Former SRHS CEO Chris Anderson is a CPA/CEO so let’s try to think like one

Since transparency is still sorely lacking over at Singing River Health and because I rolled out my working theory why the events surrounding this man made financial disaster have unfolded in a certain way we have to take a step back and look at the big picture. And to do that we must think like former CEO Chris Anderson, the man with all the answers.

To understand how the disaster unfolded most good Certified Fraud Examiners will tell you to “think dirty” and what it meant by that term is that the “frauditor” must 1. Understand how the perpetrator thinks by attempting to walk the proverbial mile in the perp’s moccasins which leads to 2. Gaining a possible understanding the motivations which lead to the disaster. This specialty is essentially the intersection of the social sciences with the accounting and finance that was originally pioneered by legendary sociologist/criminologist Donald Cressey, a name that has been mentioned a few times previously on this website.

First up are a few requisite disclosures. Dating back to November of last year I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many fine folks from over in Jackson County with connections to either the hospital system or County Government and the resultant communications with this group have a painted a picture of CEO Anderson that I thought was rich in its depth and color that also came with some analysis that is out of this world in my opinion.  Important to note is that the totality of what I’ve been told by multiple parties (many with but some without a dog in the hunt) about Anderson is actually fair to the man, who has been the villain of choice for the media covering this disaster, Slabbed included.

The most frequent adjective mentioned to me concerning Anderson is Continue reading “Former SRHS CEO Chris Anderson is a CPA/CEO so let’s try to think like one”

Let’s think dirty and get to the bottom of what’s driving the Jackson County Sups

I heard the catch phrase “think dirty” many years ago at a course given by Dennis Dycus (along with the now politically incorrect “three b’s and a d”) and it came to mind as I followed the coverage of the Jackson County Sups telling the SRHS retirees to shut up at Monday’s meeting and today’s resulting editorial at the Sun Herald declaring the only remaining recourse the retirees have at this point is at the ballot box. It was a conclusion that Slabbed New Media reached as a matter of editorial policy three weeks ago when I wrote the following:

Just a thought but if I were one of the dedicated retiree picketers I’d strongly consider scheduling some days at the county courthouse to force the Sups to come clean on everything Billy Guice has found.

Now back to thinking dirty.  Slabbed revealed the first big clue to the big picture on March 11th when “No one can serve two masters…” A SRHS Conflict of Interest Series Part 1 was published and SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor revealed the fundamentally interest conflicted position he occupied trying to engage the plan participants on behalf of the very organization that had tried shafting them just a few months earlier. When pressed in comments by Cisco Aguilar Taylor melted down and that was an important data point.  You see folks Scott Taylor was appointed to the Singing River Trustees by Supervisor John McKay not to help the retirees. He was appointed by McKay to help McKay win reelection by making the Singing River problem go away.

Then bad news Friday, April 10th, 2015 arrived:

SRHS releases financial statements, announces job cuts ~ Brad Kessie

The SRHS PR spin was evident in the WLOX headline as there should have been no equivalency between the release of the 2014 year end and new job cuts related to continuing losses. Of course that did not stop CEO Kevin Holland from sticking to those ridiculous PR talking points blaming the auditors for a management perpetrated financial Continue reading “Let’s think dirty and get to the bottom of what’s driving the Jackson County Sups”

Slabbed exclusive: Pictures from a SRHS Board of Trustees meeting

But first I have this because I was frankly surprised to see such an Op-Ed today:

SUN HERALD | Editorial: Administrators, not health care providers, jeopardize SRHS ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

The bottom line here is upper management at SRHS is reverting to the only thing they know how to do well, which is a dog and pony show. The problem is doing so while insider double dealing is leaking out makes the gang look like fools. I can’t imagine the Sun Herald earned any brownie points today in the executive suite at SRHS. The truth sometimes hurts.

Now for that Slabbed exclusive in those Board of Trustee meeting pictures. All hell is breaking loose and the eyes of the state are upon us. Since Slabbed is famous for getting pictures we got some, with an assist from the artist formerly known as Nowdy: Continue reading “Slabbed exclusive: Pictures from a SRHS Board of Trustees meeting”