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5 arrested on hate crime charges after man in French Quarter reports being fired on by pellet gun, called homophobic slur ~ Helen Freund

And the “weapon” they used described by Freund as a “large air assault rife”? This is the kind of “weapon” I understand is popular with 10 year old boys who run around and shoot each other with them.

And of course this reader comment that started my day off right:

Good drive-by training is hard to come by.

Nobody should have to worry about drive by shootings, but this is the reality of 2013 New Orleans. Out of control violent crime is also nothing new in the city. The victim should count his lucky stars he was assaulted by teenage nimrods instead of the more common vicious criminals that would cap ’em with an AR 15 along with the 1 year old sleeping in the crib next door without giving it so much as a second thought.

I think we need some perspective on the latest Robert Simon stay.

This morning we got a few clicks from comments on the Jackson Clarion Ledger story I linked yesterday on Slabbed concerning the last minute stay of execution granted Robert Simon Jr.  In that post I termed some of the C-L comments ignorant.  That would include the poster there linking us.

In a way, the stay granted Simon may indicate there is a glimmer of hope that the court’s lousy reputation nationwide is being mended. In fact a man that was railroaded just over a decade ago has a column in our archives that bears repeating now:

Being a federal court of appeals judge has become almost a prerequisite to ascending up to the Supreme Court. Every present judge on the Court was elevated from the federal court of appeals system. So one would think the three women on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, all from either Louisiana or Texas, would have been given a perusal review. No way, say the close court watchers. Their qualifications or lack thereof, speak for themselves.

The chief judge is one Edith Jones, who received international notoriety a few years back when she ruled that a fellow named Calvin Burdine, convicted of murder and sentenced to death row, received a fair trial even though his court appointed lawyer slept through a good bit of the trial. A sleeping attorney didn’t’ seem to bother Jones, who wrote in upholding the conviction that “we cannot determine whether the defense counsel slept during a critical stage of Burdine’s trial.” So, according to Jones, it’s OK to nap a bit during a trial if you are representing a defendant who could be (and in this case was) given the death penalty. Just pick and choose when you doze off.

Her colleague on the Fifth Circuit, Judge Priscilla Owen, also has a colorful and controversial list of questionable decisions. Times Picayune columnist James Gill outlined a litany of dubious rulings in a recent column, when he cited one example of Owens “setting on a case so long that a quadriplegic kid’s respirator failed before he could collect a dime of the $30 million awarded by a jury against Ford Motor Co. several years earlier.” Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, once a colleague of Owens on the Texas Supreme Court, described one of her opinions in a parental consent case as “an unconscionable act of judicial activism.” Continue reading “I think we need some perspective on the latest Robert Simon stay.”

Let’s play Liar, Liar Pants on Fire – the political version – Oops, we need rules!

Inspired by a recently published photograph of someone looking a bit like Jim Carrey with big hair (real big hair), one of SLABBED-nation’s faithful suggested we entertain ourselves with a game of Liar, Liar!

I was game for the game until I tried to write the rules and realized how far we’ve come from the days when there telling a lie was stating something that was in any way an untruth.

For example, I’ve been told that what I called a lie in a pleading from Katrina litigation was “legal advocacy”; i.e., the responsibility of an attorney to represent his client’s position in the best possible light.  Then there’s the matter of a “white lie” championed by none other than the late, outspoken mother of former President Jimmy Carter, Miz Lillian – and, speaking of former Presidents, there’s the “but I didn’t inhale” and “I didn’t have sex with…” President Clinton and the “weapon of mass destruction” himself, George Bush.

With the advent of spin “true facts” is no longer oxymoronic; so, if anyone wants to play, present a lie, the “true facts” and provide documentation.


If there is one piece of advice I’d give to the newest members of the NOLA blogging community….

It would be to carefully consider the lessons in the following video:


A hale and hearty Slabbed welcome to Lawrence Chehardy and Team River Birch as they set up blogs to get their message out.