Slabbed’s historic SPEECH Act victory: Other voices

U.S. Federal court says no to $425,000 Trout Point Lodge damages judgement ~ Timothy Gillespie, South Coast Today, Shelburne Nova Scotia

Blogger claims win in ruling linked to N.S. lodge case ~ Bill Powers, Halifax Chronicle Herald

“Repugnant to the Constitution” ~ Mark Moseley, Your Right hand Thief

Slabbed gets the Canadian lawsuit against him tossed in good ole US Federal Court ~ Yall Politics

Ignatius Jeff Reilly:

Following Slabbed’s comments and tweets after the victory yesterday as sweet as it must have been.  Left unanswered are questions that I raise in my Post on 12/18/2012,Happy, Happy Joy, Joy, and yesterday on 12/19/2012 Handshoe Prevails

That being whats next?

I must say Doug Handshoe must be having the same thoughts given his comment on his post  ”Sunday Slabbed: Before we take another step….

As always in life there is seldom just the happy ending it just lead us to the next phase or next door in life to walk through.

Jim Brown has invited me to appear on his radio show early next year. Stay tuned.

Yesterday was a perfect world. Time to chat about this little project.

Nowdy sent me word WordPress is now allowing specific types of advertising on WordPress hosted blogs.  I am not certain how this would work if we moved to a self hosting again though I have identified a good match for  Then again we can host that with WordPress too.  The folks at Automattic, Inc have been good to us as well, even learning to tune out Charles Leary of Trout Point infamy as a cub copywrite troll.  The stories I plan to tell on Slabbed’s behind the scenes adventures with Charlie, a most public figure that injected himself into the Aaron Broussard ethics investigation reporting literally leaves me giddy with anticipation. :mrgreen:

Along those lines I am pleased to report that since I turned the girls on to the concept of the US SPEECH act they have lost their ardor to SLAPP Slabbed, even after I ran them on a 2 month service of process fools errand that cost them at least $1K in Canadian court costs.  Curiously the local Canadian press, which had me “bleating” about my first amendment rights as an American Citizen like I was a lamb headed for th chop shop have also lost their interest since the Canadian defamation scam is at an end thanks to SPEECH.  The topic of the Canadian court system as a judicial hell hole for defamation, libel and slander is ripe for publicity and I plan on providing it.  My personal experience with the people in Nova Scotia has been universally positive except for the American grifter/interlopers that exploit the Canadian judicial system to their personal benefit.

Now why was yesterday perfect? For me it was because our commenters played well with each other and posted a few links that were highly clicked such as Stephanie Grace and Rich Rainey’s Broussard/Wilkinson indictment video for the T-P thus helping me concentrate on the day job which provides my daily bread. Heck ‘Gate is even revealing a grandfatherly side to his online persona that was both entertaining and enlightening. ‘Gate knows where all the bodies are buried folks. That pretty well explains the occasional invective he sends toward certain Times Picayune folks for being “namby-pamby tripe”. The community is lucky to have his perspective here in the new media as his voice was filtered out by the main stream outlets in NOLA metro.

A few months back I had an epiphany of sorts: Since Slabbed is a community sourced media outlet what we needed besides my rants is a better outlet for our readers to self publicize topics important to them than our open thread page, which now has so many comments it is unwieldy. Along those lines WordPress now has a bbPress plugin so we can host reader forums along with the blog.  I think it will be a nice enhancement.

Since my focus is writing posts and the back office staff here at Slabbed is slim, I have no idea when this will all come down beyond saying soon. One day soon everyone will go to and will end up on  That which is coming represents a small step toward determining if this project can become self-sustaining financially. If the past is any guide I think Slabbed has a bright future adding to the public’s understanding of what is happening in their communities.


The Hayride goes postal on John Alario. A corruption makes for strange bedfellows update. :-)

Well folks what can I say except Slabbed is  loved both by conservatives and progressives. Of late it has been the GOP that has reached out to Slabbed finding common ground with us on the subject of certain crooks such as newly minted Republican John Alario and SPEECH.  So along those lines Scott McKay at the Hayride, a hard-line republican resource that is listed in our blogroll, has done a couple of posts on why Alario is dangerous to Louisiana that are worth linking here on Slabbed:

RINO’s And Democrats Seem Intent On Making Alario Senate President

The Anti-Alario Effort Moves To Facebook

I’m not much on partisan politics folks but in Alario’s case, Scott makes the case IMHO. Both links are well worth reading. To add to the general discussion has anyone seen Alario’s protegé Steve TheRiot lately?