Saturday Music Post

We’ve been at this one year shy 14 days and what an amazing year this has been. I warned then newbie Nowdy that getting mixed up with me was likely to land her in some strange and new places in cyber space. I think I kept that promise. To my old cyber friends, all the new ones we’ve made this past year and on behalf of all of us here at Slabbed we thank you for coming here, reading and contributing, especially those with an insurer perspective such as Proximo and Mr Bullstroke.


Good Gawd Almighty: We have all the best people reading us today

I guess I’m an incurable name dropper. Besides our old friends in the insurance industry I’d like to welcome various New York law firms, Citigroup Global, Exxon Mobile and Wal Mart to Slabbed today. We have a pool going on when Morgan Stanley will be showing up.  😉

When Nowdy and I started Slabbed back in March our goal was not page views but rather simply to have the right people reading us. We are very pleased to report we met that goal and then some.

Internally we’ve had a spirited debate on whether to be more forthcoming with our site stats.  Our friends at Phunk and Wagnalls for instance set their site meter account to public access. My experience is most blogs are not so open.

Do we get 100,000 or page views a day here at slabbed? No. But since Nowdy agreed I could talk traffic in very broad terms I’ll add we crossed 6 figures for page views months ago. Not bad for a blog on insurance and select southern legal cases.  Sam Friedman will tell you insurance is very dry topic. He is right.

So my question is should we be more forthcoming with our traffic stats and why or why not? I won’t promise any changes (Nowdy is a strong willed woman which is good because I’m hardheaded) but I’d like to hear what you guys think?


Hallelujah We’ve Finally Finished the Insurance Page

Here at slabbed we don’t just blog about Katrina recovery issues of which insurance is the most important item, we also live the experience, beginning with the fight for our lives on August 29, 2005, through the recovery process to becoming consumer oriented insurance activists. Between holding down our day jobs, posting current issues and news and attending insurance forums and lectures our insurance page suffered from the lack of attention but no more.  Included with Gene Taylor’s Mississippi Law Journal Article from March 2008 are PDF’s of reference materials I collected by attending Representative Taylor’s lecture and Commissioner Chaney’s forum.

This quote from Representative Taylor’s article reinforces what I mean about us slabbers living the experience: Continue reading “Hallelujah We’ve Finally Finished the Insurance Page”