

Palazzo proposes flood insurance relief ~ WLOX State Farm TeeVee

So how is that firing Pelosi thing working out for everyone down here, especially you peeps that received MDA grants to fix flooded out houses now with covenants on your land requiring NFIP coverage?

From one political grandstander to another: Rep. David Baria panders on Palazzo and Sandy

When one politician slithers out to grandstand it encourages others.

South Mississippi legislator pushing measure asking Congress to help Sandy victims ~ Michael Newsom

About the only thing we can say with certainty about Rep. Baria’s resolution in the Mississippi legislature is that it was guaranteed to get his name in the paper because it stands less than a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting passed.

The Sun Herald issues an AMBER ALERT for South Mississippi’s missing congressman

What can I say folks that I already haven’t said. Palazzo is a legacy political hack from a family that made a fortune off the backs of the taxpayers in a shady real estate deal.  Should it surprise anyone given all the bad publicity this idiot has attracted nationally that he has not conducted a single town hall meeting in his district save for a lone scripted one in BF Egypt.  And worse his constituents that need the help dealing with the Federal government have no access to their congressman.  The people who voted for this idiot 2 years ago out of spite messed in their nest mightily for turning out of office an honest man who put the people of Mississippi 4 first.

Geoff Pender has the must read article for the Sun Herald, which while lengthy, could not document all the jackassery associated with Steven Palazzo in the space allotted for a Sunday feature article. That alone speaks volumes.


And if you think he is good at pumping gas, wait until you see him spit shine John Boehner's shoes: The AP calls out Steven Palazzo for being a lying sack of shit politician.

Folks there is a difference between critical reporting and reporting on politics critically. No doubt some of the recipients of my barbs would insist my missives are unduly critical and there is likely a kernel of truth in that criticism but it is equally true the art of reporting on politics critically is missing from the Mississippi traditional media landscape save just a few souls, none of whom are in the 6 coastal counties. I say all this because the country is paying attention while the locals are being regaled with cheap pre-planned photo ops masquerading as news.

I’ll admit that last week when I saw on the WLOX late news Congressman Steven Palazzo in a near top of the news story pumping gas for his constituents in Jackson County while sharing their concerns over gas prices I was not surprised.  WLOX is part of a chain of small market TeeVee stations owned by Blue Cross so seeing such fluff there did not surprise me. I was disappointed though the next day to see the Sun Herald devote scare reporting resources to the topic, which is evidently a cheap GOP PR trick these days.

Now I was not the only person disappointed to see such fluff passed off as news as the readers (including moi) were not shy about sharing their views on the topic in comments. I mean Jeezus H Christ we have some of the very highest homeowner’s insurance rates in the country, a topic the State Farm supported Palazzo has not engaged.  Because it costs several thousand dollars to insure even modest homes it is no surprise the coast lead the nation in median real estate price declines in Q1 2011 as ordinary people, stretched to the limit by the triple threat combo of high insurance, high gas prices and high food prices are losing their property to foreclosure or are wholesaling it trying to hang on for a solution to the one problem that has not been addressed by the State’s GOP leadership in the 6 years since Katrina save throwing taxpayer money at Bermudan reinsurers for sky high re-insurance. Continue reading “And if you think he is good at pumping gas, wait until you see him spit shine John Boehner's shoes: The AP calls out Steven Palazzo for being a lying sack of shit politician.”

Not long ago on Slabbed, Longshanks said the American people were in reality slaves…

And when you read the Rolling Stones article on Wall Street being completely above the law you’ll understand why you see names like Brooksley Born, Judge Jed Rakoff, AIG and crooked CEO John Mack in our archives. And sadly, I’ve concluded Longshanks is probably right, we are becoming economic slaves to financial interests and that the sheeple are too self-absorbed and ignorant to understand that basic fact. It also explains why I have little respect for sham regulators like Jim Donelon and Mike Chaney or the rest of the corporate do bitches that populate the Republican party. The Democrats aren’t any better though their rhetoric doesn’t come across as quite so clueless.

Perhaps this is why discriminating bloggers call folks like House Speaker John Boehner a dumb fuck for talking about repealing the weak financial re-regulation bill that passed last year. Meantime the Hollow One, $tung by critici$m about being too hard in Wall Street, is now genuflecting before CEOs like John Mack $pit $hining their $kin flute$.  Ain’t 2 party politics swell!

Hat tip to Editilla and Dambala.


Election 2010 fallout: Media from across the country weigh in on Gene Taylor’s election loss.

The Marine Log: Shipbuilding champion Gene Taylor loses re-election bid

U.S. shipbuilders are losing a staunch Congressional ally. After 11 terms in the House, Rep. Gene Taylor has lost his bid to be re-elected to the Mississippi District 4 seat.

