Two Thumbs Up for Webster Parish CVB Executive Director Lynn Dorsey: She gives hope to middle aged men everywhere

And somewhere in this story lies a difference between men and women that have been caught at the intersection of new handheld communications technology and in flagrante delicto. A short review is in order before I introduce Mrs. Dorsey:

Brett Favre’s Cellphone Seduction Of Jenn Sterger (Update) ~ A.J. Daulerio (NSFW)

The Joe Stagni sexting investigation reveals the name of Stagni’s weiner isn’t Johnson ~ Slabbed

Anthony Weiner’s Dick Explodes All Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails ~ Evan Hurst

In each case above the men were misbehaving with women that were not their spouse. Now let’s compare this to Mrs. Dorsey:

Inappropriate content mistakenly posted to Webster CVB social media ~ Jeri Pearson Continue reading “Two Thumbs Up for Webster Parish CVB Executive Director Lynn Dorsey: She gives hope to middle aged men everywhere”

Early indications……

Those that saw Mike Yenni’s commercial last night understands that taking the David Vitter way out will not work as calls for his resignation grow louder by the minute.

Keep an eye on former Parish President John Young and Current Jefferson Parish Councilwoman at large Cynthia Lee-Sheng as potential replacements for Yenni.

For those that didn’t know: We’ve got us a Mayor’s race in Kenna! (Brah)

In one corner is incumbent Mayor Mike Yenni. Having the occasion to speak with Mayor Mike on a couple of different occasions he is definitely Type A.

In the other corner is blogger Walt Bennetti.  This is Walt’s second try at public office in Kenner if memory serves.

A few links are now in order:

Kenner mayor candidates talk trash in | The Times-Picayune debate ~ Ben Myers

Kenner political forum set for candidates for mayor, two City Council seats ~  Drew Broach

The Mayor’s race has all the makings of a classic Louisiana style bare knuckle brawl and I’ve got a ringside seat.  Fresh off a run for juvenile court judge Connie Montgomery is speaking out on the Mayor’s race and she is not mincing words:*

My name is Connie Montgomery, I am a general practice and family law attorney in Kenner, LA.

First of all I want to be clear that this is not really about me, or lifting up any of the other candidates who are running for Mayor, but I am sure that Mr. Walt Bennetti will not be the answer. As a former judicial candidate, I have learned a lot about the election process and what I’ve learned is alarming. Based on my legal practice, I feel as though I can spot a person who is not dealing with the public in an honest and direct manner. I’ve reviewed much of Mr. Bennetti’s history and have become more and more concerned with what I’ve found through this process. Through the course of the posts that follow, I’ll detail the information I’ve discovered.

Point of disclosure: Slabbed has offered both Mayoral candidates right sidebar advertising space.

Those wanting additional background on Joe Stagni and the “local wiener” series should click here and here.

* Ms. Montgomery is currently providing legal services to myself and Slabbed New Media.

Because he is that incorrigible: Dean Kelly headed back to the pokey….

What can I say folks but the saga of Dean Kelly and the women from across the country who want to strangle him has no end in sight.

Dean Kelly files suit against Sheriff Gusman ~ Natasha Robin

I knew there was a development a few days ago because of the google searches from across the country that landed on these pages looking for the story behind the story on Kelly, a former male model that is well known here in the greater Soggy Bottom metropolitan area. Back to the post title and Dean being incorrigible:

Accused rapist, ex-model Dean Kelly ordered back to jail ~ Mystery reporter WDSU TeeVee

What we need now is another busload of pissed off Tulane coeds to hit the next hearing.  😉


The Joe Stagni sexting investigation reveals the name of Stagni’s weiner isn’t Johnson….

Folks no matter who is sourcing the continuing press accounts of Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni’s proclivities toward sexting, the details keep getting worser and worser for Team Stagni who is considered a reformer in the snake pit that is Kenner City Government. Public interest in this Stagni trainwreck is intense as witnessed by the 71 comments and counting on our first post on the topic, which featured the WDSU scoop on the subject.

The latest report on the topic by the T-P’s Mary Sparacello, which features the statements (albeit second hand) of the former city employee that was the object of Stagni’s lustful desires, is frankly daming IMHO because if Stagni and former Kenner internal auditor Annamaria Pizzolato’s relationship was not consentual, then the local version of Weinergate has all sorts of new ramifications none of which are good for Stagni, especially now that we know his pecker is evidently a woman trapped in a man’s tubing.

Now Stagni was dumb for doing any of this and I’m fairly certain he’d agree with that statement in spades but he is a big boy that can take it.  I do feel bad for his wife and family as they are being victimized by his bad behavior for a second time.  As the pressure ratchets up for Stagni to resign I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention councilmate Michelle Branigan is guilty of some of the very same boorish behavior as Zelda’s new avatar indictates.

In any event these latest revelations are certain to keep the pot boiling over Kenner way.


At least he didn't upload a cock shot…….

Like one of the homies that shall remain nameless but Anthony Weiner certainly should have known better.

Petor OTOH has been sending out me$$age$ like this one for years. One of my all time favorites linked the following video. Continue reading “At least he didn't upload a cock shot…….”