Lets discover something about Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish and TheRiot

Rut roh! (And TheRiot is toast)

Definitions and Instructions

a. Neither the word “or” nor the word “and” should be interpreted so as to eliminate any part of any response to any of these Requests.
b. “You” means Defendants, the Parish of Jefferson and Steve J. Theriot, and any of their agents or employees acting within the scope of their agency or employment.
c. “Documents” means anything within the scope of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34.

Please identify all at-will Parish employees terminated by the Parish after John Young became Parish President; identify all such employees who refused to submit a resignation letter as a condition of employment.

Please explain, in detail, why the Plaintiff’s employment with the Parish of Jefferson was terminated. Was Plaintiff’s refusal to submit a letter of resignation the sole reason for her termination? If not, please identify any other reasons.

Does the Parish currently require employees to submit letter of resignation as a condition of continued employment? If not, advise why this policy was changed and when.

Do the defendants acknowledge that the Plaintiff was cooperating with Federal authorities in corruption investigations? If so, please identify all persons with knowledge of Plaintiff’s cooperation, the dates that they became aware, and any adverse action, response, emails, memoranda or correspondence generated in response to Plaintiff’s cooperation. Continue reading “Lets discover something about Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish and TheRiot”

Meet the thugs that once ruled Jefferson Parish as Slabbed presents TheRiot and the noise makers (Updated)

Very soon I’ll be rolling out a post which will unify former Parish Prez Steve Theriot’s suit against the blogosphere to later Goatherder legal jackassery but before I can do that we must hop in the way back machine to that magical day in February, 2010 when TheRiot sent Anne Marie Vandenweghe home claiming she was playing on the internet during office hours. Slabbed was there real time for all the events since and Theriot’s bald faced public lies concerning same even turned up in my examination of official correspondence from the Broussard Adminsitration.

I mention all this because earlier today I promised the Slabbed Nation deposition transcripts from the case and while we wait on those how about a transcript of the meeting where Theriot, Clem Donelon, Deano Bonano and the rest of Theriot’s band of thugs sent Anne Marie home back in February, 2010. After reading it I think everyone will come to the same conclusion that AMV had by far the biggest sack in the entire room. Click the pic to get the 9 page pdf.


I have been sent the audio file of the entire sad episode and have converted it to a format suitable with Youtube. It is a must hear and is embedded below the jump. Continue reading “Meet the thugs that once ruled Jefferson Parish as Slabbed presents TheRiot and the noise makers (Updated)

As soon as the story went online……

I received emails of the following two flavors:

1. You’re not done digging on Broussard cronies Bucky Lanning and Tim Rada, keep digging!

2. Don’t bust his chops – there is a Theriot in the woodpile!

Of course the story was Rich Rainey’s, Jefferson Parish Finance Authority welcomed new members in January, released on the heels of the reporting on the Kenner Convention and Visitor’s Bureau yesterday. And the chops I was cautioned to not bust was Jimmy Lawson of CDM dumpster diving infamy.

So I’ll play this straight and not bust anyone’s chops provided we can gain a deeper understanding of why Lawson was placed on JPFA.  There is no love lost between Lawson and Theriot so this has potential, especially since Slabbed is on Theriot’s shit list. But then again I do not think Lawson’s former legal adversary in lawyer/Goatherder Danny Abel likes us much either so this whole deal is ripe with backstabbing potential.


Poor Roy D’Aquila got butterflies on his tummy tum tum when he saw Val Bracy’s reports on the Trout Point Development

Roy D’Aquila

And I verily bet poor ol’ Roy crapped his pants when he saw the other media reports on the Broussard curatorships considering he was telling Charlie and Vaughn, on Broussard’s behalf, to put Riverbend on the Lodge’s main insurance policy. Of course you say that and they will sue.

And this fixation they have with Anne Marie Vandenweghe is unhealthy IMHO.  In fact it appears to be the same fixation TheRiot had for AMV considering the Fox 8 case has really been all about trying to get information on blog commenters, whether with the T-P or Slabbed.  In the case of Fox 8 the girls goatherders wanted a log of every IP address that visited the story and video on Broussard. I’ll be rolling that out in due course. Click the pic to get the 4 page pdf of Charles Leary being Charles Leary. If you want to see the exhibits, where the best dirt is I need your help.~ sop

Update: In light of the newest revelations about Nova Scotia Enterprises being a conduit to pay bribes to Aaron Broussard, the affidavit posted late last January is well worth the read. ~ sop 9/13/12

The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and

You want public records you paid tax dollars to have produced ? Well the above picture pretty much sums up the attitude of the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso…that’s right…FUCK YOUZ… WHAT YOUZ GONNA DUES ABOUT IT !

