Dirty Laundry: Just a bit more color

First we had hints of multiple hat wearing at Singing River Hospital here but the narrative moved along including my subsequent disclosure that I thought I had resolved the riddle that was Mississippi Laundry Holding and Mississippi Laundry Services. Then in January Spice Girl spiced things up with a loaded comment:

Mr. Slabbed, can you investigate Crown healthcare Laundry Services? Mr. Lucas’ speedy denial got me wondering if Mississippi laundry services was used as a subcontractor. There’s smoke here and I can’t see through it…

I disclosed that I had heard the same thing and moved along with Roy Williams buried under his son Gentry and Scott Walker. RFP provided the reminder in comments:

Roy Williams’ week probably started off on the wrong foot.

Supervisor John McKay appointed Strickland to the position but noted Monday he blames SRHS attorney Roy Williams for not telling Strickland he had to step down because he had moved from Jackson County.

I thought this public statement expressed a distinct lack of solidarity within the club.

Then he was served the JCOG lawsuit.

It also may be a little uncomfortable to have lots of LLC laundry being hung out in public.

Speaking of which, maybe now is a good time to point out that more than one interesting detail can be found in the various filings of Mississippi Laundry Services, LLC and Mississippi Laundry Holding, LLC. For example, view the 2013 annual filing of Mississippi Laundry Holding, LLC to see who signed the filing as a member.

Then there is the relatively new practice of the media posting the relevant legal filings with their first reporting on these stories. This has helped put the feedback loop in high gear.

Let’s look at that 2014 LLC annual report that I first exhibited a month ago one more time: Continue reading “Dirty Laundry: Just a bit more color”

Obviously we have some catching up to do

First up is the Whistleblower and the copious amount of comments left yesterday evening about Scott Walker and Hancock County Supervisor Steve Seymour. I’m not clearing them through the moderation que because it will save a lawsuit or two (or three).

That said there is someone that made contact with me, as luck would have it, typically on days over the past few months when all hell was breaking loose. Since we have copious amounts of disaster management experience here at Slabbed New Media thanks to the Hurricane from which this website’s name is derived, no task is forgotten and I hope to have some quality muck raked for everyone very soon.

Speaking of tasks, sometime in the recent past a reader was kind enough to send in some photos and I absolutely love reader photos. This pic of Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, for instance, is a legendary Slabbed classic. Along those lines we are in a  political season here in South Mississippi so some photos from the east side of the coast are in order.  The first documents a wanton act of vandalism of the type that civilized society fully condemns so we start at Frank Palazzo’s place just north of the Promenade: Continue reading “Obviously we have some catching up to do”

Women of the broom and other various and sundry DMR items

A couple of events have recently taken me down memory lane to the post Katrina Coast circa late 2005-2006 and the reminder came via Women of the Storm which had a Mississippi Chapter. The membership in the group came from across the socio-economic-ethnic spectrum and their mission included traveling to DC after Hurricane Katrina raising awareness with Congress and the President on the unique issues that impacted this area post Katrina.

Later on the ladies from the Louisiana chapter would take a shot at the oil spill and received a few black eyes in the process as the group also became known as Women of the Oil. It seems the Mississippi chapter is far more environmentally friendly.

I mention this because the group has popped up here in Mississippi in the DMR scandal news cycle and as today’s latest installment of as the Good ol’ boys at DMR turns by Paul Hampton and Michael Newsom, Nonnie DeBardeleben of Women of the Storm is calling out the broom brigade for a clean sweep of upper management at DMR. Chair of the Mississippi Senate Ports and Marine Resources Committee Brice Wiggins appears to agree that the interim guy, Danny Guice, needs to remain just that, interim.

This is not about the worker bee employees at DMR, no siree. It is all about the all the politically connected piggies stinkin’ up the executive ranks. Brooms, many of ’em in fact, are exactly what is needed to remedy the situation.

DMR Scandal day 59: Like I said Billy Walker has pictures on ’em

Trinity Walker new wifey to Scott Walker / Sun Herald

OK folks excuse me while I take a few victory laps for my prediction about Walker having pictures on everyone.

