Mosquito Control: Phillip’s Pest Control hit with notice of procedural default

Lana sent this in Monday:

After a 20 minute Executive Session, from which District 3, Board President, Blaine LaFontaine recused himself, County Administrator, Eddie Favre, recommended payment to Phillip’s Pest Control Services for the month of May for $15,000. District 1 Supervisor, David Yarborough, motioned for payment, seconded by District 2, Greg Shaw, motion carried unanimously with an affirmative vote by District 4, Scotty Adam. District 5 Supervisor, Bo Ladner was not present for the meeting.

The Board also voted unanimously to direct their attorney to write to Phillilp’s Pest Control to begin complying with the items cited in the study done on the company’s performance as per his contract with the county which was executed on October 3, 2016

Cassandra Favre filed this story for the Wednesday Echo snagging a quote from State Senator Phillip Moran:

“The voters of District 46 are no fools — they know what’s going on. There were no problems (with this contract) for 2 1/2 years and now suddenly, just before the election, there are. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what’s going on here. … Whatever questions (the supervisors) have, we will answer.”

I’m not sure that blaming this all on electioneering gets Moran off the hook with the public, based on what I’ve seen in social media.

And to think the politicking hasn’t really started. I imagine more muck will be flying, much more, in the coming weeks.

Mosquito Control Contract Monitoring is Complete and on Today’s Supervisors Meeting Agenda

Trixie was nice enough to post the live stream link for us in comments. Lana Noonan is there and she indicates Board President Blaine Lafontaine is not in attendance today. The following contract compliance evaluation was obtained for Slabbed by Lana Noonan:

Hancock County Board of Supervisors via Lana Noonan
Hancock County Board of Supervisors via Lana Noonan

County to State Senator Phillip Moran: Tighten up on Mosquito Control…..(Updated)

Earlier this month County Administrator Eddie Favre sent the following letter to Phillip’s Pest Control.

Eddie Favre Letter to Philip Moran by Slabbed on Scribd


Here is the letter Mayor Mike Smith sent to the County on Mosquito Control Continue reading “County to State Senator Phillip Moran: Tighten up on Mosquito Control…..(Updated)”

Comment bump | Tidelandgate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay

Slabbed can add confirmation of Desdemona’s comment (edited):

Little fun fact for those interested… Good ole Rep Eure is REALLY good friends (like county club good friends) with the famous Miller Time. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe there was some kind of spat (not sure of the details) between Baria and a few employees of Marine Resources some time back (i could be wrong, yet it could have been a rumor) Eure being on the Appropriations Committee controlling money that is managed by Marine Resources… Coincidence? I think not. So, whatever shall we do with the remaining money boys? Same game, different players my friends…

In summary:

  • Rep. Eure is REALLY good friends with Jamie Miller, who is also very good friends with Joe Cloyd.
  • There was a confrontation between Rep Baria and DMR staffers
  • Rep Eure controls the house purse strings over DMR Tideland funding.
  • Rep Baria is currently on the bench in the State House as it is controlled by the GOP
  • Rep Baria and Bay Waveland School Superintendent Rebecca Ladner politicized the local public school district back in January with Ladner’s participation in the Democrat response to Gov Phil’s State of the State address, an action that continues to generate local criticism all these months later.
  • The City of Bay St Louis track record of financial mismanagement under the Fillingame Administration speaks for itself.
  • The Fillingame Administration removed the Harbor wave break from the State Funded Harbor design plans.  The pavilion at the Harbor where the bands play is super nice though.
  • BWSD Superintendent Ladner was recently rewarded for her actions with a new three year contract.

If this sounds like a FUBAR type situation to you, then we’re all on the same page.  And of course the people that suffer from the partisanship are the people that live here but that’s normally how it works.

In other news, Rep Baria’s replacement in the State Senate, Phillip Moran, the guy that Rep Baria tried putting under the bus in the early news coverage of Tidelandgate [Seacoast Echo story here] is on Tuesday’s City Council agenda: Continue reading “Comment bump | Tidelandgate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay”

Tidelandgate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay

I’m seeing the sure signs this is an election year:

Mayors ‘disappointed’ by Tidelands Fund allocations ~ Geoff Belcher

There is something about the narrative that does not make sense and that would be why it wasn’t the House version of the funding split that was not ultimately passed if the versions between the House and Senate bills were so radically different. Has Hancock County’s allocation of Tideland’s money been cut overall? If the answer to the second question is no, then perhaps the respective Hizzoners should have engaged the process in the State Senate.

At the bottom of this is a failure of leadership and that stretches beyond eliminating the wave break from the construction plans for the Bay Harbor.

Stay tuned.