And as if it were right on cue, enter the fools to the left…..

Sweet serendipity….


What I can share is that in my eight years of publishing Slabbed there are some forms of ignorance that are beyond a cure, especially ignorance born of arrogance. Sadly, there is no cure but the symptoms to this condition can still be treated. Continue reading “And as if it were right on cue, enter the fools to the left…..”

Slabbed is looking for a Linux consultant familiar with creating HA Clusters

Slabbed is looking for a Linux consultant familiar with using Heartbeat and Pacemaker to accomplish the task of clustering three single role file servers into a three node HA cluster that will host Slabbed as we continue to become hip to the Kernel. Anyone with this skill looking to make a buck should contact me here. Thank you.

While I’m sharing on the Administrative front….

I am immediately notified every time there is a failed attempt to login to the Slabbed New Media website and these events, complete with external IP addresses are cataloged and saved.

The Slabbed website has been under cyber attack for the past three weeks, nothing serious, my guess being some loser with lots of spare time on his hands that systematically enters the same user name hundreds of times with different password combos with each bad try locked out then rerouting using The Onion Router (TOR) moving on to the next user name/password combo try. This method is very clumsy and time consuming thus the “loser with lots of spare time” hypothesis.

But TOR has its limitations including sometimes routing via exit nodes that are unencrypted and if those exit nodes happen to be in the US, then there is a remedy.

To be continued.

From the publisher’s desk: Deb many thanks for the very generous donation

Slabbed would not be possible without folks like you that value journalism in the public interest. For all we’ve accomplished there remains so much more to be done. Just as Freedom is not free neither is journalism. Those of you that want to help continue the mission of informing the populace in support of good government can join Deb and mail your check or money order to:

Slabbed New Media, LLC
Post Office Box 788
Wiggins, MS 39577

Thank you.

Just another day in a darn busy week

And last night around 11:00pm Slabbed went off line but no one visiting at that late hour had any idea due to the wonders of a global CDN we now use. Even better, I’m now proficient enough in command line Linux to actually diagnose and fix the problem. The exercise brings back memories of using MS-DOS with 5 and a quarter inch floppies and programming in Basic back in 1984.

In any event how about some links. First up for those wanting to find out if government sponsored entertainment events/concerts makes sense financially check this out:

Report: Biloxi concert generated positive feedback but not revenue ~ Mary Perez

I personally have no problems with public funds underwriting civic events once in a while to mark special occasions but anyone that thinks these type of expenditures makes any sort of economic sense doesn’t understand basic finance or economics.

Now some more links, first up from ignorance of the First Amendment is no excuse files:

U.S. Judge Upholds Right to Scrawl Nasty Note on Speeding Ticket Payment ~ Benjamin Weiser

The best of the rest:

Experts: Talk now about drastic changes, or deal with coastal crisis later ~ Bob Marshall Continue reading “Just another day in a darn busy week”

Still tweaking the back end and I’m not speaking of Miley Cyrus

A few of you have been letting me know about all the recent quirks etc involving Slabbed since we moved into the cloud and I appreciate the feedback.  We’re still not completely done pairing the new CDN with the Reverse Proxy service but I’m hoping to have that completed sometime this weekend.

Meantime if you get any strange screens or have problems with functionality please let me know.