Well, I took the lap but I’m not the champ, actually we have co-champs in Michael Newsom, Karen Nelson and Anita Lee at the Sun Herald because today they dare to ask the question, “Exactly how much does it take to co-opt a Mississippi State Legislator?”.  The answer is not much beyond taking ’em on a  few fishin’ trips on those boats Walker owns via his “nonprofit” or charters that the taxpayers paid for and this is both pathetic and sadly predictable.

DMR charters fishing trips in South Mississippi for lawmakers, others ~ Michael Newsom

And yes we have pictures as the boats have/had Facebook pages.  It gets better folks as the we also learn the Friends and Family Program at DMR also included an employment agency component for all the little politically connected piggies in West Jackson/East Harrison Counties including Joe Ziegler and his wifey Connie Ziegler, Tina Shumates family, Scott Walker’s wifey Trinity etc etc etc. Heck folks don’t take my word for it:

Connections: Neighbors, relatives and politicians land DMR jobs in South Mississippi ~ Karen Nelson and Anita Lee Continue reading “DMR Scandal day 59: Like I said Billy Walker has pictures on ’em”

DMR Scandal day 53: The bucks are beginning to stop.

The scandal at DMR is growing exponentially with the addition yesterday of Madison County Tax Assessor Gerald Barber and his wifey Elizabeth Rooks-Barber to the party.  Madison County is where all the rich white folks that didn’t flee Jackson to Rankin County ended up.  😉

It appears the Sun Herald has all hands on deck as 4 of their reporters checked in yesterday with two stories, the first linked above by Anita Lee, Karen Nelson and Paul Hampton which detailed how the DMR engaged in bid rigging via split purchase fraud steering work to Barber and his wifey.  We also back the date up on the OIG involvement to mid July, 2012 which is significant as it implies the Interior Department was looking at DMR since at least May, 2012 based upon my professional experience, perhaps even earlier.

Michael Newsom wrote a cradle to corruption history of the DMR yesterday as well that is a must read for background.  I think the Louisiana chapter of the Slabbed Nation will find this scandal worthy of their attention thus the Sun Herald is also timely signalling their intent to take this story home with a DMR page which has links to all their reporting on the scandal.  This in turn implies they agree with the community’s assessment this story will be huge in its scope and reach, having already ensnared the likes of the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain and it’s Executive Director Judy Steckler, who allowed the organization to be used as a money laundering vehicle by DMR to hide a specious father-son land deal funded with CIAP funds.  Frankly it is not too soon to drop that dreaded 4 letter acronym RICO as predicate acts abound in the emergent fact patterns. Despite that fact Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant remains in hiding along with the Commission on Marine Resources.   Mississippians deserve far better from their elected officials.

There is a larger story here in the complete lack of state oversight and self accountability, which at first blush is ironic as Bryant started out in state-wide politics as State Auditor.  Once upon a time the State Auditor’s Office actually had a fair amount of auditors in several different divisions from Higher Education to local school districts.  The auditing these folks did was very good though I’ll grant they tended to over-audit.  Through time the capacity to conduct audits at the OSA has diminished to the extent where I think everything is now contracted out to private firms.  The audit quality is very uneven.

I mention this because the type of fraud revealed by the Sun Herald yesterday is fairly easily caught in a well designed audit but I think it also illustrates the environment that Walker perceived he was operating to so blatantly split purchases to steer work.  We also now have a window on how County Government operated because the first set of preliminary findings included County procurements including this blurb on the Hancock County Board of Supervisors: Continue reading “DMR Scandal day 53: The bucks are beginning to stop.”

Out of control partying trumps the cause, like there ever was one: A Steven Palazzo jackassery update.

If I had a nickel for everyone that has told me they made a mistake voting to throw out Gene Taylor out of congress last year, someone else would be moderating Slabbed and I’d be retired. From the wild Palazzo party files via Roll Call:

Palazzo had invited friends and family to Annapolis, Md., for a tailgate party leading up to the Southern Mississippi-Navy football game during the Columbus Day weekend.

But the real blowout happened at a waterfront home rented for the Congressman by his scheduler, Whitney Donald, an event that morphed into a two-night party attended by a host of unruly House aides. The scene became festive enough that local police were called on the second night.

Sources close to the Congressman insist Palazzo and his family never stayed at the rental property in question, nor asked staffers to reserve the house.

