“If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention”

Tom Peters got the general idea; but, Harry Truman’s If you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em seems to be more appropriate as we start the week with a little beef, a lot of Scruggs, and a thought or two about the meaning of flood.

  • One beef was settled when the Facilities Group paid sub-contractors for work on the failed beef plant. The Clarion-Ledger ran the story in Sunday’s paper; but, there’s more to the cow than that – Jim Hood’s lawsuit and USA v Moultrie.
  • Big day tomorrow for Jones v Scruggs, the fee dispute related to the agreement between Jones and the other member firms of SKG. Speaking of confusion, it’s up to Judge Coleman to clear things up – and that’s going to be a challenge because Judge Lackey really muded it up when he demanded money so he could decide if he’d been bribed – duh. Maybe we’ll learn what really happened – although that would be a first as I can’t recall a bigger one-sided story than USA v Scruggs.

LA Supremes drive their “chevy to the levee” – Sher comes up dry (Updated)

In deciding Sher – the suit filed by 92-year-old Holocaust survivor Joseph Sher – the Louisiana Supreme Court relied on Webster to determine the cause of property damage when the levees failed following Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately for Sher, it was Noah the lexicographer and not Daniel, the great compromiser.

“Contrary to the court of appeal’s reasoning, this definition (of flood) does not change or depend on whether the event is a natural disaster or a man-made one — in either case, a large amount of water covers an area that is usually dry,” the court opinion said.

The Times-Picayune reported the more about the decision released today in the full story.

The Louisiana Supreme Court today dealt a final blow to the argument that homeowners insurance policies should have covered the damages caused by levee breaches during Hurricane Katrina, saying the disaster was clearly a “flood” that’s excluded from coverage. Continue reading “LA Supremes drive their “chevy to the levee” – Sher comes up dry (Updated)”