…His eleven terms brought a seniority that placed him well to defend shipbuilding interests as Chairman of the key Seapower and Expeditionary Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee. He is also Co-Chairman of the Congressional Shipbuilding Caucus.

The Journal of Commerce: Maritime Advocate Taylor Loses Election

The wave of Republicans taking over the House on Tuesday swept out Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., one of the most passionate supporters of the Coast Guard and U.S. merchant marine in Congress.

Taylor has served 11 terms in Congress. He is chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on seapower and expeditionary forces and chairman of the Congressional Shipbuilding Caucus. His district includes the Northrop-Grumman shipyard at Pascagoula. Continue reading “Election 2010 fallout: Media from across the country weigh in on Gene Taylor’s election loss.”

There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress.

In connection with a few of the Louisiana elections we’ve covered I’ve opined several times that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be begin evaluating the candidates based upon character traits such as personal honesty before they consider party when pulling the lever.   The end result of putting crooks and political hacks in office is most evident in places like the Jefferson Parish School System and New Orleans City Government for instance as the cost to society is great.

I’ve written a good bit about the TEA Party here on Slabbed through time beginning with a Town Hall Meeting held by Congressman Taylor in Moss Point that I attended back in August 2009.  I’ve learned a good bit through that time as well.

Yesterday, former GOP/TEA Party candidate Joe Tegerdine crossed party lines endorsed Gene Taylor for Congress illustrating the concept of honesty over party.  We’ve covered the concerns these well intentioned folks on the political right have with Mr Palazzo and his family’s political connections to Boss Hogg’s political machine including the graft that is inherent to that gang. WLOX is all over this story and it is there we head next:

In the statement to the media, Tegerdine said, “I did not make this decision because I agree with all of his positions on the issues. I made this decision based on his record of integrity and willingness to be forthright with the people in our district.” Continue reading “There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress.”

I mentioned a few concerns some well intentioned folks on the political right have about GOP Congressional candidate Steven Palazzo. Slabbed adds to the discussion.

In Mississippi it is called the GOB or Good Ol’ Boy network and today at the post insurance forum print media luncheon the topic of the 1990s era “Cedar Point Land Deal” in Ocean Springs came up in context of the discussion of the congressional race between Gene Taylor and Steven Palazzo. It came up because candidate Palazzo’s dad, Frank Palazzo, was part owner of a parcel of land along with politically connected Gulfport lawyer Ben Stone for all of one minute before they resold it to Jackson County for $3 million dollars netting a cool $1.5 million in the process. This in turn caused the folks at Fire Gene to conclude they could not support Mr Palazzo for Congress as they consider him a political hack. In support of that the Mississippi Informer has done a bang up job compiling all the old Sun Herald reporting on the subject.  Here is an excerpt from those reports all of which are well worth reading that the Informer was kind enough to highlight almost at the bottom of the page:

Frustrated county grand jurors, who spent five months examining the deal, said they failed to find enough evidence to indict anyone. But they urged county officials to keep looking “for information that may convince a subsequent grand jury to conclude otherwise.”

Jackson County bought 214 acres in November 1995 from two Gulfport land speculators who doubled their money in one day. Taxpayers spent $3 million on the land.

One month later, the county gave the land to the University of Southern Mississippi to expand the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. But USM had no concrete plans, timetable or money to expand the lab.

“The whole thing was rotten in my estimation,” Attorney General Mike Moore said Friday, “but not being able to find anyone with a bag of cash who made a bribe to anyone made an indictment difficult.”

That Mike Moore quote was priceless and here is why.  Moore’s name also came up a good bit in the Dick Scruggs Judicial bribery scandal and conservative author/blogger Alan Lange laid out a large amount of evidence against Moore, especially his role in a certain case in the Jackson County Court System as it related to the tobacco litigation.  Chances are Moore was dicked up in that land deal in one way shape or fashion as I offer this old story from Continue reading “I mentioned a few concerns some well intentioned folks on the political right have about GOP Congressional candidate Steven Palazzo. Slabbed adds to the discussion.”

Vive la r

While we may have a difference of opinion about Gene’s job performance I would be remiss if we did not give the folks at Fire Gene a hale and hearty howdy from the Mississippi coast and acknowledge their kinda sorta endorsement of Gene in the upcoming election. I became hip to them thanks to Alan Lange over at Yallpolitics who previously linked Lavelle and his group on his website.

Also I’d like to give a shoutout to The Mississippi Informer, who has broken the news of another FEC complaint alleging strawman donations and worse against Steven Palazzo.

Finally a reader sent us a link to a brand new website, Twice the Legal, which has a picture of a DUI ticket young Palazzo received in Gulfport back in 1992. Yes, young folks make mistakes and that certainly appears to be the case here but the concerns with our friends on the political right about Mr Palazzo’s pedigree have yet another cause for concern.  I’ll try to do my best to add to that discussion in a future post.