How about a few more details on the East Beach VRBO

But first I’d like to welcome you folks in the Bulldog Nation that are salivating at the prospect of the another NCAA hammer coming at Ole Miss football from the Six Pack Speak forum before disappointing you with news that I have confirmed the amount of money the Black Spring Break Revelers told a “Curious Joe” they paid to rent the property which was $750.

I also know the identity of the owner of the vehicle parked in the Walkers driveway who I will not disclose beyond saying the vehicle is registered to what appears from Facebook to be a nice, middle age lady from Moorhead, Mississippi that would be at the right age to have college age child(ren) who would pay $750 for a weekend of fun and frolic at 435 East Beach. The 2016 Ole Miss roster does not list any player from Moorhead, Mississippi.

But the funny part about all this is SRHS Watch’s comment was prescient, the funny being Walker subsequently using the talking point in his interview with Warren Kulo at the Mississippi Press which now leads here:

Ocean Springs businessman admits NCAA violation ~ Hugh Kellenberger

A couple of other tidbits. I am told reliably by a source familiar with the operations of Ocean Springs City Hall that a prominent local Citizen that is invested in the East Beach neighborhood has threatened legal action against the City if the Walker’s unlicensed VRBO enterprise is not reigned in. The same source tells me the neighborhood has organized so as to better respond should short term renters again appear 435 East Beach.

And now a couple of comments from the Six Pack Speak Forums: Continue reading “How about a few more details on the East Beach VRBO”

Scott and Trinity Walker rent guest house at 435 East Beach to Black Spring Break revelers…. (UPDATED)

Based on the reporting from a few weeks back that the Walkers were told not to rent their place out it will be interesting to see where this latest development leads to but I am hearing from multiple sources with knowledge of the neighborhood that those folks who reside in this exclusive neighborhood are not enthralled with this latest turn of events.

Reader Submitted Photo | Vehicles Belonging to Black Spring Break Revelers from Sunflower County at 435 East Beach in Ocean Springs
Reader Submitted Photo | Vehicles Belonging to Black Spring Break Revelers from Sunflower County at 435 East Beach in Ocean Springs

But there are property taxes to pay on the place to go along with the car tag for the new Mercedes Sedan Scott drives these days and in the VRBO market there is only one color: Green.

I suspect we’ll be hearing more about this latest turn of events. Stay tuned.


An astute observer sent me a link for the related VRBO listing so I guess the Walkers decided not to wait for any City permits as such formalities are evidently for chumps in Ocean Springs. Continue reading “Scott and Trinity Walker rent guest house at 435 East Beach to Black Spring Break revelers…. (UPDATED)”

Reader mailbag: Has the Sun Herald lost its mind?

The answer to that question from my perspective is no. They’re in the business of selling papers and to the extent people have read the Scott and Trinity Walker PR series and are talking about it I’d say they are fulfilling the core mission of a news media organization. Still there is a level of anger that is also undeniable. What follows from the reader mailbag is very representative:

Please do a follow up post about the latest Sun Herald article re: Trinity Walker being in survival mode. What is the Sun Herald thinking? ~ F. from the coast

Do I have some thoughts on this? Absolutely and I expressed them here. Since Trinity shared her tale of woe a parody Facebook group has popped up in the Scott and Trinity Walker fan club. A snippet from the about page:

Scott has been a very successful politician and businessman. He essentially made Trent Lott who he is today, and previously ran the Bush 42 White House-like in his sleep. He should have been the Mayor of Ocean Springs, because he deserves it. If it weren’t for the “former Governor” stopping his progress, he would be getting even more press! What up Haley!

Trinity is pretty much a role model for all moms. She can change lightbulbs and do all sorts of helpful household stuff. Her career has sky rocketed since the DMR days. When she is not managing the general surgery and cardiothoracics divisions at the hospital, she is a fashionista blogging on all the latest fashion trends and wedding planning ideas. Nobody has tried to stop her, so she totally rocks!

As for me this whole PR push brings back up memories of the entire Bill Walker – DMR meltdown along with a few newer ones but that deserves its own post. In the meantime since y’all want to comment on the latest installment of As the Walkers Turn feel free to express your thoughts in comments.

