Because he’s our huckleberry: Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis indicted

I’ve been following the continuing saga of “nutty small town Mayor” Greg Davis but since I’ve been tending a Goat roast down here with my peeps in Southeast Louisiana the story has fallen by the wayside here at Slabbed but the origin of the “nutty” quote above needs addressing on two fronts because that verbiage came in the form of an email from a gay member of the Slabbed Nation to me several months ago.

It should come as no surprise Slabbed has an alternative lifestyle division and I in fact encourage it as pretty much everyone, regardless of race, color, creed, orientation etc etc etc wants to see the systemic corruption here down south cleaned up.  That said a couple of my peeps in alternative lifestyle opined to me that I had been a bit hard on Davis.  I mean heck Slabbed outed him and I explained why it was salient to the story, that “unshareable need” thing auditors like to yammer about.  And Slabbed was there when Davis joined the Log Cabin Republicans and this was newsworthy as he originally ran for congress in 2008 as a family values social conservative. Finally, despite the well documented differences between Slabbed New Media and the Goatherder Nation, I actually suggested Davis take a vacation in Nova Scotia since it was alleged Davis spent tax money from the City of Southhaven’s treasury in Canadian sex shops.

If legendary Slabbed commenter Hendry Jones were here his use of the dreaded “S word” would not be too strong a choice to describe what Davis has done to the taxpayers of Southaven, Mississippi.  As such my reply to the reader email was short and completely true dat because Slabbed is “hard on all its subjects”.  I don’t play favorites as it just isn’t how I roll.  Once you land on the Slabb the scrutiny is likely to be intense.

So why do  bring this all back up? Mainly because Holbrook Mohr is reporting Davis has been indicted for spending public money at Canadian sex shops.  And to think he had only resigned and paid the money back…….

Questions, comments, criticisms and rotten tomatoes from Hendry all welcome in comments.  😉

Log Cabin Republican Greg Davis asked to resign as Mayor of Southaven

Well folks what can I say except the ongoing saga of the now openly gay Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has gone national as the Board of Alderman has called on hiz honner to resign for spending public money at sex shops of the variety preferred by what the locals would refer to as “the sodomites”. You see folks in the heart of Baptist Mississippi there is only one kind of sodomy that is considered socially acceptable and it isn’t the variety Mayor Greg prefers.

Now here at Slabbed we’re a live and let live bunch so we shall not cast stones at Mayor Greg’s sexuality beyond saying he should have long ago come out of the closet and spared everyone this entire ordeal. You see folks it was the closet that was Mayor Greg unshareable need, the end result of which is the crimes he strongly appears to have perpetrated. And since I first posted on the whole sorry affair, the FBI has now taken an interest in the case so it could well be Mayor Greg will be called to account at a local federal courthouse near him. IMHO the interest of justice demands no less.

File this one under its time to smell the coffee Mayor Davis.


Out of the Closet: Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis announces intention to join the Log Cabin Republicans

Davis also finally had to admit to the public what many folks already knew: He is gay.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is all over this story, which explains why my post on the topic, the first in the new or old media about the why behind Davis’ embezzlement problems has gone viral in north Mississippi today.  Off to the Log Cabin with you Greg as your days in office in Mississippi are winding down quickly.

One day the electorate of this state will see “family values” is just a cheap meaningless GOP talking point as the long list of whore mongers that has used the line to get elected grows by one this morning.


And he “sniffed the reeking buns of Angel acted like it was cocaine.” The continuing story of Southaven Mayor Greg Davis: “A demented bread-boffer, Cucumber pud annexed to a fine whole-wheat loaf…..”

I’ll let the reader comments continue to tell the story of Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis, a man who from all appearances is a white-collar felony perpetrator that inexplicably has gotten a free pass from AG Jim Hood and DA John Champion (what a champ!). Felicia Adams where are you girl???? Greg claims to be confused about whether the State Auditor really wants the $170K he stole from the City back. I think Mayor Greg is the only one confused:

December 2, 2011
6:56 p.m.
Memphocat writes:
It seems that Mayor Davis is “royally confused” about a lot of things. SMH….

If I may be so bold, might I suggest that Mayor Greg should consider getting away for a while since he is easily confused these days. He needs a place of quiet reflection, where he can get his thoughts straight and rejuvenate himself.  He needs to get away to a tranquil place in the middle of nowhere so he can star gaze without the impediment of artificial backlighting created by development.  Greg needs to spend a week at Trout Point Lodge in Kemptville Nova Scotia:

Our Lodge offers an unparalleled place for relaxation and enjoyment of Nova Scotia’s outdoors – Trout Point’s 100 acre wooded estate borders the Tobeatic Wilderness Area & the pristine waters of the scenic Tusket & Napier Rivers.

Here’ you’ll find canoeing and kayaking, forest bathing, an outdoor barrel sauna & wood-fired hot tub, swimming refreshing riverwater, hiking trails, and beautiful nature walks amidst wilderness splendor.

Trout Point Lodge is a real eco-lodge, following recognized sustainable tourism practices.

And they say the star-gazing is second to none there as this October story from the UK Independent indicated: Continue reading “And he “sniffed the reeking buns of Angel acted like it was cocaine.” The continuing story of Southaven Mayor Greg Davis: “A demented bread-boffer, Cucumber pud annexed to a fine whole-wheat loaf…..””

EEEeeeeuuuu! Southaven Mayor Greg Davis leaves a bad taste in the taxpayer’s mouth. Why a politician’s personal life matters.

I know most of the story and may know the whole story. This is not a surprise to most,if he does his job well, what business is it of yours what he does on his private time. I may not agree with what he is doing, but there have been times others have not agreed with what I did. The majority of the citizen thinks he is doing a good job as mayor. It will be up to the citizens of Southaven to decide his fate. Your spoon may break while you are stirring the pot. ~ legalegale from Indianola


Just curious, because some parts of the story are appalling. I will not judge anyone based on how they choose to live their life, as this is a free country. But, what if someone is hurt in the process of living said freedoms? That is my ONLY point, as otherwise I could care less. And I am not stirrng the pot. PUBLIC INFORMATION is not stirring anything. ~ I am not a hater from Memphis.


An “unshareable need” is a term used by Dr Donald Cressey, a sociologist and white collar crime theory pioneer. Anyone with an auditing background (like myself) has studied Cressey’s work. Examples of unshareable needs include addictions to booze, gambling, drugs, and sex. I have seen familial pressures also rise to the level of an unshareable need. Long ago I uncovered an embezzlement in a local government. The perpetrator used to money to pay for a story book wedding in that instance.

In Tom Porteous’ case he had a mistress on the side as well as problems with booze and gambling. Those addictions were used by those that enabled him as the hook to control the man.


And on the subject of “a nasty taste in the mouth.” Why no mention on your blog of the State Auditor busting Republican mayor of Southaven, former rising star congressional candidate Greg Davis spending $170,000 of the city’s money on frolics to gay destinations, Cayo Hueso and San Francisco, as well as counseling to “cure” his penchant for sodomy? He’s a doozy, okay. Talk about “that ain’t doughnut glaze on your backside matey.” Continue reading “EEEeeeeuuuu! Southaven Mayor Greg Davis leaves a bad taste in the taxpayer’s mouth. Why a politician’s personal life matters.”