“The Congressman at no time asked someone on staff to book a house for him,” Palazzo’s chief of staff, Jamie Miller, tells HOH.

But multiple members of his office staff did stay at the house that weekend.

And the ensuing shenanigans guaranteed that the security deposit, which was put on a credit card with a Cannon House Office Building billing address, was forfeited. Continue reading “Out of control partying trumps the cause, like there ever was one: A Steven Palazzo jackassery update.”

Scott Walker makes the news again

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker has had folks there all up in the air but Mississippi’s Scott Walker is high-flying, too, or was until yesterday when the Sun Herald reports his plane crashed:

The engine failure of a small aircraft that left Ocean Springs Airport on Saturday afternoon led to an emergency landing…the plane was not even 100 feet in the air before experiencing engine failure that led pilot Christopher Ryan Loepke to land the aircraft on North 12th Street…the plane’s wings struck trees and power lines on its descent, but did not injure any residents in the neighborhood or damage any cars or houses. It crash-landed in the entrance to a residential driveway on North 12th Street.

Loepke and passengers Scott Walker, Dax Pitalo and Roy “Trey” O’Bryant III all were taken to Ocean Springs Hospital with injuries. Hospital officials said Loepke, Pitalo and Bryant were treated and released Saturday. Walker, former Ocean Springs mayoral candidate, was admitted to the hospital but was in good condition Saturday night.

Walker’s father, Bill Walker, executive director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, said his son sustained back injuries in the crash and was undergoing medical tests at the hospital Saturday. Walker, a partner at Maxwell and Walker Consulting Group, formerly worked for Sens. Trent Lott and Thad Cochran.

Leopke made a great landing and SLABBED wishes all a speedy recovery.

Slabbed Mississippi political news miscellany: Drunken domestic abuse edition.

MDOT Executive Director Larry 'Butch" Brown

We’ve covered the ongoing stories of 2 good examples of how not to behave in political hack Scott Walker of Ocean Springs and executive director Butch Brown of MDOT and there is news regarding both men here in the local press we must highlight for the Slabbed Nation.

Let’s begin with Brown, who was found sleeping at a slot machine at the Beau Rivage last July after a hard night of drinking.  More recently he made a king size ass of himself at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials conference held last week at the Beau directing an expletive filled tirade at Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez. The Mississippi Business Journal’s Magnolia Marketplace blog broke the story so it with their coverage we begin as it also adds color to Brown’s July arrest in Biloxi (H/T Yallpolitics):

Back in July, Mississippi Department of Transportation Executive Director Butch Brown attended the meeting of an economic development group at the Beau Rivage on a Thursday night, and got arrested early the next morning for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Continue reading “Slabbed Mississippi political news miscellany: Drunken domestic abuse edition.”

From the putting in the fix files Scott Walker skates on his DUI trial via a bullshit technicality

Scott Walker / The Sun Herald

Alright folks, who else is wondering how much Judge Cecil Byrd was paid to let the obviously drunk Scott Walker off the hook on a bullshit technicality? The Sun Herald has the breaking news story:

The DUI trial of Scott Walker has been dismissed because of a “faulty affadavit” after it was pointed out in court that the deputy clerk who signed it did not add her title after her signature.

Justice Judge Cecil Byrd said that to try him on a new charge on the same accusation would constitute double jeopardy, which is what defense attorney Keith Miller argued.

So much for law and order republicans eh?  And the beat goes on…


Updated per Sock Puppets comments.

The Sun Herald updates the Scott Walker saga: Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Scott Walker mug shot / The Sun Herald

Given the recent google searches on Scott Walker that landed here on Slabbed I was very happy to see that Sun Herald reporter Margaret Baker updated this continuing story with the latest details today. Here is a snippet: 

Municipal Court Judge Matthew Mestayer said Wednesday he and the city’s prosecuting attorney are recusing themselves from the misdemeanor drunken-driving case of former mayoral candidate and local businessman Scott Walker. 

Mestayer contacted four other local judges to hear the case, but they also had conflicts of interest. So Mestayer said he’s following state statutes and transferring the case to Jackson County Justice Court. Continue reading “The Sun Herald updates the Scott Walker saga: Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”