Lusty Lawyer’s Law License Suspended for a Year and a Day

As Slabbed starts its 12th year online the subject of one of our most trafficked topics is back in the news cycle, likely for the last time:

New Orleans lawyer who pleaded with cabbie for sex has law license suspended ~ The NOLA Advocate

Advocate staff writes a good story as it cleans up all the loose ends from back in 2015 including cabbie Harvey Farrell’s civil suit against the City of New Orleans which settled for $40,000.

Newer readers can click here for Slabbed’s archival coverage which included a link from Bubba the Love Sponge, who has not fared too well since then.

Speaking of Florida, I have been told T.S. Dream has been released from the pokey. Time sure does fly!

With the events of this past week here on the coast….

Given the stunning events here on the Coast this week one would naturally think that one of the recent posts on the Singing River disaster or the William Martin indictment would be the major site traffic generator this week here on Slabbed but that is not the case. Simply put when one media outlet leaves the rest eating dust on a topic, said media outlet gets massive amounts of site traffic even if the latest twist is not highlighted.

So what in the heck am I talking about? The sentencing of lusty lawyer gone wild Jennifer Gaubert earlier this week in New Orleans:

Wrist-slap for New Orleans attorney caught on video in steamy encounter with cabbie ~ Lee Moran, New York Daily News

This particular post from last month got quite the workout in fact and so did this one.

The Slabbed New Media posts on the topic actually went viral in Australia. Its nuts but once again the old adage sex sells bears itself out in spades. As for Gaubert, she indicated in published reports that her conviction will be appealed.  As for Slabbed:

Lusty lawyers gone wild: Another twist in the case of the Cabbie and Lusty Lawyer (Updated)

And once again it was Slabbed’s community of crack internet sleuths that signaled the prosecution may have a problem 9 months ago:

His parting comment, which I saw/heard in an unedited version of the video, changes what I thought happened here. Also, a comment on nola, from someone who seems to know, says the cab ride was 1.5 hours long. The cabbie also makes a comment about how he is going to get in trouble. Are they both in the wrong?

New delay sought in cabbie sex trial ~ Rob Masson

FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social

However, Gaubert’s attorneys say a new witness has come forward who can testify that Gaubert and the cab driver engaged in consensual sex prior to the recording. Defense attorneys say they have notified prosecutors that the new witness, a sheriff’s deputy, will cast doubt on Ferrell’s story, setting the stage for possible perjury.


The trial has started and Fox 8 has some coverage:

Trial begins for local woman caught on camera making sexual advances toward car driver ~ Rob Masson

I am getting updates from both the NOLA lawyer gossip network and Rob Masson via twitter. Friday afternoon is a great time for a criminal trial. 😉


Because he is a faithful man: Hervey Farrell sues the City of New Orleans and former radio show host Jennifer Gaubert

Folks there was one media outlet that called the case of the lusty radio show host and cabbie from the jump and that would be Slabbed New Media and we even have the victory lap to show for it. After that victory lap I was given further information on lusty lawyer Jenn Gaubert that, if published, could possibly cause heart attack problems in certain older readers, especially the uninitiated so I kept the level of salaciousness to a bare minimum.

Since then I’ve been quietly following the related criminal cases against Gaubert as they wind their way through the criminal justice system but the bottom line is Ms. Gaubert is a woman with an itch to scratch, albeit one accompanied with a mean streak. I mention all this because late last week courthouse news posted the suit that Cabbie Hervey Farrell filed against Gaubert and the City of New Orleans and now we have a wonderful first hand description of the itch scratching methods applied by Gaubert.

Even better, with the municipal criminal battery case now complete John Simmerman nabbed the following video of a portion of the incident to go along with his report on Farrell’s lawsuit.  The video is frankly a must see but I will caution Gaubert flashes her panties while propositioning Farrell thus if you are on heart medication or suffer from untreatable erectile dysfunction viewer discretion is advised: Continue reading “Because he is a faithful man: Hervey Farrell sues the City of New Orleans and former radio show host Jennifer Gaubert”

A cabbies dream turned nightmare: I bet Jenn’s ears were burning last night

Details are trickling in on the now infamous cell phone video shot by cabbie Hervey Farrell in the case of the cab ride gone bad. I am not at liberty to disclose any details but this post on a Facebook video of Jennifer Gaubert singing for free cab fare (video since deleted) is instructive. Stay tuned as I’m gonna do my level best to nab the Farrell video for everyone to see.

Vital background here, here and here.

Excuse me while I take a victory lap………(Updated)

Former Radio Show Host Jennifer Gaubert
Former Radio Show Host Jennifer Gaubert

Slabbed solves the mystery of the lusty lawyer and perverted cabbie (Updated) ~ Slabbed 8/21/13

Tables turn on lawyer who accused cabbie of extortion ~ John Simerman

She declined to discuss the case Monday, referring questions to her attorney, Buddy Spell, who said that “a comment at this juncture would be premature.”

Woman accused of fabricating story of taxi driver extortion ~ Travers Mackel