Useful Idiots: Another take on the Sheeple phenomenon.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge put up a great guest post today from Giordano Bruno at the Neithercorp Press. I do not recommend clicking the link to Neithercorp Press due to the ad trap which awaits the reader on the other end but the post itself is fantastic. Here is an excerpt:

…..the most “successful” are those that follow the establishment guidelines and play on them as if they might dare break the barrier of lies, but they never do. In Medieval times, even the most blood thirsty king would allow the court jester to make jokes at his expense. Why? Because the jester was an inconsequential figure, a powerless and non-threatening being. A jester can verbally thrash a tyrant, but nothing ever really changes, because deep down, though they make us laugh, nobody really cares what clowns have to say. Now imagine a whole subsection of our country emulating this dynamic. Imagine all these people deluding themselves into thinking that being a slave isn’t all that bad, as long as you’re the funny slave.

I swear I think a certain lawyer that comments here on occasion may have a pen name. 😉

Point of disclosure: Zero Hedge has been generally very critical of Team Obama’s handling of the economy and rightfully so IMHO.


This is the end result of all the Palin/Fox News/Beck hate mongering

Sure enough some dumb ass red neck down south has decided to burn some Muslims out.  Meantime Rupert Murdock, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck laugh all the way to the bank.  And to think these hypocrites actually invoke the name of the Christian Almighty in their demagogic public speaking.

One person suffering the end result of this jackassery is one too many.

This isn’t too far from the white sheet days folks. Maybe one day sanity will return.


Sam Friedman on the Rescue/Bailout

I had a brief opportunity to surf a few blogs this morning and found Sam Friedman posted an excellent piece on the rescue plan. It has become a political disaster as well as a financial one as Sam well pointed out in his Wednesday blog entry.

IMHO this battle in reality is one for the soul of the Republican party. Whatever faction wins out will be faced with picking up the pieces from the disaster George Bush inflicted on the party.

With Congress demonstrating a lack of brains, a heart and courage in its gross mishandling of the credit crisis, and with President George W. Bush reduced to a powerless humbug, Washington is starting to resemble the characters from “The Wizard Of Oz,” rather than living up to the the hopes and dreams of the Founding Fathers who set up this great republic. It’s time for more dramatic action, and insurance lobbyists can help.

Instead of leading this nation in a time of crisis, Congress has behaved like a bunch of frightened children, cowering as the phones ring and the e-mails pour in decrying the “bailout of Wall Street.” Continue reading “Sam Friedman on the Rescue/Bailout”