Fazzio COBs on ’em: A River Birch Ball Squeeze Update.

Paul Rioux gives us the latest in USA v Titus, which by implication impacts USA v Fazzio and the ongoing investigation into the River Birch Landfill. As an aside to the whores at Entercom Communication, the mere mention of the River Birch Landfill in turn always manages to roll Garland(fill) Robinette into the discussion in story comments as the man has absolutely zero credibility with the general public as he is reduced to taking gigs from shady miscreants like the folks at Coastal Shoring to feed his greed.

Long story short folks is there will be a hearing on November 9 on the various DQ motions in the case.


Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..

Folks I have some stuff in the pipeline on the subject of Grand Isle Government but there is one problem on the island that reminded me of a famous South Park episode from season 2, Chicken Lover. Now that particular episode had a little something for everyone in the Slabbed Nation from Ayn Rand to certain unspeakable sex crimes. So while I develop the material here is a teaser in a video post of certain of the problems in State v Dantin. First is the simulated crime:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.998797&w=425&h=350&fv=]

and now one of the problems Continue reading “Houston we have a problem on Grand Isle…..”

“Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob….

I tell you folks this last bit of Wiley Beevers inspired homecooking in Judge McCabe’s courtroom is the gift that keeps on giving. For instance we only need to take the Wayback Machine to May 16, 2009 to find this Mini-me Roberts inspired Allen Powell jewel that also causes some collateral damage IMHO to others with political aspirations in 2011:

So a buncha Sopranos stormed the Governor’s Mansion on Thursday. Funny thing was, though, they weren’t from Jersey. Try Jefferson Parish.

These guys are a bunch of politicians, long fans of the HBO television show, who got together every Sunday to watch it and stuff their faces with authentic Italian fare. “We all gained a little weight during that time,” Parish Councilman Chris Roberts said.

After years of faithfully following the show, they took to wearing black fedoras when they got together, especially when the fun spilled into a local bar or restaurant afterward. Soon they started calling themselves the Black Hats. Continue reading ““Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob….”

The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.

Make no mistake folks, this scandal will end up leading not only to John Alario but also to Former Gov Mike Foster, Billy Tauzin, David Vitter and likely Team Landrieu.   Steve Theriot and daughter Wanda were last seen with doughnut glaze on their chins.

Let’s kick off the coverage with Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune who did a great job connecting Mouton to Fred Heebe. It is an open secret that former Gov Mike Foster’s administration was openly for sale so this little gem from Murphy himself at the end of Rainey’s piece was priceless: Continue reading “The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.”

BREAKING: We have an indictment. I repeat we have an indictment.

Gordon Russell has the skinny for the Times Picayune.  It seems the Old Gentilly Landfill connection to the River Birch saga is beginning to manifest itself.  We’ll see if the whore hopping V man, Diaper David Vitter’s name pops up down the line on this general topic.

This could well be the evidence of another crime Team Letten referred to earlier in a pleading before Judge Ginger on the River Birch search saga.

This is not a good sign for Teams Ward/Heebe IMHO as I have little doubt who was making the payoffs.

Another politician that is likely keeping a very concerned eye on these events, especially the prospect of low-level crooks like Mouton turning state’s evidence is John Alario.


Telemachus lends context to the now infamous Dutchie Connick memo and enables Slabbed to roll out Ron Maestri. Part 1, important background information.

Folks, if there has been one piece of information disclosed to us that has survived the test of time to this point, it is that multiple Jefferson Parish politicians have personal stakes in seeing River Birch succeed.  This factoid was disclosed to Nowdy and I very early on in this unfolding saga and was reinforced by the John Alario / Dan Robin litigation with River Birch that we ran across and reported on in March 2010.  To make a further connection, one straight into Jim Letten’s office, we must first begin with Telemachus’ comment left yesterday on my last major post on Waste Management which placed the Dutchie Connick memo into context.

To further set things up I think we all need to understand the Dutchie Connick Memo is evidence that has come to light because of the Parish’s suit against Waste Management and comes straight from the “Dutchie file” kept by Waste Management.  What’s new is that coupled with the depositions we recently published, we can now see the River Birch scheme was hatched way back in 2004. If I were a betting man, I’d lay money that Jennifer Sneed Heebe knew when she ran for re-election in 2007 she would not finish the term. She wasn’t the only one either IMHO and that is where Telemachus hits pay dirt for us by bringing in the name of the now interim tax assessor, Ron Maestri. Before we get to Ron let’s start with Telemachus:

Have we thought about this memo enough?

Why is Dutchie important?

He had been a campaign manager for DA Connick and had faced off vs Chehardy – no love lost there.

October 2004 – the first putsch to install River Birch, from the 10.13.04 TP: Continue reading “Telemachus lends context to the now infamous Dutchie Connick memo and enables Slabbed to roll out Ron Maestri. Part 1, important background information.”

