Championship Week

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I’m digging out after taking a five day holiday break that also included some healthy doses of the IT Infrastructure upgrades that I’ve been yammering about lately. Speaking of yammering, on Friday nights for the past 14 weeks the Slabbed New Media twitter account has been covering High School football and those Friday night light tweets gets more social engagement than all the rest combined. Next year, I’ll likely create a dedicated twitter account for sports but until then we have one more week of High School football coming this weekend at the State Championship games in Oxford at Ole Miss.

First up is the Lawrence County paper’s story on last Friday night’s game, which had a nice Easter egg in for us:

Erik Handshoe squares off against Lawrence County's Will Thurman in the South State Championship game 11-28-15
Erik Handshoe squares off against Lawrence County’s Will Thurman in the South State Championship game 11-28-15. Photo by Marty Albright | The Daily Leader

St Stanislaus Ends Lawrence County’s Season ~ Marty Albright

Next week the O-Line gets another step up in competition:

SEC programs continue to pursue Noxubee County’s Simmons ~ Courtney Cronin Continue reading “Championship Week”

Lord of the Rings no championship bling

I happily covered my alma mater’s run to the class 4A football championship but sadly I am not surprised to see another self-inflicted public relations wound courtesy of a very controversial school principal. I expressed my concerns about Mr Verlander two or so years ago after an excellent teacher was fired for refusing to change the grade of a donor’s son so frankly this does not surprise me. The reader comments sum up popular opinion of the alumni with most being very concerned about the damage being done the school by the current administration. Jim Mashek and Al Jones had this story hung on the front page of yesterday’s Sun Herald:

Members of the St. Stanislaus Class 4A state championship Rockachaws football team would love to have championship rings to commemorate the experience, but school policy forbids it.

St. Stanislaus principal Paul Verlander sent a letter to Rockachaws’ coaches, players and parents recently stating that commemorative rings to celebrate accomplishments, including state championships, are not in line with school policy. Continue reading “Lord of the Rings no championship bling”

The Rocks bring home the gold (Updated)

the Rockachaws stormed onto the field, with Williams hoisting the state championship trophy surrounded by grown men moved to tears by the team’s accomplishment.

Jim Mashek not only tells the story of the Rocks kicking down the championship door yesterday in Jackson, he traces the roots of Dylan Favre’s football success but not to his famous Uncle Brett.  Instead Jim accurately gives the credit to “Big Irv” Irvin Favre, former coach at Hancock County High School and a man who commanded mucho respect in football circles from the Pros on down.

the Rockachaws had to make plays on defense. Lafayette County has some serious quicks. The Commodores have some terrific athletes.

But St. Stanislaus was clearly the better team. If the Rocks had played Lafayette County 10 times, they’d have won nine of ‘em, and this clearly wasn’t going to be the Commodores’ night. Continue reading “The Rocks bring home the gold (Updated)”

Friday Football & Music: State Championship Edition

How good is St Stanislaus QB Dylan Favre? Today the Sun Herald takes a peek at the top high school quarterbacks of all time nationally and of course Dylan fits right in. Watching him play these last  few years has been a real treat. The S/H picks the Rocks to win so who am I to argue that point, especially after reading the scouting report on Lafayette County. Tomorrow’s game in Jackson should be cold as heck and quite good. Those unable to attend can watch on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Gametime is 3 PM.

Meantime the Saints are closing in on tying an interesting NFL record for the number of different players who scored touchdowns for their team in a season. It is one of those “we’re going to the Superbowl” stats with the last 2 teams to acheive 21 being the 2007 Pats and the 2o00 Broncos. Mike Triplett at the Times Picayune has an indepth story on the topic with a link to a cool graphic showing the 19 different Saints that have scored so far. Following is a Youtube embed that shows a few of the 2009 defensive touchdowns: Continue reading “Friday Football & Music: State Championship Edition”

Meantime in Poplarville Last Night

Dylan Favre broke the state high school passing TD record while two of his receivers went over 1,000 receiving yards for the season in last night’s win over Poplarville.  As I’ve said on this blog before, watching young Favre play is well worth the $5 admission. Congrats to Dylan and the Rocks for another successful season and of course we wish them much luck in the state playoffs.