Former State Representative Girod Jackson come on down!

Jackson has been an occasional but thoroughly researched topic in the past here on Slabbed. Vital background here and generally here. Meantime NOLA Media Group breaks out one of their best to tell the story.

State Rep. Girod Jackson III charged with fraud and failing to file taxes ~ Manuel Torres

Hammerman deserves props as well on this general topic.

We have a Slabb-o-gram for Lee Zurich

Girod Jackson? Oh yeah we know him well.  IMHO he is cut from the same cloth as Byron Lee, Derrick Sheperd, Cedric Richmond and that clique of corrupt politicians. Fertile ground for certain Lee though following Girod and the money will probably lead you back to Team Ward/Heebe. How funny that a guy who can’t seem to build a house is able to score big time no  bid contracts from the Parish after Katrina.

You can thank me later Lee.