Footloose and Fancy Free: Scott Walker out of Halfway House, heads straight for TeeVee

And that is where we start:

Scott Walker Released from Halfway House ~ WXXV

You had to be watching the 9PM newscast to see the interview, which I missed. Luckily for everyone, a few lifers were watching and I’m hoping they can fill in more blanks in comments. Speaking of blanks here is a clue as to how Walker will be occupying himself go forward by diving into the wedding industry:

435 East Beach Drive
four thirty five is located in beautiful Ocean Springs, Mississippi. It is a privately owned and operated venue created by Scott and Trinity Walker. The atmosphere is sheer elegance with the gulf as your backdrop; it is truly unique. They take great pride assuring you your wedding day will be exquisite. four thirty five looks forward to helping you achieve the wedding you’ve always dreamt of.

The Walkers need to book some events pronto because another reader pointed out to me last night that property taxes are now delinquent on the parcel. Continue reading “Footloose and Fancy Free: Scott Walker out of Halfway House, heads straight for TeeVee”

ICYMI: He’s baaack (Hotty Toddy)

Ocean Spring’s Scott Walker released from Prison ~ Anita Lee

I mention this because we were sent the recent Walker family Hotty Toddy Birthday Facebook post so Scott and the family are making up for lost time.

The bad news is SEC Football is not nearly as fun under NCAA probation but that saga will take time to play out.

Analysis: Rumors of sweetheart insider contracts swirling around Singing River Hospital (Updated)

Since this post was published Slabbed was contacted by Singing River Hospital Spokesman Richard Lucas. This snippet tells the tale:

Our laundry contract, as it has been for many years, is with Crown Health Care Laundry Services out of Pensacola, Florida. We do not have nor have we ever had a contract with Mississippi Laundry Services.

I appreciate the fact that Mr. Lucas contacted Slabbed with that clarification. The other entities are now screaming “follow-up” and I will be doing just that to see if we can gain additional clarity. That will be in part two. ~ Doug

By now anyone with any sort of remote connection to the Jackson County political establishment has heard the rumors of sweetheart deals between the Singing River Health System and certain insiders.  Those rumors have been alluded to several different places and that makes this post a twofer as Slabbed will explore these rumors, why people are talking (beyond the obvious in the implosion of the employee pension fund due to management willfully not funding it) and plus that twofer in how this internet thingy works.

I begin with the DMR = SRHS meme, which first surfaced here in the local feedback loop with the feedback loop confirmed here.  The gang at Singing River Hospital are no doubt feeling a bit embattled and rightfully so.  Pundits, bloggers and muckrakers are a competitive group and there was no way I was gonna let Wayne Weidie have all the fun no sir. Two days ago I sent the following email (partially redacted for dramatic effect) to Hospital Spokesman Richard Lucas:

Mr. Lucas:

I am the publisher of the Slabbed New media website found at I have been following and have covered certain aspects of the financial problems being experienced by the Singing River Hospital System. Along those lines several of my readers have sent me tips regarding alleged insider sweetheart contracts between the Hospital, Hospital <redacted> , and Mr. <redacted> son. Additionally one of the companies is allegedly also owned by Scott Walker, who is now in Federal Prison.

While these contracts may be shielded by the exemption enjoyed by the Hospital in the Mississippi Public Records statute I am contacting you to confirm or deny the existence of these related party transactions. If the answer is none of your business under the Mississippi public records law, that is fine too. I simply want to give you guys a chance to respond in advance of my upcoming publication on this topic and the rumors swirling around SRHS.


Thank you for any information you can provide me regarding these companies and their dealings with SRHS.

As I write this my email to Mr. Lucas has not garnered a reply but the next morning this appeared in the Mississippi Press: Continue reading “Analysis: Rumors of sweetheart insider contracts swirling around Singing River Hospital (Updated)”

In case you’ve been wondering where your Supervisor has been……

He, along with Scott Walker signed up over 10,000 people from across the gulf south for a pair of Houston Texas lawyers to sue BP. Now he, along with Scott Walker and Kirk Ladner are suing the lawyers:

Walker at al v Williamson et al Doc 1
Click to obtain 40 page lawsuit
Scott Walker

I’ve read the suit and the exhibits. What I know about the law is exceeded only by what I don’t but I did wonder how the Precision Marketing Group could enter into any 2012 dated contracts as it was not formed until February 2013 but then again the fictitious business names were a flyin’ back in the go go days.

