Jim Letten resignation fallout: “Hold on to your wallets. The crime families are back in business”

“Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility!
Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate!
Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!”
~ C. JoyBell C.

“Arrogance diminishes wisdom” ~ Arabian proverb

OK folks I know some of y’all must be scratching your heads at the post title and my choice of quotes that frame this post but bear with me.  First off for all my peeps in the TeeVee media I watched most of the coverage last night.  Lee Zurik over at Fox 8 and Chick Foret at Channel 4 get attaboys, Zurik because it looks like he is trying to think outside the box on Letten’s replacement and Chick Foret for his brutal, yet accurate assessment of how the axe came down on Jim Letten.  I viewed this as a business decision and once people began to say, accurately IMHO, that Letten did not know about the online activities of Jan Mann, Sal Perricone and a rumored 2 other DoJ employees such was a clear sign he was a figurative dead man walking.  And while I’m certain feelings are running high at Team Letten right now I think Mr. Letten would be the first person to say that entering the chop shop is the proper last act in these circumstances.

So if Letten is penitent then we must look elsewhere for the arrogance so now we examine a small snippet from Gordon Russell and John Simerman’s comprehensive Jim Letten resignation story for NOLA.com:

Because of civil service protection afforded to federal prosecutors, neither Letten nor his superiors was likely able to fire Mann immediately, according to lawyers familiar with federal rules. “If she wants to hunker down, she can,” said former U.S. Attorney Harry Rosenberg. “He cannot summarily fire her.”

This is a clear reference to the local rumor mill on Mann. Unlike Sal Perricone, who fell on his sword quickly, Jan Mann stayed on refusing to resign until yesterday when the issue was forced via the forced resignation of her boss. Rumor holds the big guy himself asked Mann to man up and leave. The same rumor said Mann made like Nancy Reagan and just said no.  If that is true and I think there is at least a kernel of truth in the rumor so everyone should now understand the lead off quotes I chose this morning.

This brings me to former US Attorney Harry Rosenberg’s last quote in the story I linked above: Continue reading “Jim Letten resignation fallout: “Hold on to your wallets. The crime families are back in business””

Miss Piggy is concerned about Jim Letten’s office: A “playing on the internet” update.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu

She is very concerned about the latest scandal to hit Jim Letten’s office according to John Simerman at NOLA Media Group, who posted a comprehensive update about the budding Fred Heebe SLAPP suit against Jan Mann saga.  The whole story is well worth the read but this snippet leads me to believe there is gonna be a fight:

Mann this week circulated a memo via email to all office employees in which she neither admitted nor denied the allegations, but apologized for the distraction the situation was causing. In it, she also underscored her intention to fight Heebe’s claims and stay in her post, according to people familiar with the memo.

At this point I’ll admit I wondered how much campaign cash Fred Heebe has stuffed into the pockets of both Landrieu and Diaper David Vitter because you know it is a bunch, so if I may be so bold as to suggest that Mann’s family pool their money and hold fundraisers for Landrieu and Vitter like BP did after the oil spill both may be more pliable in dealing with this matter.

Meantime that Times Picayune story from last month about Letten’s job being safe no matter who won the election?

Romney swears Senator Vitter advised him to be “divisive” while Vitter claims he told Romney to wear a diaper

Dave just because it works in Louisiana dude……

David Vitter and other Louisiana Republicans reject pundits’ views on why Romney lost. ~Bruce Alpert

So Bobby Jindal is holding this fundraiser for Billy Nungesser on Tuesday…..

And folks I hear there is gonna be lots of fun and games over at Blaine Kern’s place  but before we get to that let’s visit with our good friends over at Plaquemines Citizen, who has the invite and letters from Piyush and Nunny on the soiree as we highlight the following comment Plaquemines left here on Slabbed:

I believe this little shin-dig has something to do with a piece of property in Belle Chasse Louisiana that is is the subject of a rather heated opposition to a large development headed to Belle Chasse that includes a Super WalMart. Nungesser is doing what he can to push the development, even though the majority of residents in Upper Plaquemines are against it. The Parish has spent loads of money fighting it, and you wouldn’t even believe the shenanigans involved. The real story is no one is saying is Jindal’s father-in-law is a principal in the company that owns the property. The Court even sealed the documents that reflects the current owners of the property, and the options to purchase the property.

A court in Plaquemines sealing public real estate ownership information? This sounds like Grenta mentality to me folks as Jindy sure has cuddled up extra close to Nunny of late.

Now back to the entertainment. Folks Kern and the other organizers have been somewhat coy on exactly what kind of entertainment will be on tap to regale Nunny and the attendees. But we can make a reasonable guess based on some of what we know in the public record about Nunny and his preferences. Let’s start with Jeremy Alford at Gambit to get a flavor for what Nunny likes:

In 1997, Nungesser was sued for damages by a man named Ryck H. Soto, who had previously worked for Nungesser’s General Marine Leasing. According to the suit, which was filed in Orleans Civil District Court, Soto alleged that he was “wrongly terminated” after Nungesser allegedly made “sexual advances.” Nungesser denied all the allegations, which included requests for oral sex and “exposing his genitals.” Continue reading “So Bobby Jindal is holding this fundraiser for Billy Nungesser on Tuesday…..”

Gidget’s guys: Goober nails the Vitty endorsement of Nunny

Everyone is still scratching their heads over Diaper David Vitter’s endorsement of Billy Nungesser aka Bubba aka Nunny for the La Lite Gov against an incumbent from his own party. Nungesser is the subject of a federal investigation into how the Parish spent Katrina recovery funding, is the idiot that helped Bobby Jindal shake down BP for those useless sand berms and is otherwise a useless fat piece of crap.  Folks I do not recommend visualizing what it looked like when he crawled on top of one of Gidget’s girls running up a 5 figure tab with the Canal Street Madam that his daddy ended up making good per Jeanette Maier aka Gidget aka the Canal Street Madam who personally told me this in a telephonic interview.  Now she made it clear that she took anyone’s money including Norman Robinson at WDSU, who reportedly like his women very blonde but she also made it clear she had no use for Nunny on a personal level.  I know I trust Gidget far more than I’d ever trust a typical Louisiana politician.

In any event Goober over at the Plaquemine’s Parish forums at NOLA did a good job making the Gidget connection linking us, Oyster aka Mark Moseley and Scott McKay over at The Hayride, which has rapidly become the GOP blog of choice in Louisiana.  Oyster’s work on Diaper David Vitter and his proclivities with prostitutes over at Your Right Hand Thief is the literal magnum opus on the subject.  All of Goober’s links and research are well worth the read.


Must Read Landfill Story….

Michelle Krupa and Gordon Russell at the Times Picayune out did themselves folks.