Deano looks like he’ll remain in the pokey for a very long time

About all you can do with this saga is shake your head:

Ex-model charged in plot to kill Leon Cannizzaro, other officials ~ Kim Chatelain

Inmate accused of plot to kill Orleans Parish officials ~ Mary Staes

Former model Dean Kelly accused of seeking hits on Orleans DA, judge, attorney ~ John Simerman and Jim Mustian

Vital background on this multiyear saga can be found here.

Deano, what have you become?

And your family is certainly heartbroken….

Ex-model Dean Kelly, convicted of sex crimes, sent to prison for probation violation ~ Helen Freund

The reader comments sum up the public’s outrage at this entire saga. Here is a sampling:

I’d like to give a sincere Thank You to everyone in the justice system who helped in getting this arrogant over-privileged creep off the streets. Eight years isn’t long enough, considering the enormity of all his crimes against women, but I am grateful to the judge, prosecutors, probation officers, and police officers for battling and winning against his family’s money and connections

In the end there are no winners but the system appears to have ultimately worked.

Additional background here and here.

He was always a ham…….

I know there are some of you folks like James over at Opinionated Catholic that are scratching your heads trying to figure out how Dean Kelly has managed to stay outta the pen despite his many well documented scrapes with both the fairer sex and the law. Two things folks and the first one is Dean is a ham from way far back.  He’s incorrigible too.

Sex offender Dean Kelly feigned illness when arrested, doctors say ~ Claire Galofaro

The other part to the equation is that Dean traces his familial roots to the tomato selling business and in New Orleans, for a few generations now tomatoes selling has proven itself a lucrative business.  At this point it is not clear whether all the tomatoes in South Louisiana will help Dean, who still likely has sizable segments of the Tulane female student body fantasizing over strangling him.

This promises to be in the news cycle for a while. Stay tuned.

Dean Kelly back in the pokey: 10 year stretch in the pen awaits.

I think everyone saw this coming:

Ex-model Dean Kelly back in jail for violating plea-deal terms ~ Meg Gatto

Vital background here and generally here. Continue reading “Dean Kelly back in the pokey: 10 year stretch in the pen awaits.”

Wild, Wild horses…….

This is like setting Paul Minor free on bail back in the day expecting him not to drink except 30 times worse. (h/t to a Reader)

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or off stage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind
Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
Wild wild horses couldn’t drag me away

I know I’ve dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don’t have much time
Faith has been broken tears must be cried
Let’s do some living after we die
Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away

I forgot to mention Deano’s ears were burning last Saturday too.

Ex-model Dean Kelly back in jail for violating terms of release, sheriff says ~ Danielle Bell

Because he is that incorrigible: Dean Kelly headed back to the pokey….

What can I say folks but the saga of Dean Kelly and the women from across the country who want to strangle him has no end in sight.

Dean Kelly files suit against Sheriff Gusman ~ Natasha Robin

I knew there was a development a few days ago because of the google searches from across the country that landed on these pages looking for the story behind the story on Kelly, a former male model that is well known here in the greater Soggy Bottom metropolitan area. Back to the post title and Dean being incorrigible:

Accused rapist, ex-model Dean Kelly ordered back to jail ~ Mystery reporter WDSU TeeVee

What we need now is another busload of pissed off Tulane coeds to hit the next hearing.  😉


I’ll be honest and say I tried to pass this Dean Kelly deal off….

Obviously I have some insights into the Dean Kelly Tulane rape cases that I wanted to share but I really did not want to pull the trigger on it myself  because like Anonymouse I was there back in the day though I was older than Dean. It just didn’t feel right blogging on a family I knew so well.  But I did and even buried a hidden jewel in my first post mentioning step-bro Joe implying he has some of the exact problems that landed Dean in the pokey.  I am sorry to say no one got it until after I disclosed it in a phone conversation with a friend. It is still there for those so curious.

In any event a comment was left on my second Dean Kelly post this morning that I feel an obligation to post here because it involves a facet of the Dean Kelly saga that has not to my knowledge surfaced in the media. You good folks at Tulane that read us, please get the word out. ~ sop

For what it is worth… anyone that is hands on… might want to follow-up some of the other venues that are not aware of Dean’s (finally!) incarceration. Continue reading “I’ll be honest and say I tried to pass this Dean Kelly deal off….”

Slabbed Rapid Fire Segment: Lets start with a Dean Kelly update

Well folks, let’s just say things have gone from bad to worse for Team Kelly since my first post on this topic last week. To recap what has happened since then, Sheriff Guzman did confirm Kelly did get shitkicked at Parish Prison though he described a different set of circumstances than Team Kelly’s version of events. That said when inmates can let themselves out of their own cells it is clear Parish Prison could be confused with the jail in Maybury which means it is a good thing a new one eventually will be built.

Then on Friday we get word via the Times Picayune’s John Simerman that Kelly went to a court hearing on Friday to have his bail reduced so he could check out of OPP only to find the State has added another rape charge to go along with a child pornography charge. His newest alleged rape victim was 14 when at the time and folks something tells me it only gets worse from here. Simerman’s story was well written journalistically but the normally dull Joe Friday like style of genre was nicely enhanced here IMHO. As a bonus we also learn Slabbed’s old friend Michael Fawer is handling the defense for Team Kelly.

I suspect whatever chance Team Kelly has will be at the appellate level. I’ll keep an eye on this story due to back story and/or enhancement potential.


The irresistible force meets the immovable object as coastal Honey Badger goes on the PR offensive.

I’ve been following the legal travails of alleged rapist and former model Dean Kelly from afar and the closest analogy that I can find to describe Team Kelly is Dambala’s Honey Badger as Kelly’s iron willed parents continued their fight to free their boy from Parish Prison Friday via Fox 8 where he was remanded after his probation was revoked back in March.

Now the new story line per his Mom is that Dean is a social media addict and that he never threatened the multitude of women at Tulane that came forward with the harassment allegations against him and I’m assuming ostensibly never raped the 2 girls that are at the root of his larger legal problems.  They are a very cyber savvy group as the astroturfing in comments to the T-P reporting and this TMZ report on Kelly’s rape arrest attests.  On the other hand are a legion of pissed off Tulane students along with the alleged rape victims.  Feelings on the subject are quite strong as witnessed by the Facebook page and blog dedicated to seeing Kelly incarcerated for a very long stretch of time.  The conflict is tailor-made for the TeeVee news in particular and public interest sufficient for the T-P to devote an entire photo gallery to the courtroom theatrics in NOLA back in March.

Far more intriguing IMHO is the fact there is a major back story at play here that has thus far not surfaced anywhere in the media that in my mind explains Dean’s problems with sex Continue reading “The irresistible force meets the immovable object as coastal Honey Badger goes on the PR offensive.”