Is Big Dawg trying to learn a new trick?

Scott McKay over at the Hayride is reporting none other than John Alario is thinking about swapping over to Team GOP. The stench that accompanies him is the smell of the River Birch Landfill, the subject of a federal investigation and recent FBI raid.  Slabbed readers know that Alario muscled his way into Team Ward’s wallets during the regulatory fight to permit the landfill.

Election time comes again next year and Alario is evidently trying to position himself at the trough for the next term. IMHO discriminating Republicans should join McKay and tell Alario to take his crap someplace else.


Waste Management drops the nuke, makes explosive allegations against unnamed Parish employees in suit involving Jefferson Parish and River Birch

Time is short for me this morning but on the general topic of the Parish v Waste Management, we previously chronicled certain events here with a couple of background posts here and here. Yesterday, Paul Rioux at the Times Picayune broke a story on a recent legal pleading filed in the NOLA federal courts on the suit which IMHO also represents the latest bit of blowback from the very recent FBI raid of the offices of the River Birch landfill and reportedly River Birch President Fred Heebe’s home on St Charles Avenue.  Here is an excerpt of Paul’s story:

Unidentified Jefferson Parish officials allegedly had secret deals in recent years to divert trash bound for the parish dump in Waggaman to the private River Birch landfill next door, according to the firm that operates the parish dump.

Waste Management made the explosive accusation in its response to a parish lawsuit seeking to sever the company’s contract so the parish can close its dump and enact a 25-year, $160 million contract to send garbage to River Birch, a deal being investigated by federal authorities who recently raided River Birch’s headquarters.

Secret deals? You betcha there are. The question is which deals do Waste Management know about and how does that relate to the ones the Feds are digging into? This is where it gets good as I can now properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to Deano Bonano, a young man who shaves every morning with Hanlon’s Razor and whose professional existence inside Jefferson Parish Government personifies the Peter Principle. Continue reading “Waste Management drops the nuke, makes explosive allegations against unnamed Parish employees in suit involving Jefferson Parish and River Birch”

And Providence Engineering is toast. A River Birch contract evaluation update.

I think by now even the slowest of learners in Jefferson Parish know the River Birch deal is a boondoggle/pig in the poke.  Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune is reporting the Parish Council did not take action on inserting Providence Engineering in place of MSW.  I bet that $1,000 they gave to Parish Councilman turned Parish President candidate John Young is the fly in the ointment.  The hat tip goes to Patricia in the comments to my last update for digging up that last skeleton.

Big dog John Alario and his protegé Lil’ pup Steve Theriot are quickly running out of surrogate engineers to perfume Alario’s investment in River Birch.

At least they can do business with BP without turning any heads. Atta boy Deano.


Putting in the fix for River Birch and the landfill's diverse ownership: Theriot's long awaited contract evaluation scheme now staffed.

I had to laugh when I read Rich Rainey’s latest installment in as the landfill turns as he chronicles the completion of the scheme Theriot and his band of idiots on the Parish Council have hatched to put the fix in for River Birch via a controlled evaluation of a flawed contracting process.  Before we get to the latest on Theriot’s dog and pony show we should do a quick review of the River Birch saga to gain clarity on what the team will be reviewing.

The River Birch landfill, majority owned by the Ward family, almost had one of their own, Fred Heebe, installed as NOLA US Attorney by George Bush back in 2002. Heebe, Jim Ward’s step-son is a member of the ownership group of the landfill and is married to Jennifer Sneed, who left the Parish Council literally months before the Parish opened negotiations with the River Birch landfill to become the parish’s sole source for waste disposal.

These negotiations resulted from a request for proposals for the disposal of tree limbs and such by disgraced former Parish President Aaron Broussard. Broussard’s contract evaluation team included a number of former parish employees now under an active federal investigation and included former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson and former Parish CAO Tim Whitmer. That contract evaluation team expanded the scope of their charge to include proposals for all waste disposal, such services being provided the Parish by Waste Management under a long term contract using the Parish’s landfill. It turned out Whitmer was moonlighting as an insurance agent and besides selling insurance to the Parish itself he was also selling River Birch along with a multitude of other Parish venders.

Interim Parish President Steve Theriot cancelled several Parish contracts with companies that did the “pay to play” thang with Whitmer to great fanfare but left River Birch and their curious contract with the Parish alone despite the under handed way it was let. We later found out that Theriot was a protege of former Louisiana House Speaker turned Senator John Alario. Alario had some very curious connections to the landfill as a staffer of his garnered a 4% stake in the landfill in return for Alario killing his own bill to deprive River Birch of a needed state environmental permit back in the mid 90s. Continue reading “Putting in the fix for River Birch and the landfill's diverse ownership: Theriot's long awaited contract evaluation scheme now staffed.”