I will say this about the USM SAEs…….

USM fraternity suspended, investigation ongoing ~ WDAM

According to University of Southern Mississippi Police Chief Bob Hopkins, the investigation is ongoing.

“We are following up on a complaint that is alcohol related and we are awaiting lab results to see which way our investigation will go,” said Hopkins.

The SAE fraternity is located at 105 Fraternity Drive and its full occupancy is listed at 34, according to the University of Southern Mississippi’s website.

In 2015, a junior at Southern Miss, Edward Anthony Rahaim, 20, was charged with one count of sexual battery that allegedly occurred at the SAE house.

Evidently the knuckleheads in the SAE chapter in Hattiesburg have not paid attention to what happened to Darren Sharper. Betting money is their Charter will be revoked and the fraternity banned from campus. This story is worth keeping an eye on due to the potential for major criminal charges.

Slabbed explores the implications of the Stanford Sexual Assault Case: Prologue

Those that follow Slabbed on twitter have been teased enough on this topic. I can safely say after looking at the engagement stats nobody has figured out exactly where we are going with this series of posts but I’ll observe that few topics that I’ve researched has lead to so many different rabbit trails with each being worthy paths of exploration. That said I’m convinced there are two bad guys in the Stanford Sexual Assault case. It is also clear the national media is peddling copious amounts of bullshit in the aftermath of the very lenient sentence given to Brock Turner where emotional, knee jerk reactions have become the norm. Sadly some media outlets have stooped to the depths of yellow journalism. One such example involves going after Turner’s family for supporting him which I personally found particularly vile, exceeded only by Turner’s actions that precipitated this whole saga.

If there is any blame to be shared for what follows I’ll share it with New Orleans criminal defense attorney Craig Mordock, whose tweets convinced me there was more to the story than meets the eye. A second hat tip goes to Opinionated Catholic who jumped in on a twitter conversation among a gaggle of criminal defense types that provided me with the proverbial smoking Gun. The bottom line here is if you are the parent of a college age or soon to be college age son, the information Slabbed will be presenting is useful, indeed its vital. On a personal note, researching the issues exposed by the aftermath of Brock Turner’s sentence has included engaging my own soon to be starting in college son on the concepts not only involving showing women the respect they deserve (which we’ve done from an early age) but also the importance of being very choosy as to the type of girl he should date.

Now let’s identify the two bad guys.

First up is Brock Turner, who thought it was a good idea to fondle a dead drunk, unconscious female student. I personally agree with those that contend he should have gotten more than the six months Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky gave him for the sexual assault. That said I do not believe Judge Persky should be recalled and think the entire campaign to have him removed is both misguided and dangerous.

Next is Stanford Law Professor Michele Landis Dauber, who is using the Stanford Sexual Assault case to advance a broader, personal agenda. She is being presented uncritically by the media to the horror of many others in the legal profession, such horror being well founded based on what we’ve found. I thought the speculation that Dauber ghost wrote the victim’s 12 page letter the media and others gushed over for the better part of last week particularly disturbing because of the implications that what we are being treated to is not so much news as much as a sophisticated public relations push to further changes of Title IX sought by Dauber and other “dominance” feminists. You see folks in the entirety of this saga the system appears to have worked well yet Dauber is calling on Stanford to apologize to the victim and this despite the fact our Jane Doe openly violated Stanford’s Alcohol policy by drinking herself into an unconscious stupor. At least Miss Doe was of legal drinking age because Turner wasn’t. Young minds that are not completely biologically developed and alcohol are a dangerous combination. Continue reading “Slabbed explores the implications of the Stanford Sexual Assault Case: Prologue”


Happy new year folks! Unfortunately 2015 went out with a bang:

Lawsuit: Toddlers sexually assaulted while in Hancock DHS custody ~ Margaret Baker and Wes Muller

This is no run of the mill sexual molestation folks, not when a 3 year old gets gonorrhea. With all the news of late that Gov. Phil will finally be tackling the cesspool that is the foster child industrial complex in Mississippi, albeit under the threat of contempt of court, maybe something will be done to clean up social services at DHS, which has been a major disaster in Hancock County especially.

Breaking bad????

Former college dean to plead in meth case ~ Robin Fitzgerald

I think an overdue 2015 victory lap maybe in order:

What Each State Googled More Than Any Other State In 2015 ~ Ryan Nickum

Speaking of the Ashley Madison Hack, the two posts Slabbed did linking the Pastebin data dumps in late August each nabbed in excess of 100,000 page views, easily making them the most trafficked posts ever here.

Earlier in 2015, Estately did an article on each States most embarrassing Google search and I though Mississippi had an interesting list.

MISSISSIPPI: Gonorrhea / chlamydia / feet photos (image search) / penis enlargement / male enhancement / R. Kelly (musical performer) / Aryan Brotherhood / Blind Melon (band)

And this brings us full circle to DHS:

Gov. Bryant Taps Justice Chandler to Lead Overhaul of Child Welfare System ~ R. L. Nave

Finally, the resignation of Angola Warden Burl Cain in the aftermath of some good investigative reporting by the New Orleans Advocate has the Louisiana muckraking community buzzing along the same lines we are here in Mississippi over the Chris Epps investigation. 2016 promises to be busy that way.

Do you folks remember me saying I thought Alabama fans were “some of the most obnoxious fans in all of collegiate athletics”?

And I did while taking the opportunity to talk a bit of trash before the title game little over a week ago. This is not sour grapes either as the Slabbed Nation fully acknowledges Les Miles is Nick Saban’s bottom bitch as LSU was woefully unprepared for the game and Miles not only refused to adjust as he acknowledged after the game, he has gone into hiding which is not a good sign for a guy pulling down $3MM/year.

So enter some poor slob wearing LSU attire passed out at the Krystal’s near the dome and the French Quarter.  Some jubilant Alabama fan evidently teabagged him and actually took cyber credit,  meaning he is also a complete dumbass along the lines of Harvey Upkyke, the dumbass Alabama fan that poisoned some beautiful Oak Trees near the University of Auburn campus last year. More ominous for those that took part in the teabagging of the passed out LSU fan is that Brendan McCarthy wrote the local version of the story for the Picayune. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it.

File this one under country boys gone to town.


Not another black eye! A Cedric Richmond charity looting update.

OK folks here is a multiple choice quiz on Cedric Richmond’s latest black eye, which he got:

A. In another bar fight.
B. From a woman defending herself from his unwanted advances.
C. Playing basketball.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

I’m thinking Richmond really needs Charlie Rangel mentoring him, not Jim Clyburn. JMHO.