To the extent the attached exhibits indicate the compensation under these operating agreements were capped as percentages of the amounts the lawyers would ultimately collect, I see some very disturbing implications raised despite the assertions in the complaint to the contrary.

This suit will certainly be worth following. (H/T Anita Lee)

In other news:

Gov. Phil Bryant hires former DEQ director Trudy Fisher as $195-an-hour consultant ~ Jeff Amy

The Restore Act is attracting all the finest people.

The operative word here is incorrigible as in Scott Walker is incorrigible (Updated)

Facebook Photo Scott and family at the July 4th Wesson 2K. Reader submitted photo
Facebook Photo Scott and family at the July 4th Wesson 2K. Reader submitted photo

What Wayne Weidie termed the Scott Walker farewell tour has been in progress since last year so pictures of Scott having a great time up in Oxpatch last Saturday with the wife and kids is not much of a surprise here at Slabbed. In fact Biloxi Blues was kind enough to give us an almost real time report of the Walker family sighting at the game.

Still in all the farewell tour is beginning to wear on those observers that are paying attention, so Weidie’s blog post last Saturday evening complete with a pic of Scott and family enjoying the game, coming on the heels of receiving a health related extension of time to report is getting a fair amount of attention. For all of his health problems Scott is doing good running short races.

The bottom line is Scott will be a free man until December 1st so there should be more pictures popping up before then, like the one Slabbed featured from Thanksgiving 2013.

Provided the current prison reporting date of December 1st holds, Scott will have remained free almost 9 months after his guilty plea and 13 months after the indictments were originally handed down. In the scheme of things these are not extraordinary time periods but Scott is doing his best to make it seem like forever to the public.  Incorrigible is the operative word.

Photo edited at the request of Trinity Walker.

The dog ate it: Stacey Pickering reveals under oath that he has no control over his employees at the State Auditor’s Office

I’m not sure where to start on today’s performance by Stacey Pickering in the contempt hearing being held in Chancery Court Judge Jennifer Schloegel’s courtroom in Gulfport but this snippet from the latest Sun Herald update seems a logical starting point:

Pickering’s chief of investigations, David Huggins, admitted under oath at the contempt hearing Wednesday that Assistant U.S. Attorney John Dowdy subpoenaed records from the Department of Marine Resources to avoid making them public.

Since we don’t have a transcript the above raises some serious questions and it plays into something I heard from the mean streets of Jackson.  The question is whether Huggins actively worked with Assistant U.S. Attorney John Dowdy to deprive the Mississippi public of access to their own records.  This much is clear, if we take that snippet at face value then Dowdy was complicit on some level and this goes back to what I heard. This twitter exchange explains it.

Now who is Joel Smith one might ask? (And asked I was by a reader from Central Mississippi) He is the District Attorney for Harrison, Hancock and Stone Counties and the guy in charge of the indictments of the former DMR employees charged with padding their travel by a few thousand dollars. The Federal Grand Jury subpoena of the DMR records went down in close time proximity to the state and federal indictments so this relationship is salient. Continue reading “The dog ate it: Stacey Pickering reveals under oath that he has no control over his employees at the State Auditor’s Office”

Inside the investigation: Who tattooed Scott Walker’s mortgage on the lot that DMR purchased via the Land Trust

Vital background via Anita Lee can be found here.

The land deal closed 12 days before Scott Walker’s final, lump-sum payment was due on a loan at Merchants & Marine Bank, Jackson County land records show.

Walker had used the property in July 2008 as collateral on a $310,590 loan, which called for monthly payments of $2,775. The balance and all interest payments were due July 25, 2011, although the terms did allow for loan extension or modification.

Tattoo? I heard that word most from investment bankers doing M&A work a decade or so ago. Tatoos are not easily removed, especially those given a bank by a family member to induce the extension of credit to someone that is not otherwise creditworthy enough on their own to nab a $310,590 loan.

Stay tuned.