Miss Piggy is concerned about Jim Letten’s office: A “playing on the internet” update.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu

She is very concerned about the latest scandal to hit Jim Letten’s office according to John Simerman at NOLA Media Group, who posted a comprehensive update about the budding Fred Heebe SLAPP suit against Jan Mann saga.  The whole story is well worth the read but this snippet leads me to believe there is gonna be a fight:

Mann this week circulated a memo via email to all office employees in which she neither admitted nor denied the allegations, but apologized for the distraction the situation was causing. In it, she also underscored her intention to fight Heebe’s claims and stay in her post, according to people familiar with the memo.

At this point I’ll admit I wondered how much campaign cash Fred Heebe has stuffed into the pockets of both Landrieu and Diaper David Vitter because you know it is a bunch, so if I may be so bold as to suggest that Mann’s family pool their money and hold fundraisers for Landrieu and Vitter like BP did after the oil spill both may be more pliable in dealing with this matter.

Meantime that Times Picayune story from last month about Letten’s job being safe no matter who won the election?

Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Gill on Mann, nonPerforming Arts Center, Bickering School Board, Whitmer gets sentencing reprieve, Judge Ansardi has a stroke, Parish Council Meeting on Tap

Here you go folks, all the Jefferson Parish news you can stand courtesy of the NOLA Media Group:

Pundit (Sir) James Gill tackles the Fred Heebe v Jan Mann defamation suit in his periodic online column for the Times Picayune. Jack and Jesse are sure to be unhappy.

Drew Broach previews today’s Parish Council meeting and with JPAC on tap it is sure to be a good one.

Speaking of the (non)Performing Arts Center boondoggle, Drew checked in yesterday with a story about Councilman Chris Roberts saying state taxpayers should sink no more money into that money pit in favor of dumping the cost on the local taxpayers.  The commenters to Drew’s story seem to universally favor setting some dynamite, blowing the partially completed building up thus cutting taxpayer losses, which will total several million dollars more to complete this boondoggle.  To the extent Robert’s own council aid Deano Bonano played a large role in creating the JPAC disaster we should all view Roberts’ pronouncements on the matter with great dubiety.  I can say with certainty that I have lots of JPAC documents and the people associated with the Jefferson Performing Arts Society are first class pests that are also the bane of the taxpayers both locally and statewide.

From the what else is new front the Jefferson Parish School Board is bickering again though this time with an Alice in Wonderland like theme as board member Michael Delesdernier threatened to have board member Floyd investigated after he insulted the district’s CFO. Sarah Tan scored the following Delesdernier quote that I thought priceless as the man is a complete jackass:

“I’m really not interested in doing it as much as I’m interested in keeping him from attacking our people,” Delesdernier said. “Whatever works. I really feel my job is to protect the people in our system that are doing their jobs.”

No word yet on whether Delesdernier ever apologized to the parent he termed “an arrogant POS”. I must admit I love the playful side of Jefferson Parish voters that elect people filling the role of village idiot to office.

Drew Broach checked in with a short dispatch yesterday about Tim Whitmer’s sentencing being postponed so he can continue his squealathon with the Department of Justice as well as sell insurance. Evidently in Louisiana it is OK for convicted felons to sell insurance while they await their sentencing.

Finally Judge Glenn Ansardi has suffered a stroke according to this Paul Purpura report on the subject.

South Coast Today Shelburne Nova Scotia: Continued legal hassles for Trout Point Lodge. More suits coming?

You betcha.  😉

New Orleans politician Aaron Broussard’s federal prosecution for fraud took another big step forward in New Orleans last week, when the disgraced Jefferson Parish president pleaded guilty to a number of charges, which he and his lawyers had previously denied.

One of the allegations made against Broussard by his ex-wife and others is that he used his ownership in Nova Scotia vacation properties and property firms to “shake down” individuals and businesses wanting to do business with the most populous parish in New Orleans.

Days later, Concrete Busters filed an amended statement of claim in an on-going suit in New Orleans, naming Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services, Trout Point Lodge Ltd. and Costa-Rica-based Cerro Coyote, SA as some of thirty-plus co-conspirators and “shell corporations” designed to hide the trail of funds passing to and through Broussard over the past twenty years.

Continue reading at the South Coast Today

How I spent my summer vacation…….

Some people go to Disney and ride the rides. Me? I went through the contents of Aaron Broussard’s desk drawer and his “official” correspondence. I feel like I almost know Bro. Aaron. Maybe I do since I also speak with people that literally go back to his college days.