“…It was Deja Vu …and live on Cox TV too. Our backdrop is during one of the Council meetings around the time the public records debate was heating up as a result of a sudden and dramatic shift in policy resulting from Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s reassignment. She was removed from the Public Records Department only to be replaced by Greg Giangrosso, a Wilkinson lackey. Under Vandenweghe’s direction, public documents were just that, Public Records readily available in most instances to those qualified to request the same. Giangrosso’s assignment was and is to stonewall the release of Public Information which he and his superiors, Peggy Barton and Louis Gruntz, have decided taxpayers are to have limited access to in almost all instances. The response that one receives from Giangrosso is a pasted legalese form letter citing erroneous legal precedent for not honoring the Public Records Request. Margie Seemann (CFGG) was pressing the Council to explain why documents regarding information of a similar topic which she had previously received under Vandenweghe’s tenure, was now routinely denied under some broad and vague “governmental” exception. It was at that moment when Peggy Barton opened her mouth to defend the indefensible, everyone in that Council Chamber and watching TV, could foretell the response as though it would have been uttered by her mentor Tom Wilkinson, himself. She looked down at Ms. Seemann, a facial expression of pure contempt and as sarcastic a tone as one could muster, stated that she would review “OUR” records and “SHE” would determine what would be made available to the public at some later date. And there you have it, Wilkinson in drag…without the proverbial…FUCK YOU, SUE ME!”

And more of the same tone of arrogance, as we read, “…yada, yada…blah, blah, blah of some pasted authority that gives support to her expected response in defending the indefensible. As though this pointed insult by Barton isn’t enough, she further states, “…If the documents you request are not afforded an exception in the public records law, then they will be provided to you in due course. ” Right! In essence, FUCK YOU Margie and Margaret, go away, don’t bother me…” Continue reading “The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and”

The Hayride goes postal on John Alario. A corruption makes for strange bedfellows update. :-)

Well folks what can I say except Slabbed is  loved both by conservatives and progressives. Of late it has been the GOP that has reached out to Slabbed finding common ground with us on the subject of certain crooks such as newly minted Republican John Alario and SPEECH.  So along those lines Scott McKay at the Hayride, a hard-line republican resource that is listed in our blogroll, has done a couple of posts on why Alario is dangerous to Louisiana that are worth linking here on Slabbed:

RINO’s And Democrats Seem Intent On Making Alario Senate President

The Anti-Alario Effort Moves To Facebook

I’m not much on partisan politics folks but in Alario’s case, Scott makes the case IMHO. Both links are well worth reading. To add to the general discussion has anyone seen Alario’s protegé Steve TheRiot lately?


BREAKING: Anne Marie Vandenweghe sues Jefferson Parish and TheRiot!

Folks the suit filed today by Team Vandenwegh against Jefferson Parish and TheRiot encapsulates literally 18 months worth of Slabbed posts on what we now know as the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal. It is simply well worth the read for all and our newer readers will find the allegations a good starting point to catch up on the topic.  Click the pic to get the entire 21 page pdf.


Modular News generated on demand: Waste Management and the Parish are still holding hands…..

Folks monitoring a PACER docket is sometimes an interesting exercise in compare and contrast. For example earlier this week Paul Rioux at the T-P wrote a PACER based story on the latest newsworthy developments on the Parish’s suit against Waste Management. The long and short of it is both parties want the July 11 trial postponed as their mutual love and affection continues to grow. But there was something in Rioux’s story that bothered me to the point where I pondered the subject matter over the past couple of days before writing a post on the topic. Two sentences in two paragraphs in fact:

Young’s administration had not responded by Tuesday evening to a request for information on how much the suit has cost the parish. Margie Seemann, vice chairwoman of Citizens for Good Government, said the parish’s response to her recent public records request pegs the legal bill at $250,000.

Seemann has repeatedly urged the parish to drop the suit and cancel the River Birch contract. But parish officials have said they are continuing the suit in hopes of obtaining a court order declaring the River Birch deal null and void.

I’ve been around the block long enough to know a journalistic dig when I see one. Continue reading “Modular News generated on demand: Waste Management and the Parish are still holding hands…..”

We have received confirmation…..

1. That Phelps Dumbar has indeed filed writs with the Louisiana Supreme Court on the public records suit against the Parish by Anne Marie Vandenweghe. Look for more monster legal bills folks.

2. President Obama’s latest choice for LAED judge, Susie Morgan is a very bad one. Then again most Continue reading “We have received confirmation…..”

Your Jefferson Parish Tax Dollars at Work: Parish pays Phelps Dumbar over $97,000 to sue bloggers and prevent access to public records.

As Lawyer X can well explain, corporate and insurance clients routinely pick apart billing statements and do not pay what is billed. It’s even more deplorable if the Parish does not have someone audit these bills and seek reduction.

So wrote a menber of the Slabbed legal team that saw the vender detail report detailing how much money the Parish has spent with the firm of Phelps Dunbar for handling 2 matters in suing the blogosphere for TheRiot and preventing access to public records. Our readers may recall things aren’t working out so well on the public records front as Phelps Dumbar got their asses kicked on appeal along with the taxpayer funded, Sandestin vacationing Judge Ross LaDart, who homecooked the case for the Team Young/Theriot.  I believe the Parish will end up paying for both sides of the legal bill on this case before this is done.

So what did Lawyer X have to say? For context purposes Lawyer X is a noted civil defense lawyer that has done lots of works for insurers and other corporate clients:

Yep. Yep.


Why did they not produce the actual bill and only produced the payment ledger?

Frankly the payment ledger is bad enough. So how much taxpayer money has Teams TheRiot/Young squandered fighting the now fired whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe? Click the pic below the fold for the one page pdf. Hat tip Citizens for Good Government. ~ sop Continue reading “Your Jefferson Parish Tax Dollars at Work: Parish pays Phelps Dumbar over $97,000 to sue bloggers and prevent access to public records.”