St Tammany Two Pack: Ethical concerns raised in the 22nd JDC

Folks I was happy to see the case of molesting St Tammany Parish Janitor Dino Schwertz finally see the light of day as the aftermath includes the bankrupting of at least one of the families whose child he victimized.

Cases against janitor spark ethics concerns ~ Sara Pagones

Sara’s story from earlier this month solved an internal mystery here at Slabbed as to the handling of the case in the 22nd JDC. Especially disturbing to me is the seal on the case. There is much more I could write but circumstances are such that I am unable to share at this time. My opinion however, is the St Tammany Parish Schools have some major explaining to do along with the court and now soon to be former DA Walter Reed. Moving right along.

Judge questioned over lack of disclosure ~ Sara Pagones and Katie Moore

The circles and circles of relationships, marital and otherwise that pervade St Tammany Parish officialdom continue to amaze. This quote pretty much sums things up as the circle comes back to the case of Dino Schwertz:

Bennett Gershman, a law professor at Pace University, found the failure to disclose those conflicts inexcusable. “Seems like they don’t play by the rules that I’ve been taught to follow in terms of professional ethics,” he said.

First, Gershman said, Reed’s office should have told Curran’s attorney that Pastuszek held a position at the DA’s Office. “They can’t wear both hats at the same time,” he said. As an assistant district attorney, Pastuszek would have been privy to whatever the DA’s Office knew about the criminal action, he said, a criticism that he also leveled in the Schwertz matter.

Pagones and Moore are on to something IMHO and that river runs deep.

Bellum Furit: One X, Two Slants

Regarding this civil rights lawsuit against St Slammany Parish DA Walter Reed which Slabbed broke the Plaintiff’s Ex-Wife has spoken and despite having spoken to both the areas major newspapers it is not clear what she said:

Woman says she was behind arrest of man who claims he was targeted by DA Walter Reed ~ Gordon Russell

Here is the salient snippet:

Crystal Magee’s version of events doesn’t necessarily contradict what her ex-husband claims in his suit. But her account suggests that it was a phone call from her to Washington Parish Sheriff Randy “Country” Seal’s office that led deputies to arrest her ex-husband in the first place.

Next up:

DA Walter Reed did not have man arrested for talking to FBI, woman says ~ Heather Nolan

The ex-wife of an Arkansas man who claimed in a federal lawsuit that District Attorney Walter Reed and others had him arrested in Washington Parish as retaliation for providing information to the FBI says her ex-husband’s story is not true.

Meantime on Twitter the news war rages: Continue reading “Bellum Furit: One X, Two Slants”

Slabbed, Still Louisiana’s News Leader

Excuse me while I take a victory lap folks.

Man claims he was jailed as retribution for giving FBI information about Walter Reed ~ Sara Pagones and Gordon Russell

Lawsuit claims DA Walter Reed had man arrested because he provided info to FBI ~ Heather Nolan

Report: DA Walter Reed terms local media “whores and prostitutes”

Welp folks, I don’t think Walter nabbed a “Morel” but I do think he made the right move.

St. Tammany DA Reed says he won’t run again ~ Sara Pagones

When Reed did enter the room, a source said, he delivered the news with a far more blistering attack on the media than he made publicly, calling local journalists “whores and prostitutes.’’ He did not mention the federal grand jury that has been convened to investigate his activities, but instead attributed his decision to retire from elected office entirely to negative news reports, and he instructed employees not to speak to reporters.

Obviously someone in the room did not take Walter’s advice on speaking to the press. Is it me or it that scraping noise I hear coming from the French Quarter and WWL-TV Katie Moore sharpening her knives?

Worry not for DA Reed as his pension is sure to be fat. Meantime I have this from the archives for historical comparison as Walter appears to be spoiling for a media fight.

Stay tuned.

Because he still has hope: “Tammany DA Walter Reed lashes out at media reports, hires new spokesman”

Walter, if I may be so bold as to suggest the problem here is not the spokesman or the astroturfers but what do I know?

Tammany DA Walter Reed lashes out at media reports, hires new spokesman ~ Sara Pagones

Does it get much worse than having Gordon and his peeps chewing on the right cheek while Manuel, Lee and their peeps chew on the left? Probably not unless Slabbed joins in. :mrgreen:

Hospital checks to DA Walter Reed raise more questions about nature of payments ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

Something tells me the criminal defense sector of the local legal market will have an uptick in business soon.  We’ll see.

Walter, it appears you are in some very deep doo-doo my man……..

I think this will be one of those rare federal prosecutions which snag multiple family members.

Theft investigation raises questions about St. Tammany DA’s Office ~ Sara Pagones and Gordon Russell

St. Tammany Parish Hospital dealings with Reed family call for investigation: Editorial ~ NOLA.Com Editorial Board

Something tells me the lynch mob that will accompany what is coming will be unusually interested in seeing DA Reed squirm.

That free advice I gave St. Slammany D.A. Walter Reed is looking better and better……

Too bad he didn’t take it because with the FBI crawling around all over St Tammany Parish I don’t think there are any Harry Morel type deals available any longer.

Hospital officials created position for DA Walter Reed’s brother, emails show ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

In Louisiana, DAing is a literal gold mine…….

Its frankly damning as the folks over at the New Orleans Advocate are chootin’ fish in a barrel:

DA’s gold business included partnership with convict ~ Sara Pagones and Katie Moore

This is the part that got everyone’s attention:

They struck a deal under which Moseley and Reed, through their brand-new business, would provide Cazaubon cash to buy gold in exchange for a hefty chunk of Cazaubon’s profits. But the agreement was short-lived, and within weeks after they severed ties, Cazaubon’s home and business were raided by probation agents and other law enforcement officers. Soon, an assistant to Reed was arguing before a judge that the shop owner’s probation should be revoked.

If Richard Sharp had only been able to procure a real lawyer…..

Not even the Scientologists can help now….

No siree folks because there is blood in the water and more sharks are circling “St Slammany” D.A. Walter Reed:

St. Tammany DA Reed got break on property taxes ~ Sara Pagones and Katie Moore

Of course he did. And as a bonus we get to recycle former St Tammany Tax Assessor Patricia Schwarz Core. Core’s name bring back memories for me including a couple of very salacious stories that I absolutely believe due to the nature of the sourcing. Then again she is yesterday’s out of touch politician so I won’t share the memories.

Back to Reed, these latest revelations come on the heels of a topic I did not have time to tackle here on Slabbed last week:

FBI agents visit Tammany DA Walter Reed’s office ~ Faimon Roberts and Sara Pagones

But it gets even better. Continue reading “Not even the Scientologists can help now….”