On Wednesday Slabbed New Media brought PRR #0532-12 to a successful conclusion with the last 1,500 page document dump. In total I estimate I examined somewhere around 40,000 pages of documents, nabbing around 2,000 pages, some of which I’ve rolled out here on Slabbed since late July, 2012.

Unfortunately the one document that best sums up Broussard’s tenure as Parish Prez was one of a few that simply did not reproduce well. It was a picture of Broussard in his business suit in a dance studio hanging onto the rail practicing a ballerina like pose.  Sadly as a leader of the people he was a simple poseur as the largest amount of retained documents appeared to deal with his travels and/or planning his leisure travel.

I have big plans for the Goatherders as I fully intend to make certain the abuses that have occurred in the telling of this story will never happen again.

Jefferson Parish Corruption Omnibus: Today Aaron Broussard put his hand on a bible and admitted he is a filthy sack of crap

Aaron Broussard’s property managers Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge

For true folks he did as Drew Broach reports for NOLA media group on the former Goatherder in chief’s appearance today before Judge Head. We await the factual basis.

Worth noting in Broach’s report is this tidbit that is well worth repeating now:

Besides Broussard and his attorney, Robert Jenkins, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and Metropolitan Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche were also in the courtroom. Letten has credited commission with helping the investigation.

This is today. But what were the Goatherders telling a gullible Canadian public days after their SLAPP suit against me was made official by Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Hood on the Trout Point Lodge Blog (now deleted)? It is an interesting compare and contrast:

On January 6, 2010, in what appears to be a classic example of gotcha journalism, an investigative reporter for New Orleans Fox 8 TV News named Val Bracy arranged to interview Broussard on camera related to the investigations. What she did not tell Broussard was that the President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission–a state-funded Crime Stopper Organization–provided Bracy with access to a complaint letter against Broussard that the Commission was sending that day to the Louisiana State Ethics Administration, which oversees the conduct of public officials.

The complaint letter raised, among other things, an allegation from anonymous, confidential sources that Broussard owned a “lodge” in Nova Scotia that he had rented to government contractors. The complaint never mentioned Trout Point Lodge. The implication was that he had committed ethical and/or criminal violations by using his Nova Scotia property in behind-the-scenes money transactions with government contractors, ie, kick-back or “pay to play” schemes. For the news media, this was sensational. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish Corruption Omnibus: Today Aaron Broussard put his hand on a bible and admitted he is a filthy sack of crap”

I’m very close to tying several things together

The Wino has been talking folks and now the previously blind now see.  It is not for the faint of heart.

Let’s think business/socially and make some connections.  We need to go back to the late legendary trial lawyer Wendell Gauthier.  He is the tie that binds all of the major power players in Jefferson Parish and his legacy, like that of NFL great head coaches lie in the legacy of former assistants that made good on their own.  In this case “making good” meaning rising to the top of the cesspool in Jefferson Parish.

Aaron Broussard traces his early roots to Gauthier via the Pan Am Crash litigation (and before). So does Danny Abel and Vaughn Perret.  We know from published reports that Calvin Fayard fits in.  We also know that Calvin Fayard is closely associated with Hugh Sibley.  Sibley in turn was closely associated with Pravin Desai via his son Nipun “Nick” Desai.  Our recent review of our Trout Point and Cerro Coyote coverage featured Desai’s Super 8 Motel on Clearview, a major commercial property with a zero tax assessment.  We also know that Aaron Broussard and Danny Abel used that address in court filings forming the “legal department” there thus we come full circle.

We also have some very tantalizing news accounts of problems in Canada with major banks engaging in money laundering including Scotia Bank, which also had operations in Costa Rica.

By now I think I’ve made my point in saying that former Slabbed commenter Telemachus was featured so prominently in Trout Point Lodge, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret’s Nova Scotia SLAPP suit against Slabbed not because he ever made fun of them because he didn’t. Rather, Telemachus was dangerous to them for another reason Continue reading “I’m very close to tying several things together”

Slabbed explores Aaron Broussard’s role in selling overseas investments for Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret as we reintroduce Cerro Coyote SA to the Slabb

Yesterday I posted the text of a letter written to Aaron Broussard in June, 2007, a letter I obtained via Public Records Request to Jefferson Parish.  You see folks Aaron Broussard the Parish Prez and Aaron Broussard, Inc are indeed a distinction without a difference as he commingled his personal affairs with his official duties as Parish President.  To the extent he was cashing in his public service for personal gain I guess this should come as no surprise, unlike the few pleasant ones that I found going through the documents that came out of his desk last week.  😉

By now everyone knows the score with this group.  Local media outlets reported on Broussard’s use of his property at the Trout Point Development as a conduit to accept graft, a topic that federal prosecutors recently unveiled in a court filing in the Broussard payroll fraud case.  Broussard’s business agents in Nova Scotia then filed SLAPP suits against those media outlets in Nova Scotia via a practice known as libel tourism, first against the Times Picayune , then against Fox 8 and last against me.  They claim the media reported that Aaron Broussard owned Trout Point Lodge, a claim that has never been asserted on Slabbed because it was besides the point.

