Welp, the sharks are really circling Walter Reed now…..

He can’t say that he didn’t get some good advice as the sharks are circling and lynch mob gathering:

Feds investigating St. Tammany DA Walter Reed and his son, Steven Reed, subpoena reveals ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

St. Tammany district attorney target of FBI investigation ~ Mike Perlstein

Subpoena shows feds are scrutinizing Tammany DA Walter Reed ~ Sara Pagones

Reed is likely to find the exact quality of mercy he afforded to so many perpetrators in St Slammany. Something tells me he will not like the taste of his own medicine. Stay tuned.

When I suggested resignation, I did not mean the hospital board…..

File this one under too little, too late:

DA Walter Reed resigns as outside legal counsel for St. Tammany Parish Hospital ~ Heather Nolan

Like I said earlier, I expect a Peter Galvan type outcome here. The only question in my mind is whether or not I excoriate resident talking head / lickspittle Rafael Goyeneche for drawing distinctions between Paul Connick’s outside gig that profits off Parish contracts and Reed’s. I’ve been leaning towards not but I’ll add Rafael has not burnished his rep by carrying DA Connick’s water. Just sayin’.

Weekend Update

First up is the update on Friday’s hearing in the criminal case State of Louisiana v Thomas “Haller” Jackson where the phrase “hurry up and wait” comes to mind.  The procedural/evidentiary hearings were continued until July.

Moving right along:

LaPolitics Publisher John Maginnis Dies at 66 ~ Jeremy Alford

Reed’s antics keep newspapers busy ~ James Gill

Up to our necks in mud – and sinking in the Mississippi Senate race ~ Paul Hampton

And finally we end with the Fluffer Congressman Steven Palazzo, a lightweight that refuses to hold town hall meetings with his own people and his primary challenger, the guy that used to make the rounds with all his people in Mississippi 4 regularly, Gene Taylor: Continue reading “Weekend Update”

Nothing but Thursday Links…..

Conservation groups oppose change in DMR rules ~ Paul Hampton

Its Great to be the CEO Running a Huge Criminal Bank ~ Bill Black

I-Team: Perricone, Mann surrender federal law licenses ~ Travers Mackel

Councilman says there is no merit to trespass, tampering allegations ~ Dwayne Bremer

St. Tammany DA Walter Reed’s payments to son’s companies reach almost $95,000 ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

Mississippi daycare worker dies in tornado, found clutching toddler she saved ~ Jeff Amy

After Donald Sterling, the NAACP plans to tighten up its award policies ~ Jarvis DeBerry

Hocus pocus medicine or sound science? Scientologists push Ron Hubbard’s methods for treating oil spill victims in St Tammany Parish with the help of DA Walter Reed

Yes siree just when you thought things could not get whackier for this area, we have religion masquerading as medicine or is that medicine masquerading as religion as St Tammany Parish DA Walter Reed has teamed up with local notables to push a benefit dinner for the Gulf Coast Detoxification Project, a new nonprofit organization that uses medical methods espoused by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology. The New York Press has the skinny on the detoxification efforts of the scientologists there after 9-11:

“I’m not here converting these men and women to Scientology. And I’ve got to tell you something—I’ve been a Scientologist 20 years. In Sacramento I, more than any other Scientologist, got new people into Scientology, me personally. I’m very good at converting people, if I want to.” Jim Woodworth is the director of the New York Rescue Workers’ Detoxification Project, and he is bristling at the suggestion that his program is an arm of the Church of Scientology. He insists that his group is totally secular, stating that a look at his tax returns and a discussion with any of the close to 800 men and women he has treated will bear that out. His mission at the program, also known as Downtown Medical, is to help sick rescue workers—not to make new Scientologists. “My purpose here is the purpose that I stated, to restore the quality of life to the rescue workers. It’s not a religious purpose.”

Those rescue workers I spoke with back up Woodworth’s statements. No patient who participated in the detoxification program offered by Downtown Medical said they were confronted with Scientology, or its beliefs, at any time. In 2003, Downtown Medical, a clinic promoting a program designed to remove impurities from the body through a regimen of sweat and vitamins, opened for business. The project, which focuses solely on those rescue workers who served at Ground Zero after 9/11, is based on the writings of Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and project leaders publicly acknowledge that Hubbard’s book, Clear Body, Clear Mind, acts as the de facto handbook for the program. Though many past supporters of the program such as the City of New York’s largest firefighters’ union, the Uniformed Firefighters Association, backed off once they learned of Downtown Medical’s ties to Scientology, others have been more than willing to openly show their support, starting with former Manhattan City Council Member Margarita Lopez.

The involvement of DA Reed in the effort is noteworthy as certain local politicians in New York were also on the inside of the rescue worker project as I continue: Continue reading “Hocus pocus medicine or sound science? Scientologists push Ron Hubbard’s methods for treating oil spill victims in St Tammany Parish with the help of DA Walter Reed”

A rare Threefer: Vic Planetta gets off without jail time after defrauding the SBA of a cool million after Katrina.

Robin Fitzgerald has the skinny for the Sun Herald and this post is a threefer for the following three reasons:

  1. Slabbed has previously tagged along with the Sun Herald’s coverage of the case.  I’ll add someone had an advance heads up as to what was coming and stopped by here to register a bit of displeasure.
  2. St Slammany Parish DA Walter Reed is a lock ’em up and throw away the key type of guy unless a family member or Vic Planetta is involved in the crime. I am repulsed by the fact Reed would ask for leniency given his track record back home.
  3. The AP version of the story is online at NOLA.com and is Fitzgerald’s story heavily edited leaving out the Walter Reed factoid among others.  McClatchy evidently has a corporate policy of “404ing” their stories after a month or so but the AP version will be online at NOLA for years and that is where the site traffic interested in this niche topic will go and yes there is niche interest in this story.  Since the T-P restructuring news hit I’ve been mentally compiling a list of things newspapers do to slit their own digital throats, the above being but one example.  If I had not been making this point chances are I would have written about Reed’s letter for leniency and linked the story that would remain online for longer than a month in the AP report instead of the source.  For those reporters at McClatchy that wonder why blogs link the AP versions of your stories you now know the answer.

The future of journalism is here in cyberspace. Embrace it or perish.  Pro Bono Publico.