Multiple sources indicated to Slabbed early on that Broussard peddled all those business ventures “owned” by Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret to selected members of the public and that he had a financial interest in doing so.  What the media needed was documentary evidence of that activity and to date outside of a redacted ownership agreement in Cerro Coyote posted to Slabbed nothing has surfaced except in the court case record of the SLAPP suit against Fox 8 filed by Leary and Perret in Canada.  Those documents clearly indicated that despite Charles Leary’s public statements to the contrary, he, his wife Vaughn Perret and their sugar daddy Danny Abel were intimately involved with Broussard, as his property managers and business agents with respect to the property he owned in Canada.

Something strange happened after a Slabbed commenter linked the fact the Cerro Coyote had in fact been sold:  I began receiving inquiries from Continue reading “Slabbed explores Aaron Broussard’s role in selling overseas investments for Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret as we reintroduce Cerro Coyote SA to the Slabb”

Aaron Broussard’s connection to the resort at Trout Point, Nova Scotia Canada revealed by Federal Prosecutors

And yes folks there is more to come because I won’t stop until every bit of the evidence behind the allegations involving Broussard’s business interests in Nova Scotia sees the light of day.  Meantime back on August 31 Team Letten laid down this bombshell in a filing in USA v Broussard:

I seem to remember the late Roy D’Aquilla, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret yammering about those lot assessments at Trout Point on May 24, 2010 in a document I obtained from Leary and Perret’s SLAPP suit against Fox 8 in Nova Scotia Canada. These SLAPP happy nut jobs were so brazen they laid themselves bare in that case in Canada, never thinking anyone would make the connection to what they were doing in Louisiana. Clearly they have underestimated the new media as there has been one media outlet in New Orleans with the cojones to tell this part of the Jefferson Parish corruption saga, Slabbed New Media. Continue reading “Aaron Broussard’s connection to the resort at Trout Point, Nova Scotia Canada revealed by Federal Prosecutors”

From the you gotta have a good reputation for it to be ruined files……..

River Birch landfill owner Fred Heebe sues former federal prosecutor Sal Perricone for defamation ~ Laura Maggi NOLA.com

Seems that freaky Freddy wants to take Sal Perricone’s deposition.  Perricone lawyer John Litchfield sez nuts.  Worth noting is this is the second time Heebe has tried to back door a ham sandwich in the NOLA CDC against Perricone.

Stay tuned because this isn’t the last of the civil suits related to Jefferson Parish Corruption no siree.  😉


“The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight. It’s drawn the finest people.” Well maybe they’re not all ‘fine’ as Slabbed updates its SPEECH Act case against the Goatherders at Trout Point Lodge

They need to go into whatever Mississippi county court Slabbed is domiciled in. By doing so, they also opent themselves up to a reconventional demand for filing a frivolous lawsuit and any other sanction a state court may deem appropriate.

How in the world are these bufoons going to find local counsel? Are they going to represent themselves pro se?

Folks there has been a lot of water under the bridge since I filed for Declaratory relief under the SPEECH Act against the specious libel judgment the managers of Trout Point Lodge obtained against me in the SLAPP happy libel tourism haven of Nova Scotia. To catch everyone up when I filed my suit against Leary and Perret I sent them Rule 4d waivers, which they subsequently returned to me unexecuted. Early this month and despite the existing lawsuit, they filed to enforce their judgment in Hancock County Circuit Court using Henry Laird of Jones Walker’s Gulfport office to file the motion.

Today Mr Gerald Cruthird filed motions in United States District Court to remove the Circuit Court action to the United States District Court in what is a prelude to it being consolidated into the original case. Gerald has been my accounting firm’s counsel for almost 20 years as well as my personal attorney and I’m happy to announce his addition to the Mississippi contingent of the Slabbed legal team along with Tom Vaughn, who I introduced earlier today. Continue reading ““The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight. It’s drawn the finest people.” Well maybe they’re not all ‘fine’ as Slabbed updates its SPEECH Act case against the Goatherders at Trout Point Lodge”